The GRAF SOUND music project was first listed on the WBF exchange on April 23

There are currently many online music giants in Vietnam such as Zing Mp3, Nhaccuatui, and Keeng competing with each other to gain a large share of the potential entertainment market.

However, Vietnam's online music market is not paying much attention to copyright issues. And precisely because of the low awareness of intellectual property rights, the profits from this industry are still pretty sluggish.

GRAF SOUND music project
The GRAF SOUND music project was first listed on the WBF exchange on April 23

'GRAF SOUND' is a product created by KMS GLOBAL to provide worldwide music streaming services for free with the slogan "Capture all the sounds of the world" (Capture all the sounds of the world). The platform also specifically provides an environment for music creators to develop.

In other words, anyone can generate revenue by uploading music, not just their creation but all the original music available in the world, and sharing it with users. worldwide, or sell these tracks to individuals and companies in need.

The GRAF SOUND platform solves copyright issues using Blockchain digital copyright system technology.

Blockchain technology has been one of the key technology areas of the 4.0 industrial revolution in recent times and technology is gradually being applied in addressing IP-related intellectual property issues. music.

Blockchain technology can be used to protect the intellectual property rights of creators, avoiding illegal distribution, copying or duplication, commercial release, or other The same en could undermine the value of a work of art.

This is a sustainable environment where founders and art enthusiasts can simultaneously create and use content directly.

In addition, other values ​​will be created if the values ​​of music and content services are expanded.

Many economic benefits can be generated directly through music sharing and sharing services.

Since then, the ambition of a new music market structure will be more open.

GRAF SOUND music project
The GRAF SOUND music project was first listed on the WBF exchange on April 23

Members of GRAF SOUND will be divided into two groups, GUEST and HOST. You can choose to participate depending on your personal goals when coming to the platform.

GUEST is a member that only listens to music and uses music services. HOST is wider, can use basic music services as well as engage in profitable music activities with different accounts.

HOST can upload its music, sell intellectual products directly to individuals and companies in need, create colorful music or even perform for free for the community.

Not only that, the platform also provides SNS features like Facebook or Zalo so that artists can promote themselves to the international community or interact with fans at any time.

GRAF SOUND has dozens of other services such as a personal screening service, global audition support, and calling for funding that allows users to call for sponsorship or cooperation in art products. .

And through voting service, many awards can also be held on this platform.

The company behind it said it was preparing for the first GRAF SOUND global audition to launch the service. Details of the audition will be published on GRAF SOUND and Facebook.

Kim, CEO of KMS Global said:

I believe that Vietnam will be the biggest star of Southeast Asia in the future. I absolutely love the personality of the Vietnamese people. They live in music, always fresh and full of hope with smiles. So I chose Vietnam. I don't think the music market is the place to monopolize dominance. In my opinion, it is a place where we join hands to improve if something is not good and to share good things, join hands for a brighter future. That is the philosophical idea of ​​blockchain

WBF Exchange, a subsidiary of WBF Group, is now one of the major global digital asset service platforms, registered at the Asian Financial Heights Singapore Financial Center in January 2019. Bright team The foundation includes many fintech veterans from New York, Singapore and China.

In just 1 year, WBF focused on the development strategy of "spot market + digger pool + options + margin trading".

WBF respects the principle of "user experience" and constantly improves, completes and optimizes platform technologies to increase customer experience. WBF is one of the impressive growth exchanges in 2019.

The exchange plans to reach 18 million new registered users by the end of this year. Prestigious with an efficient trading system, the exchange has been the destination of many blockchain projects when it wants to participate in the capital market.

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