Standard SEO article writing techniques help to top fast & sustainably (updated 2019)

At the moment, black hat techniques have become useless with Google's intelligent algorithm. That is also the reason why content becomes the main key to help the website rank higher in search engines.

Applying the knowledge in self-study and working process, I decided to summarize the lucky learning experiences to share with you guys. Write standard SEO articles help to top quickly & sustainably, save adword budget.

Standard seo writing technique

Identify main and supplementary keywords

When making content on the website, everyone wants their content to occupy the No. 1 position on Google. So the importance of the content is raised "to the maximum".

But before creating a quality content, the first thing you need to do is keyword research.

No matter how thick the content is, the content is elegant and fluttering if the topic is not evergreen content, it is only transient and does not attract more traffic in the future.

Never fight without a strategy, Content marketing plan will help you do the right thing and get it done.

So if you still want to win against the competition in the search arena, the first thing is to erase the thought of writing yes. Take content seriously!

When researching keywords, what is indispensable is the support tool. Below are the tools I regularly use and feel most effective.

Keyword research tool

Common tools you should see in detail here.

I use free keyword research tool Google (This just need to create an adword account add tags to use it is always, the data exported from Google should be quite accurate).

This tool is only available if you have a google ads account and successfully add a tag.

But the downside of this tool is that it makes me quite time-consuming, the recommend search words are not diverse.

So I switched to use With the free version, you find loads of related keywords to fund your upcoming articles.

However, because it is free, you will not be able to track important statistics Search Volume, Trend, CPC, Competition. (Knowing these figures, the content plan for your website will be filled with the weight of the articles.)

I recommend that you buy this tool to research keywords, can share with friends to get the best price. In addition, you can go to google to buy this tool together, the price is only 100k-150k / month and you can use keywordtool from a-z and take advantage of many other Digital Marketing tools.

Keyword planning

Keyword research is a required step to have a complete keyword plan. After the selection is complete, you should list it into 01 excel file. Then you should gather keywords with similar phrases into a group to conduct writing articles & easily implement adwords.

science and technology

This practice helps me save a lot of time to get the content closer to the No. 1 position on Google.

Experience writing seo standard content

I think at the moment if you just build ordinary content and nothing stands out from the competition, you will have to go a long way.

So you preparation is required for your article so that it can receive the "favor" of search engines.

Below are the experiences I have accumulated, which is worthy for you to spend time tracking & updating the latest knowledge to better support SEO articles.

Identify target customer groups

For content depth and attractiveness, it is best to focus it on a group of customers from the beginning.

Customers are in demand with any search keywords, the level of interest is expressed by the indicators, how they are insight?

Once you have identified the target audience, you can easily create content and discover those tacit truth Which should be tapped in the article.

To do this well, you need to ask the following questions:

  • Who is your customer?
  • What content does this article help the target group of customers?
  • What are the outstanding points that can hold readers in this article?

Use the person, the language in the article

One of the ways to break through the content is to present the article in a new perspective. If only general content is provided and the third person is listed (the narrator hid himself) will receive less trust than the first person.

You can build the article under the narrative to strengthen the reader's confidence in the article or in the mind of the expert who provides valuable information to the reader. This approach is called Story telling - one of the most popular content creation methods today.

I take the example on the kiemtiencenter site, blogger The Khuong always uses the throne in the first person to share experiences. This makes it easier for authors to express content based on their experience, and helps readers easily visualize and follow.

As a result, the articles on kiemtiencenter all have "huge" traffic and are on the top 1 of Google.

Check out an opponent's Spy

Researching content of competitors is one of the important steps to help you create quality content, competitive enough in google politics. Now you need:

- Analyze rival content

- Usefulness that content brings

- The level of detail of the content

- Create valuable content that is competitive

Useful tools for content scouting include: and There are many articles on Google using this tool, you can research more information to apply it from a-z.

Structure "nail" of the standard article seo

After doing the above, I believe that the content that you not only search engine friendly but also helps your product / service increase conversion rates. Next will be a step-by-step check list so you can produce content that is both engaging and standard SEO.

Set both attractive and standard seo title

Setting the title is like declaring article content for google. The title contains search keywords, which helps the article increase the click-through rate and ensure the ranking on Google.

You can refer to the details how to set seo standard title in this article to be able to cleverly create an attractive and "provocative" title.

Write a description for the article

If you omit the description, I am sure you are missing the opportunity to show the overall content of the article. Thanks to this description, customers easily know the relevant information, inviting them to immediately click on their article.

Set heading tags

When I first started learning how to write my own content, I really didn't understand what heading tags were, why using these tags, just writing was less of a hassle.

Because I did not understand, I kept writing randomly, leaving heading tags aside.

However, after a while, I understood the role of heading on search engines, that's why I noted this content with you.

For example, in the article Review the best marketing books, when searching for the keyword "best digital marketing books", you will see the following results:


It is easy to see in bold the names of the books I review, that readers can directly click on.
Heading tags are an important element in Onpage SEO that both help make the layout of the article clear, attractive, and guide the Google Bot to easily position the content.

Heading tags from H1 to H6 serve as the content stratification of the webpage. Each heading tag will show the overall content for the entire paragraph below it.

When using the WordPress editor, you can easily structure your content using heading tags.

  • H1 tag: Usually default is the post title
  • H2 card: Shown immediately after the post title, should contain the main keyword and can repeat 2-3 times throughout the article.
  • H3 & H4 tags: Contains sub-keywords, content modifiers for H2 tags, to list specific products and services.
  • H5 and H6 tags: Rarely used, present in indepth content (in-depth content).

Develop valuable content for readers

When doing the article "Should write SEO standard content or not" I was planning not to share further on how to write SEO standards because currently I do not have much time (I am rearranging my personal and public life current affairs).

But because many of you wonder how to get the website content up to speed quickly & you need a detailed content for reference, I have restructured this article based on practical experience so that It's easy to understand & easy to practice.

In fact, Google Robots are very intelligent, not sensible and work extremely "rationally" it assesses the quality of the article based on content & user experience.

So I advise you to throw away the idea of ​​writing for yes, spam content but start building the valuable Big Content. Specifically:

- Content creation, do not follow the path

- Do not copy and cook contents

- Write articles based on real experience

Some content increase the trust of customers

As a business, a brand or a business person running a project, when SEO on search engines, you want customers to trust and choose your services and products.

You can apply the following content formats to increase the conversion rate in your articles

- Review from customers and partners

- Review from an expert

- Practical Case Study

- Proof, authentication from the community

Focus on the presentation and the reader's experience

As I introduced in previous articles, content is not just words, it is all the content around your product or service. Types of content you should apply to help readers have a better experience:

- Appropriate illustrations

- Inforgraphic is an advantage

- Invest in videos (if possible)

These contents I have introduced specifically in this article, you can click for more reference.

Sample content standard SEO, writing alone has top

Finally, for your easy visualization, I will give some content that I just wrote, perform good Onpage SEO without resorting to intensive SEO techniques, the article has reached the top on page 1 of google already.

SEO courses recommend participating

In fact, I'm just a writer and try to provide useful content about the content. I know many of you are interested in SEO but haven't found a satisfactory course.

Here is the SEO course that I have experienced and find it very useful for SEOers. The knowledge provided by the course is not only easy to understand but also practical, easy to apply, and importantly the new content is suitable for the rapid change of Google.


This article will always be refreshed if I learn good and useful knowledge in writing engaging content and SEO standards.

If you have any questions, you can leave a comment below, I will try my best to support you.

Also, if you feel this article is good and useful for you, you can like / share or comment to let me know. All of your shares are the motivation for me to carry out the next content.


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