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You are looking for the SEO tool The best and free today.

Below I will gather and introduce to the free SEO tool “must have had".

They will help you: Keyword research, analysis, check speed, writing SEO standard articles….

Let's find out together!


Don't worry, I'll show you what are the best free SEO tools:

Free SEO tools are required

Google Analytics

I will say as simple as this: Once you have SEO, you must use Google Analytics.

It gives you an overview of how users interact with your website.

Like which page is being liked the most, CTR, Bounce Rate, Pageview, Realtime….

I see many of you are not taking full advantage of the features on GA.

Google Analytics now has a new feature Insights very good (actually a long time ago)


If you are new to GA or don't understand the numbers, it is very helpful for you.

It will give some suggestions on website parameters such as:

  • Website performance week-over-week: compare basic statistics between weeks.
  • Basic Performance: Some statistics like (how many users last week)
  • Where You Get Your User From: Which channel accounts for the largest percentage
  • Understanding Trends: Changes on the website
  • Content Analytics: Which article has the most views


For example, here I choose Performance, you can see some parameters such as:

  • User this week increased or decreased compared to the previous week
  • Average Session Time
  • Bounce Rate
  • Page / Session
  • Event

For more details, click Go to report.

I believe this feature will help you have a clear view of the website, and how users are interacting.

Google Analytics also has many features to help you better understand users.

If you still find it difficult to use, use the MonsterInsights plugin for convenience.

In the near future, I will give more detailed instructions on how to use Google Analytics effectively.

Google Search Console

Just as important as Google Analytics. Google Search Console (formerly Web Master Tool).

This free SEO toolkit from Google has a lot of features like:

Notify you when any errors occur on the website (duplicate content, 404 errors, no index errors, errors on mobile, AMP ...)

The most outstanding feature of GSC is checking the "phrase" that users are searching for and clicking on your website.

On the left menu select Performace.


The main function of Google Search Console

  • Total clicks - The total number of clicks to your website
  • Total impressions - The total number of impressions on GG search results
  • Average CTR - The ratio of mouse clicks (total clicks / total impressions)
  • Average postion - Average position on GG

Directly below you will see a list of key phrases in Tab Queries


Here you will see the words with the most clicks, and impressions

Also you switch to other tabs like:

  • Pages - The page with the most clicks and impressions
  • Countries - Clicks mainly come from any country
  • Devies - The most used devices (desktop, mobile, tablet)
  • Search Appearance - How the results you display on GG (AMP article, AMP non-rich results ..)

Please check the keywords you are having the most clicks, and their position.

From this statistics will help you, see if the results are on the right track.

Or find phrases that sometimes you do not expect, are searched by users.

I will usually look for impression phrases here.

But no CTR or high click, and optimization.

Search Analytics for Sheets


Those who have to plan or make SEO reports, will definitely like this extension.

You can sync the parameters from GSC to Google Sheet, without having to copy your hands.

Want to see Google Search Console data from more than 90 days ago?

This is very simple, use the Search Analytics for Sheets add-on.

Just add it to Google Sheets, authorize it with GSC and the add-on is ready to go.

Google Keyword Planner

First to use this SEO tool, you will need an account already running Google Adwords ads.

Choose Tools » Keyword planning tool


In the past, people used this tool to research courses.

But I said before, now that's not the right way of keyword research anymore.

I rarely keyword research in this way.

Instead, I will use Google Keyword Planner as a support tool, to check the volume of that keyword.

Refer: How to research new keywords 2019

Volume is the total number of searches for that keyword in a month.

Competition is the difficulty level of the keyword (this is not accurate).

Lowest bid - highest, this one will be for those who run Adwords offline.

Actually there are quite a lot of checking tools like Ahref, SEMrush….

But I still trust Google Keyword Planner the most, because it's simply Google 😀

What I'm most interested in here is "Monthly Search Searches"

Do not SEO words with low search volume.

Depending on your field, you can estimate the amount of volume worth SEO.

Usually I will prioritize words with a search volume of 1000 or more.

You should use Google Tag Manager to install all scripts (Google Analytics, Google Search Console ..) and use them on a single dashboard.

Yoast SEO


After researching, keyword analysis is over. The next step will be to write content and write articles with those keyword sets.

We often call writing standard SEO articles.

Simply put together a list of techniques you can apply in articles such as:

  • Keyword must be in URL, title, meta description, H1, H2, ..
  • Keyword density will somewhere be 1-5%
  • In the article will have internal links
  • Photos with atl containing keywords
  • ……

In general, quite a lot, and to work and remember it all is too difficult.

So you need Yoast SEO to remind, as well as check these SEO standards.

I have used both Yoast SEO Premium and All in On SEO Pack.

And see Yoast SEO Premium is a very good SEO tool.

It is regularly updated, the interface is easy to use, many useful features.

Although you can download Yoast SEO Free here.

But I still recommend Yoast SEO Premium with more functions.

SEO tool: Quick On-page analysis

SEO Quake

This is a Chrome Extension that many people use to check the On-page of a website.

Page Info is general information about the site such as title, meta description, internal links, external links.

Next comes the tab Diagnosis There will be more in-depth analysis such as:

  • Short length of URL
  • Has a Canonical card yet
  • Title Length, Meta description
  • Is the headings reasonable?
  • Have robots.txt file yet
  • Sitemap has not
  • ...

In general, quite a lot of basic on-page elements for a website.

Click on the Tips arrow to learn more suggestions about that section.

This is a fairly easy SEO check-on tool that you should use.

In addition, you can also check the number of internal links and outgoing links on that page with 2 tabs Internal and External.


This is an extension for Chrome and Firefox that will be visible to Page Authority and Domain Authority users.

The toolbar also provides users with DA / PA indicators in Google search results (this feature only works for Moz Pro subscribers).

Surely these are two important indicators to evaluate a website's quality.

SEO & Website Analysis (WooRank)

This is a Chrome extension that provides important SEO parameters from the website.

Just click the button and the tool will analyze your page with basic SEO data (like title tags too long).

In addition, the tool also provides you with other useful information to improve your website (for example, is the website optimized for mobile devices? Is the download speed fast?).

This tool is even good for competitor analysis, because they display data of Facebook and Twitter.

The technology they use on the website, the estimate of the traffic ... all at your fingertips.

Screaming Frog

Find and fix SEO technical errors in seconds.

We all know that finding website SEO errors can be quite time consuming.

I would like to introduce to you seo tool: Screaming Frog.

Screaming Frog will crawl the website the same way Google does.

The tool will then generate a report of potential issues (such as HTTP header errors, javascript render, bloated HTML, index errors).

Best feature: Discover duplicate content (Discover Duplicate Content)

You probably know that Google hates duplicate content. Fortunately, users can easily use Screaming Frog to ID page (page) with duplicate content.

Varvy SEO Tool

Vary SEO tool

This is a free SEO tool checkup for websites.

Varvy is a very useful SEO analysis tool.

Most other tools only provide users with in-depth information.

But with Varvy users have access to a lot of data, which other free tools do not allow.

Includes: mobile friendly, alt text, HTTPS, robot.txt analysis and other features.

Feature appreciated: Google Guidelines

Google webmaster-guideline

Varvy not only provides a list of outstanding SEO issues on the web.

But also provides specific suggestions for us to easily fix directly from Google’s Webmaster Guidelines.

SEO tool: Test website speed

Google PageSpeed ​​Insights

As is well known, Google uses the factor of page load speed as a ranking factor.

Google PageSpeed ​​Insights will tell you whether your website is fast or slow on Google.

The tool also provides suggestions that users (or web developers) can use to improve performance.

But do not just care about points, but forget the user experience.

Sacrificing all for performance, but you get a website "bad" then it is nothing to do.

Check out this basic WordPress Speedup Guide, before planning to use more complex techniques.


GTmetrix is ​​similar to Google Page Speed ​​Insights, only this tool reviews in more detail.

When I want to evaluate the performance on a website in the most detailed way, I often use GTmetrix.

In addition the tool also provides you with suggestions for speeding up the website.

Panguin Tool

Each permanent concern when SEO is there is being "Punished" by Google or not.

In each new update algorithm such as Panda, Penguin, Google RankBrain ...

Panguin Tool will help you find the answer. Just link Panguin with Google Analytics

The tool will show us by analyzing whether or not the traffic has problems after Google updates.

Google Analytics Referrer Spam Killer

When linking Google Analytics with this spam domain referrer removal tool.

It will add filters to your account and then remove over 100 spam websites.

Thus, your GA data will be more accurate

Google Mobile-Friendly Test

Google has now started lowering rankings for websites that are not mobile friendly.

But how to know if your website is friendly or not? It's easy, just enter the URL into Google Mobile-Friendly Test Tool and you will get an immediate answer.

SEO tool: Keyword research

Answer The Public

This is really a great SEO tool to try out, to find new topics or keywords.

Answer The Public will work with Google Suggest to find new questions related to the keyword.

It will ask a series of questions with the form (What, which, when, why, who, are ....)

Just put the keyword in Answer The Public and you will have a lot of topics for you to research on it.

This SEO community will get data from forums, blogs, social networks (topics that users often mention).

Support for Vietnamese, but you can use English for that keyword to earn more topics.

The standout feature in this free SEO tool is: "Keyword comparisons".

A lot of people look for comparative phrases on GG

(For example: Wix and WordPress for example).

And Answer The Public will have a list of suggestions on this issue.


SEO tools are very good at finding the topics that are most interested in.

The main function of SEO tools is for you to search these Trending Online

BuzzSumo will help you find the most shared posts related to the "keyword" you want.

You will see the posts with the "Share" share on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Reddit.

Question Analyzer will give you a bunch of keyword suggestions about the "keyword" you want

Topics, questions that are most interested in social media (quora, reddit ..)

Feature highlights: "Trending Now" for the content that is most concerned about the internet.

You can choose: Time, platform, language.

And on the left it is also divided into different areas such as Sport, Tech, Entertainment ....


CanIRank will help you answer the question: Can I rank for this keyword?

This is an SEO tool that filters out difficult and detailed keywords.

Unlike the rest of the tools, CanIRank does not simply give information:

"This keyword is highly competitive."


"This keyword is very competitive."

Instead, CanIRank tells us whether we can rank for this keyword.

Very helpful.

Salient features: "How to rank better for that keyword? ”

CanIRank is not just a tool born to help measure keyword competitiveness.

It also gives in-depth suggestions to help us rank better for a particular term or keyword.


Keyworddit will find keyword ideas from Reddit.

This is really a very good tool you should try.

This "small but skilled" SEO tool looks for words that people often use on specific subreddits.

And if you spend a few minutes with Keyworddit, I guarantee you will find lots of great keyword ideas ..

Feature Highlights: Context (Background)

This feature provides a list of Reddit topics (search for that keyword on reddit).

So, we can easily see how people use that keyword?

Although only in English, it is also a good suggestion for you to have an idea to write content.

Wordtracker Scout

This is an SEO tool to help you "Steal" keywords from competitors.

Wordtracker takes a very unique approach in keyword research…

Instead of entering keywords in the tool, Wordtracker shows us the most used phrases on that page.

A keyword matrix will appear (the larger it indicates the keyword density is large)

Note: This is a chrome extension, not yet supporting other browsers.

Salient features of this SEO tool: Opportunity

It helps to show the keywords that have the best competitive rate and search volume.


Here is an SEO tool: very useful keyword research.

The best part of KWFinder is its usability.

Not only is it easy to use, it is also a very powerful keyword research tool, used by a lot of experts.

Useful feature: LPS

LPS = Link Profile Strength.

This feature basically tells users how many backlinks are needed to rank for this keyword.

If your LPS is 50+ or ​​higher, this means you will need really good backlinks.

The best paid SEO tool today


This is one of the very versatile and powerful SEO tools with lots of bots and huge amount of crawling.

With the number of bots and infrastructure, it is only losing GG 😀

Feature Organic Search will let you know

Keyword rankings (keywords that are new, or are changing).

Top page (page with highest traffic, number of keywords of that page.

Competing domains let you know which competitors are having the most similar keywords to you.

With features Content Gap you can also compare keywords that you have not compared to competitors (earn ideas for new content)

Also with Keywords explorer You can completely study keywords (almost like keyword planner).

You can also check where the backlink source (including the number of backlinks) is coming from.

I will guide you to use Ahref more carefully in the following article.


SEMRush is one of the tools I appreciate.

It also has a lot of features like Ahref so (these 2 guys I see are the 2 most powerful tools today)

The interface is also quite similar and the same.

It is possible to analyze the opponent, check the keyword rankings,

SEMRush works by showing users the top keywords of competitors. (Like Ahref)

In addition, you can also check the list of keywords running ads.

Salient features: "Pages", provides pages that competitors have the most access from search engines.

Very useful for you to follow your opponent and overcome.


LinkPatrol is a WordPress plugin that displays all external links (external links) on the website.

Feature highlights: LinkPatrol will help you delete or nofollow links on your website easily.

Just choose a domain name you want to delete or want to nofollow, then let LinkPatrol do its job.


Although SEO tools will save you a lot of time to "LEO TOP"

But don't be so dependent on them, that without it you cannot do anything.

Do research and think about SEO, so that you will not be surprised by any changes.

SEO is always changing, so are we.

If you are using another tool above, please comment below 😀


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