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Formidable Forms Pro

Formidable Forms Pro is the most advanced form builder for WordPress.

Create a contact form or complex multi-page form with conditional logic, calculate and upload files. Then display the collected data in the chart.

Hint: Plugin Ninja Tables Pro - Table Designer For WordPress. Watch now!

  • Formidable Forms Pro Has all the features needed to create a powerful managed WordPress form and web data application. Take a look at the features made Formidable Forms become the best form building software in WordPress.

  • Display form data with views: Formats, filters, and displays the data submitted through your form in the user's view. Create dynamic views that reference personal information records or filter by current user ID.

  • Designer: WordPress visual form Create complex forms in a simple way with the simple WordPress form editor. Just click or drag a new field into the form without editing HTML code.

  • Automatically add a form field: Need to collect multiple sets of information from a record? Repeatable fields allow your users to quickly add a new set of fields.

  • Forms to add user messages: Add form to add posts and user pages. Set custom fields, captions and even favorite photos. Accept new messages from users as drafts to allow moderators to moderate.

  • Multi-page form with progress bar: Split complex data entry into multi-page forms easy to manage, automatically saving drafts every time you turn the page. The progress bar and rootlines also provide a great user experience.

  • Front End Form Editor: Allows users to edit user-generated entries, submissions, and pages - all from the external interface of your site. Editing forms from the interface is quick and easy.

Formidable Forms Pro Plugin Feature

Formidable Forms Pro v4.04.04 Changelog
* Increased WP version requirement to 4.7.
* Added more options on Import/Export page depending on what other plugins are installed.
* More reliably add new options in fields when also reordering.
* Fix: When a newly added option is set as the default value, save it correctly.
* Added an easy way to install and SMTP plugin for better email deliverability.
* Add option to Import forms on the form listing page and in the new form process.
* Improve performance on the form settings page when default values are used in fields.
* Update the base migrator class for more flexibility.
* Fix: Prevent a few PHP warnings.

List of Addons Formidable Forms Pro

  • Formidable API v1.0.7

  • Formidable AWeber v2.01

  • Formidable Bootstrap v1.02.02

  • Formidable Constant Contact v1.01

  • Formidable Datepicker Options v1.0.03

  • Formidable GetResponse v1.03

  • Formidable Highrise v1.06

  • Formidable Locations v2.02

  • Formidable Logs v1.0b1

  • Formidable MailChimp v2.03

  • Formidable MailPoet Newsletters v1.01

  • Formidable Bootstrap Modal v2.0

  • Formidable Polylang v1.07

  • Formidable Quiz Maker v1.0

  • Formidable Registration v2.02.01

  • Formidable Signature Field v2.02

  • Formidable Twilio v1.08

  • Formidable User Tracking v1.0

  • Formidable Multilingual v1.05

  • Formidable Zapier v1.06

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