Excel 003 practical exercise: combining IF and LEFT, RIGHT functions

In this synthetic Excel practice exercise 03, you continue to practice Basic operations in Excel. At the same time, you will learn how to combine the IF and LEFT and RIGHT functions in calculations. This is a very common combination in practice. Therefore, this synthetic Excel exercise will help you master the combination above.

And as usual, you can download Excel files to your computer to practice. Excel file shared by Do Bao Nam Blog at the end of the article. And the answer of the exercise is already shared in the file you download. Or you can also see the instructions for solving the exercises directly in the video below.

Content of Excel practical exercise sum 003

In this article, you will continue to practice basic operations in Excel. At the same time, you will practice several basic Excel functions, combining functions on the same calculation. Specifically, you will practice how to combine IF and LEFT, RIGHT ... And the following are the contents for you to practice:

Basic operations in Excel. These operations include input, font format, font size ... The operation of the table, fill the background color for a certain cell. Manipulating line breaks in an Excel cell ...

Practice basic functions in Excel. Those are functions like IF, LEFT, RIGHT, SUM, AND. Also, you can use a combination of these functions in the same calculation. For example, if function combines left, if function combines right. Or, if combines the left, right, and the functions.

Content of basic Excel practice exercises with solution 003
Content of basic Excel practice exercises with solution 003

Video tutorial on solving practice exercises Excel No. 003

As required by the problem, then you need to practice both the operations of inputting, formatting for data ... However, this part is for you to practice by yourself. And in the video, let's assume Do Bao Nam Blog has already entered the data.

In this video, Do Bao Nam Blog will explain the calculation requirements of the practice. These requirements include basic calculations. Calculations related to the functions that I mentioned above.

In this exercise 03, there is an advanced content that is located in number 4 requirement. To solve this problem, you need to use a combination of many functions. Functions include If, ​​left, right, and. For details on how to solve this problem, please refer to the video below:

Download Excel exercises with solutions on nested IF functions

This exercise requires you to use multiple functions in combination. Especially the 4th requirement of the problem. You need to use nested IF functions in combination with many other functions. Therefore, this is one of the very good lessons for you to practice proficiency in these functions, as well as combine functions in a calculation.

And in the file you downloaded, this file already has the answer. Therefore, when practicing, you should create a new Excel file. Then you practice from the first step is input. And finally the calculations for the columns.

If in case you need more assistance with the answers to this exercise, please comment the information directly below the article. Or you can comment directly below the video on Do Bao Nam Blog. Thank you very much! And right now, please download the Excel file using the link below:

Download the practical Excel file

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