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Advanced Google Maps Plugin for Wordpress

Advanced Google Maps is the most advanced Google Maps plugin ever created. Lets you display custom posts, pages or posts on Google Maps. You can display some kind of message on a google map.

Assign a location to your message easily using your own meta window or fields. You can use Advanced Custom Fields Plugin to assign a location to your message.


  • Salient features Advanced Google Maps Plugin for WordPress

Advanced Google Maps Plugin for WordPress feature

  • No need to find latitude & longitude for thousands of your places. Advanced Google Maps The plugin will do this automatically for you.

  • The GEOCODING system will automatically fetch latitude and longitude for your locations

  • Advanced Google Maps The plugin displays your custom text, page or post type content on the map

  • You can easily customize your location using the placeholder

  • You can add unlimited fields to the position and display them in infowindow or list

  • Show posts and custom fields added by Advanced Custom Fields Plugin on Google Maps without extra effort

  • Too many locations? You can apply bookmark phrases with just one click.

  • Highlight areas on Google Maps with your own color, opacity, and stroke width as circles, rectangles, polygons or polygons.

  • Advanced Google Maps The plugin allows you to personalize a map on the site. You can change the type, zoom level, center position and other features that will meet your desires.

  • Snazzy Maps is a great Google Maps interface library. Webmasters can easily apply one of them using the backend settings.

  • The most powerful feature is to set different map settings for screens of various devices such as smartphones, tablets and large screens.

  • It's easy to filter locations by category.

  • You can find directions easily by inserting the start and end points. You will see the directions with the appropriate distance value.

  • You can select locations in the backend and display them at the entrance. This is a very useful feature to find facilities near the current location of your visitors like banks, ATMs, cafes, hotels, etc.

  • Use Advanced Google Maps plugin, you can display multiple itineraries on Google Maps.

  • Easily display KML / KMZ, Combined Table layers and Traffic / Transit Layers.

Advanced Google Maps Plugin for WordPress

  • Place custom HTML on Google Maps, e.g. images, videos and custom links.

  • You can choose the location by category filters.

  • Users / visitors of your website can easily search for locations in a certain area.

  • Your website visitors can easily select a list of locations according to different criteria.

  • Add photos of streets in the backend and your site visitors will be able to see them on Google Maps.

  • Help visitors find where they are staying. This feature makes the map focused according to their current location.

  • Make the map available anytime creating a widget. Customers will be able to use or hide it when needed.

  • You can display multiple maps on a page by inserting their corresponding shortcodes.

  • Readymade infowindow design is available for quick setup and use.

  • Help visitors choose the locations they need with the help of custom filters. These can be placements, custom fields or additions and classifications.

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