Excel exercises with answers 004: Vlookup function exercises, if functions

Welcome back to the forum Excel synthesis exercises on the website Do Bao Nam Blog! For today's exercise, I will continue to share with you a basic form of exercise. This article helps you practice the basic skills of Excel. At the same time, you will learn more about the use of common functions. It is the IF function, the VLOOKUP function.

These are 02 very common functions in Excel. And it is commonly used in study and work. For example, if you are still in school, then the Excel exam questions will certainly have at least 1 or both of these functions in the exam.

Content of synthetic Excel exercises with solution number 004

In this exercise, you continue to practice the manipulations Basic Excel. At the same time, you will practice more on how to use Vlookup and IF functions. The content of this exercise is quite brief, you can download the practice file at the bottom of the article.

Practice basic Excel operations: As usual, in this summary Excel exercise you will continue to practice basic Excel operations. Those are things like entering data, formatting data in a form. In addition, you also practice more about drawing tables in Excel, How to merge cells in Excel...

Practice on some basic Excel functions: In this article, you will practice with 02 very popular functions. It is the IF function and the VLOOKUP function. The level of use of these 02 articles is basic. If you want to be more advanced, you can refer to other exercises at the website dobaonamblog.com.

Excel exercise content with solution 004: Vlookup function exercises, if functions
The content of the exercise.

Video for solving general Excel practice exercises 004

In this video, Do Bao Nam Blog only shows how to solve calculations related to calculations. As for the skills of inputting, formatting data ... practice by yourself. If you have any difficulties, please comment right below the video on Do Bao Nam Blog channel for support.

Regarding the calculation requirements of the exercise, in this lesson you will practice with basic calculation operations. Besides, you will review how to use the If function, the Vlookup function in Excel. These are 02 functions that are used a lot in practical learning and work.

This Excel file is shared by Do Bao Nam Blog right below the video. You can download sample Excel file and solution for reference. However, for you to practice effectively, you should input and calculate by yourself. Then you compare with the formula in the solution. That way you will quickly master the Excel software.

Download the basic integrated Excel exercise file with solutions to your computer

In the Excel file that you downloaded, Do Bao Nam Blog has a solution available. And with most math problems, you can use different calculations. The calculation method in a video (Excel file) is one of the best and most easily understood solutions.

In addition to this exercise, on Do Bao Nam Blog channel, there are many Excel exercises from basic to advanced. You can download the exercises and view the answers of the exercises in each article. Each exercise will help you practice with different functions. So if possible, download as many exercises as possible. After practicing, you will feel how to use Excel quite easily.

This practice exercise file is uploaded directly Google Drive. You can see the file at the link below. Then, click the download button to download the file. Thank you for reading the article! Hello and see you again!

Download the Excel file

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