Download basic Excel exercises with integrated solutions [Bài 01]

For those new to Excel, the practice of the Basic Excel exercises is very necessary. It will help you quickly master the software and master basic computing operations. Also in these practical exercises, you also practice more about the use of functions. Depending on the different, which you use functions in Excel different.

And in the content of this article, Do Bao Nam Blog will share with you a first basic Excel practice file. This is a basic content, for those who are new to Excel, or you are trying to practice certification ... You can watch the video to solve the exercises in the content below, and download the Excel exercises with solutions. necessary.

Content of basic Excel exercises with solutions - Lesson 01

In this article, you will practice basic formatting operations in Excel. At the same time, you also practice more about common functions, such as SUM function, current date function ... And here are some key contents that you will practice:

  • Insert information.
  • Create a table in Excel.
  • Numbering according to available landmarks.
  • Format the thousands separator in Excel.
  • The basic calculation operations
  • How to use the SUM function to sum Use the date function to get the current date. How to copy formulas quickly in Excel ...
  • Operation to save Excel file.

Video for solving basic Excel exercises on Do Bao Nam Blog.

This practice file will be shared at the end of the article. You can download the file and practice it on your computer. And besides this exercise, there are many other exercises on Do Bao Nam Blog. The difficulty of the exercise will increase, so if you want to practice advanced Excel exercises, you can watch the following videos. Thanks for watching!

Download the Excel practice exercise file with the solution

Besides the solution that Do Bao Nam Blog shared above, you can download Excel file directly. This is a synthetic Excel exercise file with a solution, and this number 1 exercise is a basic task. You can download the file to practice and look up the answer.

In this Excel file, all calculations are highlighted in Do Bao Nam Blog. This compilation contains 10 practice requirements. The first requirement is to enter data and format as a sample Excel file. You need to create a new Excel file, then import and format it according to the file you downloaded.

In addition to this basic Excel exercise file, you can also download Excel exercises that answer many other basic to advanced exercises. All of them are in the Excel Exercises with Solutions section. You can view the content of each lesson and download to practice. Good luck!

Download the Excel file

So in this article, Do Bao Nam Blog has just shared with you about an integrated Excel exercise with a solution. This is an exercise with basic knowledge. And in the next exercises, the knowledge will be gradually improved so that you will slowly become familiar with and master the knowledge.

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