The best method to improve your typing speed

In this day and age, typing has become a big part of everyone's academic and professional lives. You can make yourself more efficient by learning how to improve your typing speed.

Finally, your typing speed will improve over time as you type more often. However, if you like to speed up the learning process, there are many tips you can use. Let a look at some of the best.

Start by learning to type

This is the most important step you can take to improve your typing speed. Touch typing is the ability to type without looking at your keyboard. Touch typists know their way around their keyboard so well that they can't see.

This is beneficial for your typing speed because your fingers will know exactly where to go as you continue typing. It's less about not searching and more about building fast, fluid typing because you know your keyboard is like the back of your hand.

So how do you learn about touching categories? It has all about practicing and building familiarity with your keyboard. To build this familiarity, you can play typing games from sites like Typing club. Sites like Typing Club will provide you with interesting exercises to help you figure out where each key is.

With these games, you are done through practical lessons that help you build stronger familiarity with your keyboard.

Enter first, fix the error later

One of the biggest obstacles to fast typing is accurate typing. When some people try to type quickly, they end up missing keys or pressing the wrong key. People sometimes end up in this mayhem between the backspace keys and the keys they are trying to press.

To solve this problem, an optional tip is to remove everything first and not even use your backspace key. You can then go back and read through to correct any mistakes you have made.

This tip is great for two reasons. First, every time you stop using the backspace or error correction key, you are stopping typing - it will break the flow. Second, by not using the backspace key, you must read your article carefully afterwards.

You may just need to publish your work without reading the evidence, but this tip forces you to read it because you probably have made at least one or two errors.

It's not always about typing at lightning fast speeds. Instead, focus on the flow of your text. Building a consistent, consistent flow is the key to being able to write stably for a long time.

Play the right kind of music

Once you are really good at typing, there will be a big knot in your typing speed - your ability to think. If you practice enough, it will come to the point where you can't think fast enough - your hands will type faster than you can think about what to type in the first place.

Iveve personally found that one of the best ways to improve my thinking ability while typing was to choose the right type of music.

Music with lots of words can distract you so you can process your thoughts clearly. Many people like to listen to music that is calm and not too complicated. Such genres include classical music, Lo-Fi, jazz or even soundtrack.

Obviously, everyone is different and this is just a common consensus. You should try typing with different music genres and see how your typing ability changes.

You might even find it strange that something that is against the norm like a smooth rap song can help you process your thoughts, it can help you type faster.

Also, you may find that music doesn't help at all. In this case, a good white noise application can be a great solution. Or, even just a soundtrack from YouTube for background noise like a river or thunderstorm. Many people have reported that they personally find white noise and background noise as the best way to help them focus.

Experiment with different sounds and music until you find what works best for you.

Buy a more suitable keyboard

The first thing many people will recommend is that you go out and buy a fancy mechanical keyboard. It also knows that mechanical keys have a quick response time - you really feel when each key is pressed, meaning you can move up to the next key faster.

I agree that a mechanical keyboard can help, but this is something you should consider once you have mastered the basics of touch key typing. I would argue that familiarity with your own keyboard far outweighs the benefits of changing hardware. I would recommend sticking to a keyboard first so you can familiarize yourself with its layout before moving on to something else.

Once you feel confident enough, you might consider switching to a new mechanical keyboard. Just remember that it can take a while to get used to, so in the first few days or weeks, you might even have a slower than normal typing speed.


So it concludes our look at some quick tips to improve your typing speed. I hope that the information I provided is useful to you. As a final note, just remember that like with everything else, improving your typing speed will take time and practice.

Do you have any questions about typing? I have written professionally online since 2011 so if you have any other questions, leave a comment below and I'll be happy to help.


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