WP Rocket v3.5.4 NULLED - The best WordPress cache plugin

WP Rocket - help improve page loading speed and reduce server load automatically create cache (cache).

In turn, high download speeds reduce bounce rates, increase conversions, and help increase placement in Google search results. It has long been known that this factor is considered to be one of the most important factors in the rankings.

Plugin cache WP Rocket will work well and fastest if combined with the Plugin Asset CleanUp Pro Increase performance points and speed on the engine PageSpeed ​​Insights, GTmetrix, PingDom Tools

Demo: https://wp-rocket.me/

  • Premium features WP Rocket - Caching Plugin for WordPress - Speed ​​up your website

Outstanding features WP Rocket Plugin

  • Quick settings - Configuration WP Rocket Very simple and convenient
  • Page caching is extremely fast loading time needed to improve search engine optimization and increase conversions.
  • Buffer preloading - site indexing is improved immediately.
  • Preloading Sitemaps - automatically works with plugins WordPress Yoast Seo Premium
  • GZIP compression - saving bandwidth, reducing website capacity.
  • Browser cache - Static content is automatically generated without downloading.
  • Database optimization - regularly clean junk.
  • Google Fonts optimization - font optimization.
  • Remove query strings from static resources - remove query strings from CSS and JS files.
  • LazyLoad - images only load when the user scrolls down the page, thus improving page loading speed.
  • Minimize - reduce CSS, HTML, javascript files - this means faster page load time.
  • JS loading delay - reduces the load time of the website
  • Compatibility with CloudFlare
  • CDN - Reduce HTTP requests.
  • Prefetch DNS - Reduces DNS responses from external resources.
  • Multilevel compatibility - well, this is a feature for many sites.
  • Ecommerce - useful for wordpress online shops.
  • Multilingual compatibility WPML, PolyLang
  • Import / export - no comments - import / export data.
  • Compatibility - clean code - convenient to use for developers ....


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