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Last night, Apple released the successor to the iPhone SE with just a bit of information on the homepage, and a short video on Youtube that didn't hold an annual event because of the epidemic.

Quite a lot of people are excited and interested in this cheap iPhone, but many people are indifferent to Apple's newly launched product. So what does this new iPhone SE 2020 have? and is it worth buying?

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#first. IPhone SE 2020 hardware

See, do you think it should be called the iPhone 8S?

The screen size of the camcorder back to Size 4.7 inch, 16: 9 screen ratio, IPS LCD panel and HD resolution.

It has a rear camera, with a resolution of 12MP, and a front camera with a resolution of 7MP like on the iPhone 8.

It still uses Lightning charging port, has 1 physical sim and 1 eSim, eliminates 3.5mm headphone jack.

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#2. IPhone SE 2020 design

iPhone SE 2020 has the same design as the iPhone 8, with metal borders, curved edges, chin and forehead are extremely thick, the back is a glossy glass with a single camera located in the left corner, Home pressure key have Touch ID.

Naturally, there will still be some characteristics to distinguish between iPhone 8 and iPhone SE 2, namely the back.

The iPhone 8 still has the Apple Logo on the back on the back, while the iPhone SE 2020 places the Logo in the middle like the iPhone 11 Series, like a sign that this is a new iPhone!

iPhone SE 2020 will have 3 colors for you to choose, that is Black, White and Red

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# 3. IPhone SE 2020 configuration

Apple A13 Bionic chip, will probably only have 2GB of RAM. Machine will have 3 options Rom (internal memory) that is 64GB, 128GB and 256GB

The battery is still unclear, but if compared with the iPhone 6, iPhone 7 and iPhone 8, the battery of the iPhone SE 2 will probably be difficult to pass 2000mAh. It will have PD 18W fast charging and wireless charging.

# 4. Operating system available

It will be available with iOS 13.4 from the beginning.


# 5. Personal rating

Apple calls this device the iPhone SE, and we can call it the iPhone SE 2, iPhone SE 2020 or iPhone 8S to distinguish it from the original iPhone SE, but in this article, I will choose the name iPhone SE 2 of you guys.

Like the original rumors, iPhone SE 2 will only look like the iPhone 8. No bunny ears, no Face ID, no new screen ratio, no cam-shaped clusters of cams, ....

The iPhone SE 2 brought back the design that people had hoped Apple brought back when the iPhone X was launched, but now they are disappointed with the design.

Everything worth noting about this machine only comes from Apple A13 Bionic chip and price from $ 399. Meaning this will be the smallest but most powerful machine in its price range, the price range of 10-14 million.

An ideal price for a new iPhone, but spending tens of millions to buy a device that looks like iPhone 6 will make this machine not for everyone, especially those who want to show off or those who have aesthetic guu.

Perhaps the iPhone SE 2 will be suitable only for those who prefer compact machines or buy to play more games.

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Except for the chip, the iPhone SE's camera will also be better than the camera on the iPhone 8, with Portrait mode both front and rear cameras, and the ability to shoot 4K Video at 60fps.

The iPhone SE also supports eSim, and has PD fast charging like the iPhone 11 Series.

The battery will probably still be small, but with the big.LITTLE mechanism deep in the Apple A13, I think the battery life will be improved quite a bit but not too far as on the iPhone 8.

# 6. Conclude

Above is the latest information I have collected about the iPhone SE 2 that Apple has just launched. Would you choose a new iPhone like this? Please leave your comment below this article!

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