Mindjet MindManager 2020 Full Active - Software for creating professional mind maps

Corel continues to make great strides in promoting the function of its leading mind mapping program, MindManager. With the recent release of MindManager 2020, developers have increased their ability to collaborate, work with data, and streamline common tasks.

The most notable enhancements in this release include co-editing of mind maps, MindManager's new Snap content capture tool and deep integration with Microsoft Excel. It also includes a host of other improvements, which we will cover in this product update.

Mindjet MindManager 2020
Mindjet MindManager 2020

MindManager 2020 is not the first mind mapping application that allows multiple people to simultaneously edit mind maps. What Slick said about it is the way it integrates with cloud-based file storage and the desktop version of MindManager. Here is how it works:

Now that cloud storage has become the norm for many companies, allowing them to share files easily, they've developed sophisticated directory structures and rights for them. The MindManager development team made a wise decision to leverage this existing infrastructure when they designed the co-editing features of MindManager 2020.

The program honors existing rights from Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, Box and SharePoint, including those with file access and file editing rights. In fact, you can even co-edit mind map unless your file is already hosted on one of these services.

To start the co-editing session, first navigate to the folder in the cloud storage service of your choice and open the file. If you have previously opened this file in the desktop version of MindManager, the program will automatically transfer the session to its web client.

In this co-editing environment, you and your colleagues can expand and contract map branches, follow links and do everything you could before in the MindManager map viewer. If you have permission, you can also edit the map.

Mindjet MindManager setup 2020
Mindjet MindManager setup 2020

During a co-editing session, it's great to see all of your co-editors' colored symbols and initials floating on the screen like manic bees. The web client has a ribbon toolbar and a simplified inspection tab, making it easier for non-MindManager users to work with it.

I asked the development team if the map owner can revert the changes. This is a common function for business applications that allows multiple contributors to the document. They say yes, but only if your web hosting service allows you to host previous versions of the file. For example, in any of Google's online productivity tools, Google can easily save multiple versions of your files and return to them at any time. Again, MindManager leverages the existing infrastructure of server file storage service.

If you started your session from the desktop, the desktop version of MindManager will prompt you to reload the file at the end of the co-editing session. When you do so, your updated map will be loaded into the workspace.

The whole experience is seamless and easy to use. Corel emphasizes that this is an additional feature; It is not part of a single license or enterprise version of MindManager 2020. You can add it for a fee of $ 29 per year. But to do so, you must also purchase protection software (which gives you access to all product updates). Undoubtedly, Corel requested this so that it could provide a stable and reliable experience for desktop software users and any colleagues who are editing mind maps. Having said all of this, however, Corel actually enabled co-editing for the trial period of the software, so you can understand what might happen to it.

Download Mindjet MindManager 2020 Full Active

Password extract: vietblogdao.com

Instructions for installing Mindjet MindManager 2020

  1. Extract and install the software

  2. Use the Key provided to activate the program

  3. Finish.

Note: Always block software with Firewall (If not Key we provide will not work) and disable automatic updates.


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