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Daniel Sullivan at Google confirmed that a Core Algorithm update was released on May 4, 2020.

The update will officially be called Core Update - May 2020.

Google confirmed the core algorithm update in May 2020


“After today, we will release a broad core algorithm update, as we do several times per year. It is called the Core Update May 2020. ”

Google is one step ahead of the SEO community when naming these updates, as the company now defaults to the May / May naming pattern.

Otherwise, we are all tempted to name ourselves as an update to the "COVID-19 Season".

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The core update in May 2020 is currently under direct development. As usual with these updates, it usually takes about one to two weeks to complete."

Second core update in 2020

This is the second update confirmed in 2020 by Google so far, with the first update in January. It feels like a very long time to consider how the world has changed between at that time and now. As mentioned above, this action effectively answers any related questions about whether Google will suspend core updates in the context of the coronavirus pandemic.

The answer is: No.

Although that is not necessarily a bad thing, and throughout this article we will explain why.

The purpose of core update

The broad core update is designed to create noticeably broad effects on search results in all countries across all languages. Websites will inevitably experience a decrease or increase in search rankings when the core update is released, changes in search rankings often reflect the relevance of the content. This means that if the content has been relevant since the last update, the rankings would go higher in the new rankings, and vice versa. If there is a new published content that does not exist at the time of the last update. All must be reevaluated with regard to existing content. Put simply, the current rankings and rankings will probably change quite a bit. This is the first update since the pandemic, the core update in May 2020 is likely to be particularly volatile.

First core update since COVID-19

The last core update was released in the second week of January 2020.

At the time, Coronavirus and COVID-19 were virtually unavailable on any news. Now that is the hottest news in the world. The world quickly changed when Coronavirus was declared a pandemic, accompanied by significant changes in user search behavior.

Earlier today Google said there were never too many searches for a topic like COVID-19 being searched.

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”Google Search has never seen so many searches for one topic continuously for a long time like it is now with COVID-19. Many searches for news about what happens in the local area, such as updates of updates or latest on testing. Here, how we help .... "

COVID-19 has changed what people need from Google search results. Whether people search for information about viruses or remote service providers, or where to buy many needed products online. There are many things to gain relevance but not very relevant to the searcher. Conversely, categories that used to be highly relevant were not searched much.

For example, searches related to travel, live entertainment, and personal events all went down.

With the Core Update in May 2020, Google faces the challenge of catching up with the way the world is currently searching. Over time, we'll see if people find it easier to access the information they need through Google Search.

Why updates cause fluctuations in rankings

One of the reasons search results are so volatile is because it can take a while to stabilize changes to all data centers around the globe. When your browser accesses a data center, it may receive old data or new data. Another reason for explaining continuous changes is because there are many factors that are changing.

After the update, Google engineers will measure feedback, review search results, and adjust it to ease misinformation.

Jobs of SEO people?

If the May 2020 Core Update is as good as its potential, that could be a good thing for SEO. No wonder, in the wake of the recession, companies are laying off staff and customers are halting services. The services provided by SEO are particularly valuable whenever an algorithm update occurs. The more volatile the update, the more valuable the services are.

That means that SEOs can soon find themselves in a position where there is a significant increase in demand for their work. It will be interesting to see, when so many companies suddenly increase their SEO spending when the Core Update in May 2020 is completed.

Core update May 2020: What do we do?

Google's instructions for this update remain identical to all core updates in the past. Historically, Google has always said that there is nothing to fix errors if rankings drop after a core update. Instead, website owners are often advised to upgrade their content to the best possible. We can understand what that means: try to make each piece of content the most comprehensive resource on the Web, making them useful for customers' searches.

Things you should do right now:

  • Analyze and track keyword lists carefully, predicting the fluctuations of keywords that will affect your website.

  • Website speed optimization.

  • Publish valuable content to users, increase customer experience on your Website. Eliminate poor quality, irrelevant content, etc.

  • Connect valuable links & links.

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