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Another is a light novel series written by the talented writer Yukito Ayatsuji - one of the best writers for horror novels in Japan. When debuted, Another created a big echo and left many impressions in the hearts of readers.

Up to now, this cult horror novel has been adapted into other media such as Manga, Anime or even a Live Action version.

So the story in Light Novel Another Is it really scary? and what made Another create such an impressive charisma? Today we will talk about it together.

review-sach-another (1)
(In the hands of two Another light novels, volume 1 and volume 2)

Note: This article will probably have a few Spoilers, but I will try not to reveal too much about the content of Another, as well as the details and knots in the story for you to have the best experience while reading it.

#first. Summary of the plot

Before entering the first chapter, the preamble of Another is a story from 26 years ago, at grade 9-3 of Yomiyama Kita High School, there is a student named Misaki who is good at both study and sports, and is a very kind person so is loved by all teachers and friends.

However, a tragedy happened that caused Misaki and the whole family died. Because of the sadness, no one accepted this painful truth, the whole class of 9-3 told themselves that Misaki was still alive.

But then something strange happened on the day of the graduation of the class, Misaki - a dead person who no longer exists in the world suddenly appeared in the class's commemorative photo with a pale face, and a very strange smile. singularity. Since then, tons of tragedy has happened with the 9-3 class every generation.

Another revolves around Kakichi Sakakibara - a male transfer student to Yomiyama High School's 9th grade after 26 years, from the events taking place at the beginning.

On one occasion, he accidentally met a mysterious girl wearing an eyepatch named Misaki Mei.

However, in a certain way, Kouichi realized that he was the only one who felt Mei's presence in the classroom, while all the students, the homeroom teacher of grades 9-3 said that she was not. did exist.

This is also the time when all that happens in Another is started.

review-sach-another (2)
(Misaki Mei in the Anime version released in 2012)

#2. Feelings of myself when reading

In fact, I'm not a fan of Light Novel detective, horror but when I heard the plot in Another I was extremely curious and decided to buy and read.

Different from some of Yukito Ayatsuji's other novels, Another Perfectly suitable for every reader in the world, when it does not require you to know too much about Japanese culture to be able to "understand" everything that happens in the story.

First I will talk about the main character line in Another, it's Sakakibara Kouichi and Misaki Mei. These are two characters with completely opposite personalities, Kouichi is a friendly, approachable, and Mei is an extremely cold-hearted, quiet girl.

Because of that mystery, Mei attracts almost the entire attention and curiosity of readers compared to the central character, Kouichi.

At the beginning Another, every episode in the story will make you constantly "brain hacked" by the things that keep popping up right in front of you like a confusing sentence "half poor waiting for me there”Of Misaki Mei, or the somewhat strange rules of North Yomi school.

The mystery goes on very slowly, but it does not make the reader easier to give up halfway but increasingly stimulate curiosity to complete it.

In the second half, the story line of Another increasingly dramatic, tense with a climax at the beginning of a character to die and then, then the deaths of the members of class 9-3 and their relatives happened suddenly and unexpectedly. Those deaths could be accidents or even savage suicide.

review-sach-another (3)
(Another picture on the cover of Another's book)

As you get closer, you'll get excited about the inside story Another because all the questions at the beginning are decoded.

Then, you will better understand Misaki Mei's identity, why she must wear a blindfold, do she really exist as a human of flesh, or just a ghost of the dead .

And then the most important question will be answered: Who is the dead? Why are students in grades 9-3 and their loved ones constantly dying one by one? How to stop it ?.

Throughout his work, author Yukito cleverly intermixed a number of humorous and humorous episodes of the school-age to highlight the character's character and alleviate the atmosphere of stress and heaviness. masonry of horror novel lines.

With insightful content and compelling storytelling, Another Deserve an excellent horror work for you to take the time to experience it.

For those who watch Another version of Anime released in 2012, I recommend not to ignore it because the plot in the story is still somewhat different from the movie.

# 3. Epilogue

Those are my personal feelings about the novel Another. I hope that this article will help you find interesting novels to read or help those who are thinking about whether to buy it and read about it.

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Have a nice day!

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