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WP Rocket is a WordPress plugin recognized by the WordPress experts as the most powerful website accelerator and it is also one of the most used cache plugins today, it helps you to speed up your website with just a few clicks.

Wp Rocket boosts

Features include:

  • Quick installation: You install very quickly with just a few mouse clicks.

  • Page caching

  • Preloading cache

  • Preloaded sitemap

  • GZIP compression

  • Browser caching

  • Database optimization

  • Optimize Google fonts

  • Delete query bananas from static resources

  • Asynchronous loading

  • Compress files / combine files

  • Asynchronous loading of JS

  • Compatible with CloudFlare

  • CDN

  • Prefetch DNS

  • Mobile detection

  • Multi-point compatibility

  • E-commerce friendly

  • Multilingual compatibility

  • Connecting users

  • Import / Export settings

  • Good support for programmers

Features of WP Rocket

WP Rocket is known as a cache plugin but this plugin does more, please refer to it

It helps you to optimize some simple but highly effective things, eEspecially you just need a few mouse clicks to set up everything very simple.

Many features of WP Rocket

  • Save the entire page, articles on the website

  • Enable caching on the browser

  • Reduce bandwidth usage with Gzip compression tool

  • Optimize loading of fonts

  • Plugin support. theme, hosting

In addition, you can set up many other features such as:

  • Cache Preloading - this helps you build a cache ready

  • Minify / Combine - Collapse and combine your CSS / JS files.

  • Remove queries from static resources

  • Lazyload - Delayed photo loading. The video goes where it goes (like Facebook).

  • Delayed loading the JS

  • Disable emoticons / embeds

  • Combine Google Fonts files

Control panel interface of WP Rocket

The interface of Wp Rocket is quite nice and easy to see

  • Remove all cache files - Delete all cache files

  • Start cache preloading - Start creating cache for the entire page

  • Purge OPCache content - Help to save PHP scripts when first run, then reuse at the next run.

  • Regenerate Critical CSS - Recreate important CSS files.

Cache - Basic Cache creation feature

In this Cache tab the Plugin will allow you to select some features such as:

  • Include or exclude users viewing on mobie

  • Include or exclude user login

  • Enable caching on HTTPS pages

  • Memory storage time of a page (the default is 10 hours, you can customize).

File Optimization - Optimize File CSS, JS and HTML

This Tab Plugin will allow you to collapse your CSS, Javascript or HTML files (the code will be cleaner) to speed up the page.

  • Minify - Acquire source code by deleting unnecessary characters such as spaces

  • Combine - Combine CSS / JS files into one to minimize files

  • Eliminate render-blocking CSS / JS (you choose this to optimize speed)

  • Combining Google Fonts files (very useful if you use a lot of Google Fonts on your website).

  • Remove query strings from static resources (this doesn't work very much, but it might improve the above score GTmetrix).

If possible, activate all of the above functions.

However, Minify and Combine CSS and Javascript can cause errors

This is not the fault of WP Rocket - collapse and merge of files can potentially cause this error. (if you get an error you can turn it off)

Media - Lazy loading and ...

In this Media tab it allows you to enable the Lazyload function on images / videos and videosà disable emoticons on the website.

A great feature is "Replace Youtube iframe with preview image" It can replace iframes with preview images.

A great feature when you embed YouTube, but still get fast loading speed.

Preload - Create cache files available

Without the Preloading function, the cache is only created when someone visits your websiteThat means the first user will not be "cached" and lead to very slow loading speed

Cache Preload was created for you to solve this problem

  • Preloading Sitemap: Help cache all pages in sitemap.xml on your site.

Advanced Rules - Some advanced features

If you are new to WordPress, you don't need this functionality

But for those of you who are good at WordPress, Advanced Rules will give you more optionsTo manage active cache for private URLs, cookies, user-agents, etc ..

For example, you can:

Removing some URLs will never be cached

Advice: If not aware of this function, it is best not to touch

Database - Cleans the database

Actually, this feature is nothing special.

It has several features to clean up your database including: Auto Draft, Revision, Trashed Post, Comment Spam ... ..

There are many plugins that specialize in Clean Database much better. ????

CDN - Integrate with CDN

If you use a CDN to speed up downloads for all users around the world, this feature will help you

  • Rewrite your URL to use your CDN

  • Exclude certain files from your CDN

Although you can find free plugins with the same functionality,

With the CDN CNAME function gives specific file types, allowing you much more flexibility.

For example:

  • You can use 1 CNAME for images and the other for the remaining files

If you use Cloudflare, then WP Rocket also fully supports.

So below I would like free share WP Rocket plugin - free download WP Rocket plugin Completely clean, you can download it below

Link Download WP Rocket Premium


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