Basic Excel exercises with very good general solution [Bài 02]

In this basic Excel exercise 02, you will practice with more content. Besides basic calculations, you will practice with functions in Excel basic. Those are functions like IF, ROUND, SUM, date functions, etc. Also, you can practice with the average, MAX, MIN and so on.

Especially in this lesson 02, you will practice with nested IF function. This is a common problem in study and work. For example, when you were in the school chair, in the Excel exam, nested IF function is one of the functions usually in the exam.

Content basic Excel exercises with solution number 02

In lesson 2, you will practice with many topics. Those are not just basic operations, basic calculations. But you can also practice with many basic functions in Excel. And here is some content that you practice in the lesson:

  • Input operations, formatting for tables.
  • Basic operations in Excel (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, comparison ...).
  • Practice with basic functions in Excel. Functions included SUM function in Excel, IF, ROUND, MAX, MIN, TODAY, MONTH, AVERAGE, etc.

Content basic Excel exercises with integrated solutions
The content of the general Excel practice exercise file.

Video solving basic Excel exercises synthetic 02

This video, Do Bao Nam Blog will work directly to solve Excel practice exercises. Therefore, you can watch live video content to better understand how to solve problems. Also, at the end of this article, you can download practice exercises to your computer. Then, you can easily check and compare with your problem.

The exercises for solving exercises are short and easy to understand. Therefore, if you have difficulty solving exercises, you can watch this video directly.

The highlight of this Excel practice exercise is that you can practice with many Excel functions. Those are the basic functions, very common. Which must include the nested IF function, also known as the multi-condition IF function. Please see the detailed content of the exercise in the video below:

Download the basic Excel workbook file with the summary solution 002

All contents of Excel file in video can be downloaded for free. In this Excel file, Do Bao Nam Blog already has the answer. That is the bolded part of the file. You can manually enter, format tables, and practice calculations according to the answer file you download.

To make learning more effective, you should create a completely new Excel file yourself. Then you enter data according to the demo data. At the same time, you format the worksheet as a sample file. Notice in the header of the table, the content must be in line. If you forgot this operation, you can refer to the article line breaks in Excel that Do Bao Nam Blog shared.

After you have entered the demo data, you begin to calculate. In this exercise, you will practice with many basic Excel functions. And to view the live Excel file directly, you can download the link below:

Download practice exercises file

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