ATUM Product Levels v1.4.4 - Essential add-ons for Any Contractor or Manufacturer

ATUM Product Levels plugin

ATUM Product Levels An extensive list of elements, product parts, materials, assemblies and other components needed to create a product.

Even the instructions or directions necessary to prepare are understood to be part of the specification (BOM). We explain the specification as a recipe for the final product. To start the manufacturing process, every entrepreneur, regardless of what type of business he should start, constitutes a bill of materials (BOM).

ATUM Product Levels presents the first two levels of specifications. ATUM Inventory Management for WooCommerce allows you to designate Materials and parts for company products. Retailers, distributors, wholesalers, standard manufacturers, or any other company that needs complete control of their growth will not lack this premium add-on.


  • Feature ATUM Product Levels - Essential add-ons for Any Contractor or Manufacturer

ATUM Product Levels Manufacturing Central

A completely new production center has been added to the ATUM menu. Similar to Stock Central for the simple products in WooCommerce, Manufacturing Center controls all Bill Of Material items in your business.

Everything happens on a beautifully designed screen. Preview stock requirements, product grading, sales commitments, shortages or inventory status easily.

Raw Material & Product Part

We have created two new types of posts in the product data section of WooCommerce. As a complement to simple, variable, grouped and external products, additional ads Raw Materials, Variable Materials, Product Sections and Variable Product Post types. The bill of materials is the main driver of any business and our add-ons take care of all raw materials and product parts.

These are the two biggest profit indicators. Take a birthday card store as an example. A birthday card is a finished product that ATUM is controlled by Stock Central. However, the paper and ink used to make our cards classify them as Raw Materials. The part of the product will be a decorative bow or a coupon that the seller adds to the packaging. Even packaging can be created as part of a product if required.

Product Data

In the General Tab, users can be in addition to the regular selling price and the selling price added to the purchase price. Purchase price can be used in all ATUM inventory management including Stock Central or Purchase Orders.

Each type of product post now has a BOM Inventory tab where an administrator orders the required material invoices.

Bill of Materials Tab

The add-on creates a Bill Of Materials tab in the product data section of each type of WooCommerce post. This tab identifies the parts of materials and products needed to create a stock unit. Simple but quick automatic search to set the required amount of BOM.

Auto Purchase Price Sync

Use the Invoice Tab to activate the new option of auto purchase pricing. With each change in price, your team makes the product or BOM above in the hierarchy will be updated accordingly.

ATUM Product Levels v1.4.4 Changelog
* Overall performance improvements.
* Reduced SQL queries complexity.
* Removed duplicated queries.
* Avoid recalculating the BOM trees multiple times.
* Added cache handlers to some helpers to improve performance.

* Make stockables all the BOM products' inventories.
* Prevent accessing order items if order type not supported.
* Added PL variation types to MI compatible children types.
* Added "modify" and "delete" options by inventory to BOMModel.
* Added decimal values (if set) to the calculated stock field.
* Refactoring.

* Fixed error when there is a NULL parameter being passed to a hook.
* Fixed wrong logic when enabling/disabling the manage stock field.
* Fxed manage stock field was not being saved for new inventories.
* Fixed BOM variable with MI calculating wrong stock in Manufacturing Central.
* Prevent order items' BOM trees from being built multiple times and casuing issues.
* Fixed POs always reducing stock when changing their status.
* Fixed WC Orders with BOM + MI order items couldn't be changed form the backend.
* Fixed BOM order item transient being deleted in non "on-hold" statuses.
* Fixed BOM products not being counted in ATUM Dashboard.
* Minor CSS fixes.

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