YellowPencil v7.3.0 - Visual CSS Style Editor Codecanyon

YellowPencil plugin

Yellow Pencil plugin is a visual CSS editor for WordPress that allows you to edit your website designs in real time.

Yellow Pencil wordpress Lets you customize any theme. Click on an item and start visual customization. Adjust color, font, size, position and more. Control your website with over 50 stylish attributes.

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YellowPencil Offer everything you need to customize your website design. The plugin comes with advanced features like visual resizing, drag and drop, measurement tools and tons of resources.

  • Salient features Yellow Pencil - Visual CSS Style Editor

Outstanding feature YellowPencil - Visual CSS Style Editor

  • Customize any page, any element

  • Customize the WordPress login page

  • Automatic CSS selector

  • More than 60 CSS properties

  • Drag and drop visualization

  • Edit Margin & Padding

  • Direct CSS editor

  • Live preview

  • Manage changes

  • Undo / Redo history

  • Export the style sheet file

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