Effective SEO Keyword Research process with only 90 minutes - Self-study SEO from basic to advanced

Today I will share with you a process of keyword research SEO quite simple, easy to implement and help you can Find out more potential keywords, even unknown opponents. And from there you can easily make decisions to improve the existing content on the site or write new content around these keywords.

The keyword research process you may not know

My blog is oriented to develop with the goal of equipping you with complete background knowledge and tips, advanced sharing, practical application revolving around important elements of the basic knowledge of SEO. To read the articles at Blog more effectively, you can start with reading through the articles "Ultimate Guide" on 3 main topics Keyword Research, SEO Onpage, SEO Offpage at Blog.

Today continue with Keyword researchI want to share with you a simpler keyword research process, which can help you plan for any SEO project or improve the content of the current website.

1. Simple and potential tips for finding keywords (40 minutes)

Knowledge of Keyword Research you can find a lot online, with keyword research is a vast field with a lot of things to learn. Before reading this article, I hope you will read through the entire Keyword Research Guide, because with this article, you will get a comprehensive view of the Keyword Key Research Process before applying. Use this simple process.

With a good keyword research process, I will go from user research, product research and then to keyword thinking by social knowledge and tools. For this article alone, through my experience doing SEO, I will show you a simpler process but it will be very good if you apply it. With only 3 simple steps, you can easily do it in just 40 minutes (if you are new to the hand, once you get used to it, you will do it much faster)

  • Step 1: Get keywords that need SEO and find the top pages.

That I still always memorize a lesson is "See what your opponent does, you also have to do it and do it better." Apply, it depends on each person and field, in the topic of this article, I applied it as follows.

Firstly, for those of you who do SEO Freelancer or already have a topic keyword available, we will ask Google to let us know what the big brothers are on the top of this topic / keyword. Fill in keywords or topics and boxes Google Search and see the result:

Let's say I'm SEOing for the topic of Singing and specifically looking for top sites with the keyword "singing tips"

  • Step 2: Analyze which competitors are strong on what pages and optimize what keywords.

As shown in the picture, I will choose to analyze any 1 site in the top positions, here I try with the top 1 site. 2 options To show you which is appropriate, do the following:

- Get the domain of the site in the top, go analyze what their strongest page (has many links to, share of likes, high social interaction) is. Then take that page to analyze keywords from them to get about your potential keywords (this step uses the tool)

- With the results shown in the initial search step (as shown in the picture), you can immediately use the page that is on the top with keywords to bring in Keyword Planner and use the feature people often overlook "Your Landing Page”To find very good keywords that your opponent has not done or did not know. In the detailed article on how to research keywords using Keyword Planner, I have talked about this.

Maybe you are feeling a little tangled? No problem. I will continue to present as much an overview as possible so that after reading, you will understand this direction.

At this time, I use free tools https://k-meta.com/ to check the pages that competitors sites are focusing on SEO.

I chose the site in the top 1 with the result image just now, and k-meta returned it to me The strongest pages of the site This, along with specific statistics, are those keywords.

Or you can use Ahrefs to check for this type of opponent, Ahrefs is too famous for analyzing any site but it is suitable for richer SEOers. I tried the demo, with a free account and quite inconvenient because they limit the results returned.

Go to Ahrefs.com and select the Site Explorer feature then enter the site you want SPY

Ahrefs free account gives me the 5 most powerful pages of this site. I can see that these pages have very impressive interactions, do not always show the keywords that they optimize for pages like k-meta but the next tip. will help you find keyword suggestions from these pages.

  • Step 3: Use Keyword Planner to find keywords from your competitors

Next, going back to the Your Landing Page feature of the free keyword research tool Google Keyword Planner, I will paste the URL of any strong one of the pages I find when operating in k-meta. Suppose I got the result # 2 with their keyword "tip on singing".

Search with the target keyword and strong URL of the site you have checked

After entering Keyword Planner and click Get Ideas, you have 2 options, analyze under "Ad Group Ideas" in the way that in the previous article I introduced or use Keyword Ideas to find keywords according to the desired Search Volume.

Now you can find very good keywords to add to the current keyword list. Keep repeating this process until you find the most satisfactory keyword set.

2. Consider optimizing existing pages or creating new content for the site (20 minutes)

After you have had the delicious keyword set found in part 1, the next way is you will check with each of those keywords, which are the top 10 sites.

Checking each keyword to see which site is top with the word is very simple, just use Google Search. I'll show you how you can identify which pages are in the top 10 that you are likely to surpass them.

  • Criteria 1: Content.

When searching for keywords, you can see that some sites are currently in the top keywords but when clicking on the content on the page and overall content of the site makes you quite disappointed. Or to be exact, the content is too thin to meet the needs of users.

These sites stand at the top thanks to the following factors: longevity of the domain (this is very common, many content sites have nothing but established 4-5 years ago so it stays pretty top), has invest in satellite site system.

But, with the current trend of Google after the updates, you can be confident that if you invest in building content for the site, namely every post you publish, then please Make sure not less than 1500 words. Write content to satisfy users first and then optimize Onpage later to be friendly with Google bugs.

Specifically, the entire tutorial on my site, for example with the keyword research article A-Z, my blog has not gone backlinks at all, but the keyword "keyword research guide" has entered the top 10.

Not just that long content is enough. We still have many other things to be concerned about, but here I want to say that, in recent times, the top sites have not focused on the content. Their content is very thin, this is a good opportunity for you.

  • Criteria 2: Use Moz's Open Site Explorer to check the opponent's strength.

To test the authority of sites, I think the Open Site Explorer tool is the best fit for now. With how to check the keywords and find the top 10 list, you can easily check how those pages have DA, PA, strengths and weaknesses, combined with other SEO standard elements that look for opportunities to overcome them.

You can experience this free feature here https://moz.com/researchtools/ose


When checking your opponent, you should check with many different keywords, if the results are all similar pages in terms of content, the good news for you, you do not need to plan SEO for most of the that keyword. With algorithm LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) by Google, these sites are considered the same and the trick for you is to create the main content (Power Page) for the site, surrounding these keywords.

Then, you can be assured because with those keyword queries, your results will appear. I will have the next article about this type of Google algorithm.

3. Use Social Network to make better keyword selection decisions (30 minutes)

Most people use Social Network for entertainment and relaxation. However, for marketers and specifically SEO, it is important that today's SEO is responsive to the user, you must know how Take advantage of major social networking sites.

I do MMO with overseas markets so I use Twitter a lot. You do SEO for the Vietnamese website, then apply this way with Facebook or forum pages on your SEO topic.

How to apply it, I think everyone should have their own creativity, at my blog, the articles about this type of tutorial and sharing will all be presented in the form of thinking, how to create a foundation for you to apply your creativity. Use for yourself.

For example, immediately on Twitter, foreigners use Twitter extremely popular. Or question and answer sites like Quora and Stackoverflow ... With Twitter, let's say that when you're trying to make SEO decisions for the singing tips keyword or you want to determine which exact long keywords are the needs of many people interested. (website selling products, of course you need to have potential traffic already). Then I will search for that keyword in Twitter, especially Twitter has a hashtag search feature, you should take advantage of this.

With the Q&A pages and the Forum too, what people create topics in these pages and forums, are the issues they care about and that is also are potential long-tail-keywords your. Once you've determined what users need, the rest of you are just trying to produce content around that keyword, optimizing it and satisfying their needs.

This last step is quite simple, but you need to research carefully to make sure that producing content with the right keyword for the user's needs and doing it in 30 minutes is probably enough.

The above is a simple but effective keyword research process that only takes 90 minutes to perform after about 20 minutes of reading this article. Try to apply or draw a small trick from there and add to the current SEO.


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