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Hello everyone, it's me again!

Last time, we went through the second part of the series Top great games for Wibu with anime, manga style games If you have not read it, you can see it here:

And today we will continue the third part of this series, with the same good game as before. OK keep going: ^^ Wibu never die ^^

# 9. Doki Doki Literature Club!

If using a sentence to state about Doki Doki Literature Club! then maybe I would say that this will be the pinnacle of disguise in disguise. Why do I say that? Let's find out!

game-play-or-play-wibu-phan-3 (1)

At first glance, what game do you think this is? A cute, cute Anime style game? If you really think so, congratulations because you guessed it wrong, this is a ... scary game.

Typically, the games of the horror genre are usually set in the dark, dark, dirty with the image of scary demons, crazy scholar, sick ...

However Doki Doki Literature Club not going that way, but using a bright environment surrounded by sweet, sexy hot girls.

But the very scene that makes you think that it is cute will make you "scream" blood out of fear because the longer you play, the horror of the game you feel will far outweigh what you you imagine.

In the game, you play a high school boy who is admitted to the school's poetry club and then you get to know 4 girls named Sayori, Natsuki, Yuri, Monica and all of them have feelings. with you.

The more you play the game, the more you will realize the disgusting secrets inside the girls, as they seek to kill their friends to win the love of their loved ones and thereby the scary of the game. the more you push to the climax.

game-play-or-play-wibu-phan-3 (3)

Not only that, the game continues to confine your spirit by making you think you can not control your computer, the game client is haunted and the images are scary. onto your screen.

Although it is a scary horror game, this is an extremely worthwhile game for you (if you have nerves of steel) because of the hidden storyline, bottlenecks and simple game play visual novel.

#2. God Eater (Series)

Released its first season in 2010, God Eater is one of the very famous series of action RPGs released by Bandai Namco.

play-game-for-wibu-phan-3 (4)

Set in the future post-apocalypse, the game takes you into a fierce battle between mankind and a monster race called Aragami.

In the game, your goal is to complete the task of destroying monsters and absorbing their parts or use them to make and upgrade God Arc.

play-game-for-wibu-phan-3 (5)

In addition, the game also allows you to switch weapons between three different forms: sword form for melee combat, gun form for long-range aiming and shield form to withstand enemy attacks.

And finally, the mechanism that made the game's brand is the ability to use "Predator Form" to eat Aragami enemies right in battle to increase movement speed, increase attack power.

If you are a fan of anime style game series, do not miss God Eater because I'm sure this will be a perfect experience for you.

# 3. Dragon Ball XenoVerse (Series)

Is anyone here a Dragon Ball fan? If you are a fan of this popular anime, you definitely cannot ignore it Dragon Ball XenoVerse - Countervailing role-playing game with awesome anime style.

play-game-for-wibu-phan-3 (6)

Watching Dragon Ball, what do you guys like? The fighting phase to the extreme destruction, unique tactics eye-catching colors. Yes, that is all Dragon Ball XenoVerse owned.

play-game-for-wibu-phan-3 (7)

In the game, you will be able to play all the Dragon Ball anime characters from the most prominent characters to the supporting characters.

Try it out Dragon Ball XenoVerse to experience the feeling of transforming into a Saiyan and experience the great combat feeling, the dazzling Kame hame phase has made the Dragon Ball brand, you will surely immerse yourself in your childhood in this game. for hours on end.

# 4. Kingdom Hearts (Series)

Speaking of Disney, most people will think of princesses, princes, dreamy fairy tales, but for those who love the game that mention Disney, they will surely think of Kingdom Hearts - ARPG blockbuster is a collaboration between Disney Interactive and Square Enix.

play-game-for-wibu-phan-3 (8)

Kingdom Hearts is a perfect harmony between the lines of characters from famous Disney cartoons, Pixal with anime-style characters from Square Enix.

In the game, you play as a 14-year-old boy named Sora carrying the Keyblade - a key shaped weapon to fight the Heartless - but the creature from the Dark Kingdom.

play-game-for-wibu-phan-3 (9)

Honestly, this is a great series, but it is extremely unlucky because it is rarely interested in ARPG games, so if you are a fan of anime, manga, do not try it. series Kingdom Hearts it will surely be a huge omission.


Thus is the third part of the Series Top great games for Wibu It's over here and I'll try to finish the next part as quickly as possible.

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I wish you happy gaming and please take care of your health in the days of disease prevention!

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