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Over the years, technology has opened several doors of opportunity, convenience and learning. Text-to-speech software can be quite helpful for people who are blind and have difficulty reading. In addition, it can help people learn a language or overcome language barriers. Sometimes, you don't want to rush through long text content. The text-to-speech program can allow you to listen to a document while you continue on other tasks. With some online options, choosing the right software can be overwhelming. Balabolka, a popular tool, is a program that can help make decisions easier.

Balabolka 2.15
Balabolka 2.15

Based on MicrosoftI Speech API Microsoft API Bal Balka comes with a number of changes designed to improve pronunciation and speech clarity generated. The default settings include Microsoft Anna to convert text to voice. For spell checking and spelling, it uses VBScript, making it compatible with a wide range of spell checkers. While using the program, you can also work with high quality TTS voice.

The developers working on Balabolka recently released updates to improve Windows 8 availability and support the German language. Overall, it's a good text-to-speech software, with only some scope for improvement. The installation process is simple and straightforward, and makes Balabolka an ideal choice for newbies. To listen to Balabolka's TTS output, it is necessary to turn on the sound and the speakers / headphones. If you are not familiar with the text-to-speech converter, you can check the audio output button. It appears on the Microsoft Speech Platform and SAPI5 tabs. One click of a button allows you to select a specific audio output device.

Balabolka setup 2.15
Balabolka setup 2.15

Balabolka comes with a number of customization options, using which you can change the look, colors and fonts of the program. The Tools menu has a comprehensive set of options, such as Batch File Converter, File Splitter, Magnifier and more. If you are not good with the language of the text, you can use the Dictionary for quick reference. Balabolka also allows you to highlight sections and extract, convert and save clips. If it seems overwhelming, the Help file allows you to find answers to queries and problems.

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