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Digits WordPress Mobile Number Signup and Login

Digits - Register and login WordPress mobile number

Allow your users to register on your site using just your mobile number. No more checking email. Just SMS!

In this fast-paced world, no one has time to connect to your website by regular email, because this is not the only step, the user must login to the email account - open the email - click the correct link. Receive to check email and then access the account on your website.

And then the password goes, even if he manages to do everything important to remember access to the account - this is the password. Now, if he forgets it again, the user has to go through all the pain that he did during the registration process.

Just because of all this, websites are currently losing their customers, because people don't have time for all this.

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Demo: https://codecanyon.net/search/19801105

  • Feature Digits - WordPress Mobile Number Signup and Login

Outstanding Features Digits WordPress Mobile Number Signup and Login

  • Register via mobile phone: Let your users register with mobile phone numbers and increase conversion rates. Reduce user headaches when activating accounts via email.

  • Login without a password: In this Internet world, it's almost impossible to remember all the passwords used by users to register on different websites.

  • Give your customers no login password. A one-time login with the password is sent to your user via SMS to his mobile number

  • Authorization without email address: Allow your users to log in via mobile phone number. Forget the traditional letters used to create an account.

  • Custom form fields: Add to your authorization and registration forms, such as text, numbers, drop down lists, checkboxes, radio boxes, etc.

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