EventOn v2.8.9 NULLED (+ addons) - WordPress Event Calendar Plugin

EventON Plugin

EventOn is WordPress event calendar plugin. The plugin can be configured to display events as a minimum grid calendar. EventOn comes with the builder Short codes(shortcodes) interactively simplify calendar settings.

EventOn Plugin integrated with over 200 useful features such as highly customizable repeat events, multiple event images, event venues and advanced features such as a variety of data and corresponding events with language, etc.

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  • Salient features EventON - WordPress Event Calendar Plugin

Feature EventON - WordPress Event Calendar Plugin

  • Support single and multi-day events

  • Create an event in a day

  • Create event without end date or time

  • Create an event all day

  • Duplicate event in wp-admin

  • Exclude some events from the calendar

  • The event lasts until the end while hiding the end time

  • Set image to event location

  • Set position according to latitude longitude

  • Save places and reuse them for events

  • Set contact information for the event organizer

  • Save event for reuse in events

  • Learn more about event link support

  • Many different options on how the user can interact with the event

  • Use popular date and time formats through your website

  • SEO Schema Content support for calendar events

  • Ability to automatically archive past events

  • Easily add custom CSS styles via Settings eventON

  • Customize month / year format

  • Customize date and time format

  • Ability to reset the calendar view to the default easily

  • Ability to open eventCards when loading

  • Displays a list of upcoming events by month

  • Preorder schedule ASC / DESC events

  • Display featured events on other events in the calendar

  • Only show calendars with featured events

  • Create a calendar with featured images in lists

  • Show calendar for a fixed number of months

  • Ability to set open eventCard to operate accordion style

  • Support RTL - (text from right to left)

  • Show limited number of events per month on the calendar

  • Events are categorized based on custom taxonomies

  • Create calendars with events only from certain types of events

  • Completely customize all data on event rows in the calendar

  • Customize google maps interactive features like mouse scroll, zoom, etc.

  • AJAX navigate smoothly monthly

  • Add calendars to your topic via shortcode or PHP form tags

  • PayPal integrated to accept payments for events

  • Support custom language text and include POT file for further customization

  • Set events to display in random order

  • Only show events for logged in users

  • Personal email to receive payment via paypal every event

  • Make certain custom fields visible only to the administrator or logged-in user

  • Priority events lasting month and year over other events

  • Add multiple photos to an event

  • Diagnosis and EventON environment through installation

  • Automatically set past events to be complete

  • Virtual event locations

  • Different event status values

  • Online or physical event attendance mode

EventOn - WordPress Event Calendar Plugin v2.8.9 Changelog
* ADDED: a trigger when eventcard slidedown is complete
* ADDED: Dedicated virtual event section for events
* ADDED: Ability to disable jquery mobile library from loading
* ADDED: Event status field to quick and bulk edit for events in wp-admin
* FIXED: quotation marks on event title breaking schema
* FIXED: schema event time missing timezone offset
* FIXED: date format conversion to js format is not escaping correct
* FIXED: schema virtual event location cause missing ] error
* FIXED: event type widget with multiple shortcodes not working
* FIXED: single event box RTL issue
* FIXED: future events filter switched to all not working
* FIXED: organizer not passing url field into schema
* FIXED: bubble event month long event layout
* FIXED: Settings checkbox icons not showing correct
* UPDATED: eventon_get_repeat_intervals()function

  • List EventOn Addons - WordPress Event Calendar Plugin

EventON - Action User 2.1.17
EventON - Bookings 1.1.1 (update)
EventON - Countdown timer 1.0.13 (update)
EventON - CSV Importer 1.1.8
EventON - Daily View 1.0.11 (update)
EventON - Event Lists Ext 0.18 (update)
EventON - Event Photos Plus 1.0.2
EventON - Full cal 1.1.11 (update)
EventON - QR Code 1.1.6
EventON - RSVP Events 2.6.9 (update)
EventON - RSVP Events Waitlist 0.4 (update)
EventON - Seats 1.0.8 (update)
EventON - Subscriber 1.3.3 (update)
EventON - Event Tickets 1.7.13 (update)
EventON - Ticket Variations & Options 0.7 (update)
EventON - Weekly View 1.1.2 (update)
EventON - Daily Repeats 0.3
EventON - Event Map 1.4.2
EventON - RSS Feed 1.1 (update)
EventON - Event Search 0.7
EventON - Single Event 1.1.6
EventON - Slider Addon 2.9.0
EventON - Sync Events 1.2.3

and more than 7+ other addons included in this pack

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