Checkout for WooCommerce v3.3.0 - Optimized Checkout Page for WooCommerce

CheckoutWC Plugin

Checkout for WooCommerce help WooCommerce's payment page be replaced as your payment page with a beautiful, responsive and optimized design. Works with every topic.

Checkout for WooCommerce plugin Uniquely designed to improve the WooCommerce payment experience. Our system reduces cart abandonment and increases conversion conversions for your WooCommerce store.


  • Feature CheckoutWC - Conversion optimized checkout template for WooCommerce

Checkout for WooCommerce Plugin feature

  • How Checkout for WooCommerce will increase your sales.

If you use the default WooCommerce payment page, you could lose 30% of customers. Paying for WooCommerce makes it easy to optimize your payment page.

  • One click solution, beautifully designed

Paying for WooCommerce is a simple solution for convenient payments. No configuration or coding knowledge is required.

  • Optimized for conversion

Paying for WooCommerce enhances conversions by streamlining complex payment processes and processing payments.

  • Checkout for WooCommerce Fully responsive and works with all WordPress themes.

Checkout for WooCommerce v3.3.0 Changelog
* New: Added Express checkout support for Braintree for WooCommerce by PaymentPlugins.
* New: Added support for WooCommerce Product Bundles.
* New: Greek translations.
* Improved: Added cfw_payment_method_address_review_shipping_method filter.
* Improved: Eliminated closures in template-hooks.php for easier unhooking.
* Improved: Added compatibility mode filter for sites that load Google Maps from another location: cfw_google_maps_compatibility_mode
* Improved: Added cfw_cart_item_row_class filter.
* Fix: Fix issues with WooCommerce style registration setup.
* Fix: Make sure cfw-customer-info-active is active on form on page load.
* Fix: Fix endless redirect bug with Klarna Checkout.
* Fix: Multiple fixes for Amazon Pay.
* Fix: Fix bug with multiple payment gateways on the order pay page, including Sezzle and PostFinance.
* Fix: Fix issue with quotes in blog name.
* Fix: Add noncing back to update checkout call. Fixes issue with plugin that expects it.

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