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“Anyone who ends learning is aging, even in their 20s or 80s. Anyone who keeps learning will keep young forever. ” - Henry Ford

(Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty. Anyone who keeps learning stays young - Henry Ford)

You also agree with me, learning is a way to nurture the mind and develop yourself. But you see, many people go to class to sleep or for three months without even looking at a page.

Is that the expression of those who refuse to learn?

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I do not think so. Because a teacher or books are not the only means that lead you to knowledge. We have many different ways of learning, there are people who are interested in learning from friends, practice, the community or through photos or videos.

There are no best practices for learning. If you know who you are and determine what is the most effective way for you to study, you can accelerate the pace of learning in any field.

In this article, I will mention the 5 most popular types of learners today. Let me discover what kind of learner you are!

#first. Visual Learners

Usually we access knowledge by learning from basic to advanced levels. For visual learners, they like to access knowledge through a holistic and visual view.

This is a type of person who easily receives information through thinking diagrams, charts, maps, symbols, symbols and images for words.

Visual learners also have the ability to convey information in the form of images. They will refine complex ideas into diagrams and represent them in understandable images.


Visual learners are receptive to images, charts, mind maps and maps

If you find it easy to catch up with a visual lesson, summarizing your knowledge in the form of a mind map or symbols will help you learn faster.

No need to draw beautifully, it is important to help you remember the important information is OK.

#2. Auditory Learners

You have seen someone often absentmindedly in the classroom, but whenever the teacher suddenly asked the lesson, he answered correctly the mother cooked rice?

That is a sign that people are learning through hearing. It may seem like a simple distraction, but every single word in the classroom doesn't escape his ears 😀

These people receive information very well when listening to lectures, group discussions or conversations. In particular, when they want to find a solution, they will speak out and find a solution in the moment of unsuccessful sports.

But be careful with your words because they have the ability to remember all the information that has been discussed. And in the process, they also learned a lot from their words.


Hearing learners are more receptive to what they hear, such as lectures, knowledge exchanges, radio, and audio books.

If the type of learner from the ears, the audio books (audio books), podcasts .. will help you learn faster. If you want to remember something, listen to it many times or record your knowledge with your voice.

Or more interestingly, you can talk to others about what you have learned, it helps you remember longer.

# 3. Study through WRITE or READ (Reading / Writing Learners)

Most of us have this type of learning style. They are the most effective learners when written. They also enjoy reading and their books often contain notes.

For these people, creating mind maps or charts is not very effective because it may miss some important information.

Not surprisingly, many lecturers and students have this tendency. Those who like literature are also very attracted to lists, diaries, dictionaries, quotes ...

What-are-the-best-of-the-best-practices (3)

Most of us have this learning trait.

But sometimes, copying everything can be a waste of your time, and it's easy to forget. Our memory is limited.

Therefore, taking notes by keywords and Highlight important information for later re-reading will save time and remember longer.

# 4. Learning through practice (Kinesthetic Learners)

These people understand both the principle and application of what they learn in practice. Practical learners enjoy learning through experience and research on how to put theory into practice.

What-are-the-best-of-the-best-practices (4)

Those who hate theory. Instead of reading books or taking courses, they like to brainstorm first and learn during the test.

But the biggest problem with this group is that they spend a lot of time figuring out solutions themselves. There is a lot of information out there, documenting the experiences of the previous person. If they are willing to search for theories and outside knowledge, they can avoid the footsteps of their predecessors.

# 5. Learn from the community

We humans like to live in groups and are influenced in part by the collective. Those who learn from the community, they quickly improve as a member of the community.

They are very suitable for studying and working in groups, have the spirit of a leader and easily become the focus of the group.

If this is your preferred method of study, going to a study group or taking a class will help you develop your learning ability.

For those of you who want to learn fewer people, bringing along another companion will help you keep yourself abreast of your learning goals.


People who like to learn from the community have a leadership spirit and at times they are a prominent focus in the group

So what type of learner are you? If you still don't know which group you belong to, don't worry, you may need more time to learn about yourself.

I still believe that in order to find the method that suits you best, it is still a matter of trying every method and observing which method is most effective. Wish you soon find a learning style to quickly conquer the knowledge around you.

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