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Buying and playing copyright games at the present time is also very popular among gamers in Vietnam.

The copyrighted game will bring you a more interesting and complete playing experience, this is also a way for you to support the developer to make a better game, instead of playing a cracked game, c.r.a.c.k.

However, spending a few hundred to a million to buy a game to play is really not easy for gamers who are students sitting on the school chair.

Perhaps ask parents to buy games? Yes - there is no magic immediately. In case of ill-fatedness, you may always be banned from using computers, please mà

But don't worry because I have good news for you!

Epic Games Store has implemented a campaign to "eradicate poverty" for gamers all over the world, and in this article I will show you how to get free games every week on the Epic Games Store!

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#first. Introducing Epic Games

Last year, the gaming community welcomed a new Laucher called Epic Games.If you already know Steam, Origin, Uplay or Battle.net, Epic Games is similar.

Epic Games was founded in 1991 as Potomac Computer Systems by Tim Sweeney, based in Cary City, North Carolina, United States.

In early 1992 it was renamed Epic Megagames, officially called Epic Games and based in Cary since 1999 to this day.

epic-games-epic-games (2)

Epic Games was unexpectedly loved by the gaming community when it released Fornite: Battle Royale, the biggest rival of the hot game PUBG right now.

Having similar gameplay but Fornite possesses cartoon-style graphics, Gameplay is somewhat special when Epic Games introduces a mechanism that allows players to demolish available houses in the game to get materials to build lines. for myself.

Along with the powerful anti-hacking / cheat system, unique and fun gameplay, unique has brought a lot of success for Epic Games.

Specifically, Epic Games has grossed nearly $ 700 million, a number that exceeded their original expectations, along with more than 300 million new account registrations on all released platforms.

A special feature is that Epic Games only takes 12% of the game's sales, and the remaining 88% will belong to the developer, while Steam, Origin, ... are different, so it is said that the revenue is above expectations. wait.

epic-games-epic-games (3)

In addition, one reason that also has a great impact on success is that Epic Games releases a free game every week for gamers.

On the Epic Games Store, there are only a few free games, but once free, all the games are good friends, such as Fortnite, Dark Sider 2,3, Limbo, The Brigde, Farming Simulator, ..., To date, more than 100 titles have been free, totaling more than 1.7K USD.

It's a bit late for me to write this article for you now, but don't worry because Epic Games announced that they will continue to maintain this "poverty reduction" campaign regularly until the end of 2020 ٩ (͡ ๏ ๏ ๏) ۶

#2. How to get free games weekly from Epic Games

To get free games is very simple, first you visit the free game page of Epic Games here.

In the section Play MoreYou will see the game is being exempted from the current electricity age with the words Free NowClick on it to proceed to receive the game.

More specifically, you will be able to know in advance the free game next week so you can schedule to sit forward again 😀

epic-games-epic-games (4)

You will be redirected to the introduction page of that game on the Epic Games Store, for games that are divided into multiple versions such as Platinum Edition, Ultimate Edition or Gold Edition, bla bla ...

=> You scroll down the section Editions and see which version they're free for, usually just for free FS19 in the picture: 3

For games with only one version, just click GET to accept the game.

epic-games-epic-games (5)

To receive the game, you must be sure to log into your Epic Games account, if not, you can create, or use existing accounts such as Xbox, Nintendo, PS4, Facebook for convenience.

But I think you should still create an account and link later.

epic-games-epic-games (6)

Logging in is complete, you will be redirected back to the game receiving page.

As you can see, now the price of the game from ~ 15 USD has become 0.00 USD already, all we have to do is press the button. PLACE ORDER just blue, it's so simple

epic-games-epic-games (7)

And like Steam or Origin, to play games on Epic Games, you must also download and install Epic Games Launcher into his computer.

You will also be redirected to the download page Launcher Immediately after receiving the game only => click DOWNLOAD EPIC GAMES LAUNCHER to download.

epic-games-epic-games (8)

# 3. Epilogue

So I just introduced as well as guide for you how to get free copyrighted games on Epic Games Alright then.

You guys keep pinning this page and sometimes look into it, maybe there's a game I like! Hope this article will be helpful for you. Good luck to you 🙂

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