Shortcuts commonly used when browsing the web

Use shortcut keys when browsing the web will help you manipulate faster, reduce mouse movements. Therefore, remembering the frequently used shortcuts when using the browser is very necessary. So, what are the most commonly used and useful keystrokes when browsing the web?

In this article, Do Bao Nam Blog will share these fully common keyboard shortcuts. Those are the keys used on all browsers. And you do not need to care that you are using Chrome, Firefox, Coc Coc ... or another browser.

Video sharing about frequently used shortcuts when using the browser

In order for you to see the usage of commonly used web browser shortcuts directly, Do Bao Nam Blog has prepared a video. This video was shared very briefly, but full of necessary information. If you are interested in this topic, you can refer to the video content below.

Most frequently used web browser shortcuts

Web browser shortcut there are many. But not that you should remember. You should only remember which keystrokes are the most useful and useful. Therefore, so that you do not have to read "unnecessary" information, I will only summarize commonly used shortcuts when using the browser. And the keys are divided into the following groups:
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Shortcuts with tabs when browsing

Ctrl + TShortcuts open new tabs in the browser
Ctrl + NUse to open a new browser window
Ctrl + W, Ctrl + F4These two keystrokes are used to close the currently open tab in the browser
Ctrl + 1 - 8Use to quickly switch between tabs in order of 1 to 8 (from left to right)
Ctrl + 9This key combination is used to quickly switch to the last tab of the browser
Ctrl + Left mouse buttonThis is often used to open links in a new tab
Shift + Left mouse buttonUse this operation when opening links in a new browser window
Alt + F4This is one of the most frequently used keyboard shortcuts used to close the browser

Keyboard shortcuts for viewing and clearing browsing history

Ctrl + HOpen the browsing history page you have visited before
Ctrl + JOpen the download history on the browser you downloaded earlier
Ctrl + DQuickly bookmark the current website (usually a helpful website, good website, etc.)
Ctrl + Shift + DelShortcuts clear browsing history on the browser. (Very often used)

Shortcuts open incognito browsers

Particularly for anonymous browsing shortcuts, different browsers will differ. And the following information, Do Bao Nam Blog shares about 4 most popular browsers:

Ctrl + Shift + NThis is a shortcut combination to open an incognito browser on Google Chrome, Coc Coc
Ctrl + Shift + PThis is a shortcut to open an incognito browser on Firefox, Microsoft Edge

Zoom shortcuts minimize the web browser

The most common way to zoom in and out of content on the browser is to scroll between you. Hold down the Ctrl key, then scroll the middle mouse to zoom in, or minimize the content displayed on the browser. This is the fastest, most common and simplest way. In addition to this, you can use the following shortcut:

Ctrl and + signUse this operation when you need to enlarge the content displayed on the browser
Ctrl and -You use this operation when you want to minimize the content displayed on the browser
Ctrl + 0Returns to the default display mode, used after you have zoomed in / out
F11You press this key in a web browser when you want to view the web in full screen mode

Shortcuts commonly used when using other browsers

F5This is a very useful browser shortcut when you want to reload a webpage
F6Highlight all the old web addresses in the address bar so you can quickly enter new web pages
Ctrl + FOpen the search box to search for text, a word in web content
Space, Page Down02 This browser shortcut is used to drag down a screen frame
Shift + Space, Page UpUse when you want to drag up a screen frame
HomeReturn to the top of the page, wherever you are on a web page
EndGo to the bottom of the web page, wherever you are on the web
Ctrl + PPrint shortcut, used when you want to print the currently open web page
Ctrl + SSave the current page to your computer, including images, text

And so in the previous content, Do Bao Nam Blog shared with you about common shortcuts when browsing the web. In addition to the shortcuts that you share, there are many other shortcuts you can use. However, its popularity is not equal to the keys I have shared in this video.


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