What is Link Juice? How it Works and How to Get Link Juice

Link Juice is a technical term in SEO used to talk about the reference value of a strong link to a Web site or a page on a specific web.

According to the tool Google search, having loads of strong, quality links is a very important factor in deciding whether you rank high in the search results.

The term Link Juice is a very important term in the field of SEO, it often talks about the relationship between link building efforts such as writing strong website posts, reaching out to well-known Blogger so they know you and Link to you through their posts.

Link Juice is naturally hyperlinked

How does Link Juice work?

Link Juice, link authority and backlink authority you often encounter these terms, they are different in terms of calling but have the same meaning. Google analyzes the links pointing to a specific website to determine the ranking position that the site will be placed in their search results for a specific query.

If Page A links to Page B, there is a certain power from Page A to Page B and that usually helps Page B to rank higher on Google. The more pages (and higher quality pages) that link to page B, the more page B will benefit from the link juice of the pages that pour and it will tend to rank higher on Google.

How does my site get lots of Link Juice?

The best way to attract more backlinks to a website is:

  1. Create unique, useful and reliable content
  2. Improve brand influence
  3. Continuously advertise, promote and receive PR
  4. Advertise good website content and make sure it is given to the appropriate users

Other common practices businesses use to improve their own link juice include:

  1. Contribute content to other sites
  2. Reach for bloggers
  3. Get expert reviews or brand mentions (Brand Mention)
  4. Good reviews for other products on your blog (easily link back)
  5. Listed in group lists of industries you work in.

How to calculate the value of a link juice?

In the past, Google had publicly used the Pagerank value number to measure a quality of a page, and from which site the page linked to, the value of that page would be better.

For example, if page A has PR 6, then the value of that page transmitted to page B (the page referred to by page A) will be higher than pages with lower PR.

Link juice flows better when coming from a strong site
Links from strong websites will help to convey more power to your website.

PageRank is a fairly core factor in calculating the value of backlinks Although at this time Google no longer publicizes the PR number of the page anymore, it does not mean that it is gone. Google completely keeps it, just not as publicly available as previous years.

Some values ​​that measure the quality of a website to take into account the quality of link juice you can also include in the formula: Domain Authority (SKIN) of Moz.

Going into practice for real results of Link Juice

Link Juice is an indispensable part of VietNet Group's projects. Link Juice may not directly bring sales to businesses, but it boosts the Website's ranking on search results, which benefits greatly from more search traffic.

Analytics statistics grow
Google Analytics statistics are growing

There are many Link Juice to help you increase your credibility with Google and Google will have a more confident look at what you show on your Website.

The screenshot of Google Analytics above shows how link juice construction helped our customers' Website improve Google rankings and then website traffic on the subject of health information progressed. During implementation, we still need to control backlinks to our site.

In the beginning, you will need to work hard to be known. Either you actively connect with experts and blogs in the same field first and ask what you want and wait for a help to agree.

Over time, your website's progress will increase thanks to a portion of the link juice. However, when doing SEO then you never expect focusing on a single factor will help you improve rankings. Need more, from improving the user experience and getting more trust signals from Google.

After the Website has initial access, we continue to produce creative, unique content and benefit readers, after a certain amount of time doing so. I have recorded good statistics of highly reputable Website with content directly related to the topic of our Website linking to us.


Link juice is the term used in the SEO world with the meaning of the value being transferred from one page to another. This value is transmitted via hyperlinks. Search engines consider the links to be votes of other websites where your site is valuable and worthy of promotion.

There are many ways to earn links from the web through direct and indirect efforts. The effort goes directly to link building strategies, such as sharing documents, posting on your non-website, social media marketing, press release publishing and more.

The indirect effort comes from presenting very good content on your site that makes readers naturally share that content on their web, linking pages naturally.



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