ATUM Multi-Inventory v1.3.4.1 - Create as Many inventories Per Product as You Wish

ATUM Multi-Inventory

Plugin ATUM Multi-Inventory takes WooCommerce inventory management to a whole new level. Create as many products for each product as you want!

WooCommerce is the most popular WordPress e-commerce solution, not including the option of selling businesses from different warehouses or using multiple vendors. Until now, store owners can still choose a third party solution or choose a specific solution for their website. No solution is ideal if the store doesn't have a significant budget to cover costs.

ATUM Multi-Inventory premium add-on try to solve the above problems and provide advanced features to reduce costs for third party services. Now, as a store owner, you have the opportunity to add as many inventory records to the product as your business needs. Even better, the system is trying to push the editing boundary beyond the usual standard.


  • Feature ATUM Multi-Inventory - Create as Many inventories Per Product as You Wish

ATUM Multi-Inventory premium add-on

Priority selling inventory

Do you find it difficult to choose which inventory to pre-sell or how to automate the entire sales process? With selected new preferred sales feature of ATUM It will not be a problem.

Drag and drop interface to place inventory importance, sell expired or use methods FIFO or LIFO Easily.

LOT / Batch Recording

Serious business must be able to track the amount of personal inventory. Give your items the correct batch code and track down any defective items and follow your company's quality management.

Add more inventory on each product

What was previously impossible to achieve with the interface WooCommerce root, now only a fresh install. Create multiple inventory records on each product that your business requires.

Full freedom to change inventory names, record inventory dates or shelf life, add multiple indoor locations, restrict sales by region, add different suppliers, SKUs or even prices both.

Inventory and repeat inventory

Allow global store limits and avoid any of your valuable customers getting an expired item. Use the Repeat inventory option to use the next inventory in order of priority or to run out of products after stock runs out.

ATUM Multi-Inventory v1.3.4.1 Changelog
* Added Inventory props to PHPDoc so can be accessed easily.
* Fixed bug when checking MI status for something that is not a product.
* Fixed negative order subtotals in backordered MI products with multi-price.
* Fixed PP removal from PO items with MI enabled.
* Refactory.

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