Duplicator Pro v3.8.9 NULLED - WordPress Migrate and Backup Plugin

Duplicator Pro: Official Home of the # 1 WordPress Migrate and Backup Plugin

Duplicator Pro Help to backup WordPress files and databases.

Copy and move entire web pages from one place to another in just a few steps. Create a full copy of your site at any time.

Backup to Dropbox, FTP, Google Drive, OneDrive or Amazon S3 for safe storage. Recover from Duplicator Pro within minutes.

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Demo: https://snapcreek.com/duplicator/

  • Premium features Duplicator Pro - WordPress Migrate and Backup Plugin

Duplicator Pro plugin feature

  • Support multiple pages: Besides standard single sites, Duplicator Pro Support for backing up and moving multiple pages. You can even install a subpage as a standalone site!

  • Support big website: Tools in the Pro version are faster and work better with larger websites. Supports backup capacity up to 100 GB!

  • Limit backup: Limit the number of your backed up backups so you don't fill your cloud storage with previous ones.

  • Filter the data: Filter only the folders, files, extensions and database tables you want to back up.

  • Create the database automatically: Easily select existing cPanel databases & users or create new databases without leaving the installer.

  • Overwrite web pages directly: Install your backed up or moving site to an empty spot or on an existing site - including WordPress websites with just one click for quick installation!

  • Single file package: Tools Duplicator Pro Package your site into a single repository unlike other plugins that create many hard-to-manage files.

  • Large database support: The ability to manually import SQL files means very large databases are currently supported.

  • Email notification: Know immediately when Copy has a problem with the backup, time out or need attention.

  • Advance setting: Tons of advanced options to customize your WordPress backup and customize your settings.

Duplicator Pro v3.8.9 Changelog
-Plugin: Added ability to include hash in default installer name for improved security
-Plugin: Improve performance on frontend
-Installer: Reset password for admin users
-Installer: Option to keep existing users during overwrite installation
-Installer: Added Installer notices for custom paths
-Plugin: Fixed ability to detect recursive links
-Plugin: Fixed bug with subsite->standalone migration
-Plugin: Improved logging
-Plugin: Fixed bug in retrieving package status
-Plugin: Autodetect Apache Auth User
-Plugin: Managed situation where wp-config.php is in parent of home path
-Plugin: Improved database query efficiency
-Plugin: Improved compatibility with WPEngine
-Plugin: Improved logic to determing default charset and collation
-Plugin: Fixed but with OneDrive uploading
-Plugin: Fixed bug for foreign keys in database
-Plugin: Fixed bug for case insensitive tables
-Installer: Fixed permissions bug
-Installer: Auto disable Woocommerce Admin plugin
-Installer: Improved detection of installer/archive mismatch
-Installer: Improved compatibility with managed WordPress servers
-Installer: Improve managment of config files (wpconfig, htaccess, webconfig, php.ini, user.ini)
-Installer: Add new wp-config settings
-Installer: Add new wordpress tests for warnings and fatal errors (frontend, backend) at the end of install

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