Guide to effective online sales - synthesis of channels

Online business has now become the main occupation of a division among young people. From students, office workers, housewives, men, women ... all can do business online. Therefore, this online shopping market is always vibrant and fiercely competitive. While the market share is increasingly broken down by new competitors, the number of customers is limited. Therefore, to attract customers, creating a foothold for the brand requires you to have the knowledge and art of selling online. The following article would like to guide effective online sales for even beginners.

1. What should I sell online?

Benefits of online business For sellers and buyers everyone already knows. Besides, a question posed to online sellers is: What should be traded? Where should start business?

Of course, no one can be 100% sure that any item will be successful. Therefore, if you are a beginner, start your business as a child. With a small business, you do not need much capital, can flexibly change items depending on the needs of customers and the market.

Some items you should start an online business like:

  • Household items
  • Fashionable clothes (wrap shirt, shoes, bags ...)
  • Food (kimbap, tea, cakes, Chinese domestic food, ...)
  • Technology accessories (headsets, charging cables, phone cases, etc.)
  • Cosmetics, beauty care
  • ...

The reason you should choose these items to start your business online because they are essential items, affordable prices. Customers of these items can re-meet daily needs, giving business people the most chance of success.

So, how to deploy online sales when having selected business items?

2. Online sales with website

If you only want a short-term business then use the trading platform, social networking. However, if you have a long-term online sales strategy, you can not ignore building a website - an effective and sustainable online selling tool.

2.1 - Why consider the website an effective online selling tool?

You probably already know that, in order to sell successfully online in the long term, it requires your own brand. Website is a tool to help you build a professional brand and reputation.

Building a website to sell online brings benefits such as creating brand highlights, being flexible in providing product information, giving customers more choices. In particular, the website has a much higher quality customer base compared to other channels because the majority of customers search based on real needs. This is also an active sales channel, regardless of the rules and strategies like other e-commerce exchanges.

And the most important thing when selling online with a website is having a competitive advantage. You may not know, e-commerce is entering a redundant crisis. People participating in selling e-commerce, online business houses. However, the competition does not come from quality. They come from quantity to compete on price. Gradually, online consumers eliminate brands themselves.

Why do you need sales website design?

It can be said that customers not only buy products but also buy brand and reputation. Therefore, you should focus more on the website to create a brand, bring credibility to customers.

3.2 - Website selling more than e-commerce platform in any point?

To determine the right direction from the beginning, building a website is an element not to be missed, they bring benefits such as:

  • Save on discount costs

Although e-commerce platforms advertise that operating on their platform is free. But the reality is that nothing is free, no bait is so easy. In addition to the costs you have to pay monthly, such as the cost of packing goods, the cost of shipping to pick up the goods, there is a discount on the order. For example, for Shopee, now also charges 2-10% of sales on 1 order. In contrast, for the Website, although you will have to pay an initial investment cost, but the future profits generated by the website all belong to you.

  • Branding

In the long run, no e-commerce channel or social networking site can create a brand for you as well as a website. Just mention the brand that customers can access your own website, instead of going to Facebook / Shopee to find your brand. Moreover, if you take a break from business for a while, the e-commerce system will immediately report, check and permanently delete your shop on their platform. And the website is different, you have to 1 or 3 years, the website is still here.

  • Create credibility with guests

Up to 30% of customers decide to buy a brand's product when it has a website. Eye-catching interface, unique design, product information, and full origin are the factors that create trust for buyers compared to Facebook / Instagram / Tiki…. Website will help customers trust, peace of mind and appreciate the long-term business capabilities of the seller.

Building a strong sales brand with the website
  • Flexibility in business items, sales space

For the website, sellers can freely sell any product or different items without being limited by any one unit. Providing sufficient information and a variety of images will increase the ability to persuade customers to choose to buy more. In addition, changing, updating or creating incentives also become active immediately, without reporting or waiting for feedback like other sales channels.

  • Reach potential customers

Every time customers want to buy, they remember your brand. But before they get to your shopee / facebook page, they have seen too many competitors' products and prices offered by these systems. Naturally, your ability to reach your potential customers is greatly reduced. This is not the case with websites.

3.1 - Instructions for online selling on websites

Selling online on a website is not as difficult as you think. It may take a while to start, but you can refer instructions on how to create a website OR if you want to own a professional website with features such as (shopping cart, Online payment, members, ...) can refer to the following 2 forms

Here's how to create a simple, fast online sales website:

Step 1: Register the website domain name

Website is like your home address, each website has only 1 address in the form or… .. Domain names should be easy to remember, related to the items you sell, the easier it is to help customers remember your website more.

You will have to buy this domain name for about 200,000 VND / year to use. If you want to buy and check the domain name has been registered or not you can see guide domain name registration or access the tools supported by Mona at:

Step 2: Choose to buy Hosting.

Hosting is where your website is hosted. Understand simply that if the domain name is the address, Hosting is the land for you to build a house. Just like a domain name, you also have to pay for hosting costs.

The purchase of hosting also needs to pay attention to many issues, especially pay attention to the purpose of website use, if the website has a small number of visitors, you only need to buy Shared Hosting, if you want to own a separate Hosting or purpose 1 A large number of website users can choose VPS Hosting and Cloud Hosting.

There are many hosting providers in the market that you can research, but the difference in price is not too big to pay attention to the nearest hosting provider for faster transmission.

Step 3: Install the Theme - Plugin - Woocommerce interface for the Website

Regarding the setup steps to create a website, you can refer to Mona Media's detailed website creation guide. Or refer to and choose a suitable sales website template to get support for building a fast sales website in just 3-5 days.

Step 4: Choose a channel to reach customers with Website

Each category will have a target audience and where that audience will be looking for you, so no channel is the most effective for all but only the best fit for your industry.

  • SEO: this is an effective and appreciated channel nowadays, especially for products / services that users do not have a way to search directly outside and their behavior is searching on Google to choose to buy products, find services ... For example you want: sell copiers or Copier rental SEO is an extremely effective channel because you simply are hard to find a unit of direct goods out there. To better understand SEO you can refer to What is SEO? and SEO services when you have a need
  • Google Ads: This is a search advertising channel is also highly appreciated, but the investment cost is not small and the cost you have to pay for many clicks, the competitiveness of the industry ... About Google Ads has Many forms, you should refer to the instructions from Google itself to better understand this form of advertising.
  • Landing page conversion combining multiple channels with Facebook ads, Zalo ads, Google Ads ...
  • Your brand is built, good communication should have a number of users looking directly for the brand (and you need a website for your customers to find).
  • ...

2. Guide to selling online on e-commerce trading floor

For starters, finding the prospect is the hardest thing. However, it also became simpler when e-commerce appeared. They take advantage of available customers, take advantage of the brand and special utilities of e-commerce to increase sales.

A great thing in e-commerce floor is the online rating system from customers. Based on this rating, the system will rank your shop. The more reviews a store has, the better it will be on the front page and vice versa. For buyers, quality evaluation will be the deciding factor to your reputation. Therefore, when selling online on e-commerce floor, you need to take good care of customers, sell the right quality and price to avoid bad feedback.

2.1 Selling online on Shopee

Shopee is currently the largest e-commerce platform in Vietnam. The characteristic of this sales channel is that it owns an extremely large number of online customers with hundreds of thousands of diverse items. This is an advantage for the seller. You can put any item up here for sale without charge, without any limit on the quantity and binding by the procedures.

However, that's not all the reason you should sell online on shopee. Here, you can freely compete on price, on models. In addition, Shopee supports the shipping system, creating many promotional codes that are very beneficial to sellers.

Sales on Shopee

When you want to start a business on Shopee, you need to set up a merchant account. The registration process is quite simple, you just need to have your phone number and email, then visit the shopee website and all the detailed instructions will be displayed. As soon as your account is registered and approved, you can start selling online.

2.2 Selling online on Tiki

Tiki is an e-commerce platform that benefits online sellers. TIKI works and utilities like Shopee. However, not competing with prices like Shoppe, Tiki competing with quality of goods, committed to genuine goods. Therefore, registering a merchant account on Tiki is also more difficult. Because you need business licenses, genuine product certificates or other security documents.

Tiki allows sellers to operate on a business license, so each store can only sell one single item based on the license. When you want to change a business item, you need to send a report to Tiki system center and wait for settlement. However, prices in Tiki are higher than Shopee's. This is an advantage if the goods you sell are high quality.

Regarding how to register for an account, you also need to visit the Tiki website and fill in the information as instructed. It takes about 5 days for the Tiki system to respond or confirm. You can also choose to sell online on Tiki, either individually or as a business. Of course, the discount and utilities of these two forms are also different.

2.3 Selling online on Sendo, Lazada

If you sell online, do not ignore Sendo and Lazada. These are the two oldest electronic sales channels in Vietnam. Like other e-commerce platforms, Sendo and Lazada are also completely free, register a seller account with your phone number and email, bank account.

Online sales on Red Lotus, Lazada

Sendo and lazada do not require sellers to present a business license, so you are free to sell different items in the same account. The registration steps and the interface are very simple and friendly. The information you need to fill in when registering an account such as: Shop name, phone number, email, address of the shipping unit will pick up goods, bank account links, select the form / item of business. After the whole account is opened, you can proceed with the sale immediately with very detailed photo posting instructions on the system.

2.4 Sell online on Now, GrapFood

These are two e-commerce platforms dedicated to selling food online. This online sales channel has many benefits such as: reaching potential customers, increasing sales, solving store delivery problems, ... However, for each account, Now and GrapFood systems will collect 20% fee on the total value of each order. This is not a low fee for food items. Therefore, you need to consider the appropriate price on the Now system to ensure the profit is not changed.

Sales with Now and Grabfood

About how to register to participate in this market is not too difficult. The information you need to fill in is: shop name, address, item sold, price, area of ​​sale. Immediately after selecting a sale area, there will be customer care of that area call you and registration instructions in detail.

4. Using social networks as a tool to push online sales

Social Network (Social Media) became a popular online selling tool. If you sell online but have not taken advantage of these tools, it is not an online sale. See instructions for using this tool below.


Facebook is the largest social networking site in the world today. When the online business started, Facebook was the only channel used to sell products. However, Facebook is a platform with extremely smart algorithms. Facebook constantly prevents online sellers in many ways such as reducing interaction with sellers through hagtag, language, etc. That makes online sales here difficult and inefficient.

See more: Why online sales must Inbox prices

Moreover, the purchase via Facebook is completely passive, requiring the recipient of the order via text or phone. This is easy to mistake for the seller and the buyer risk disclosing personal information due to not having any units committed to security.

Online sales with Facebook

However, you should not miss the current Facebook gadgets such as: livestream sales at rush hour 20:00 or create fanpage to link to the Website, link to e-commerce floors, create a group for customer care. line….

There are also many effective business guide pages on Facebook that we can recommend to you such as,, ...


Zalo is also one of the social networking sites with up to 70 million users. Zalo has an advantage that each phone number can only create one account, so you will eliminate virtual interactions. Zalo allows users to create online stores directly on the Zalo application, with an easy-to-use interface.

Use Zalo for marketing Not much different from Facebook. However, you should only consider this as a tool to sell goods, link links, introduce products because direct sales through here are not effective.

See detailed sales instructions with Zalo


Recently, Instagram is also a free social network site that is thoroughly used to sell items to young people such as: wrap shirts, shoes, bags, food ... Instagram's advantage over Facebook thanks to the "less demanding" filter slots ”than Facebook.

Instagram has clear images, high conversion rates, no postings, copyright protection thanks to the prevention of Share / download photos. Besides that, the Instagram intelligent search system gives buyers a better experience.

To use Instagram for sales, you also have an active account on Instagram. Download the Instagram software to your phone or computer, then register your username. For this platform you only need to fill in: username - what you normally sell will have the item's name, phone number, email. As soon as registration is complete, you can post photos and sell online immediately.

TrOn Instagram, there are no restrictions when you post products and use them for commercial purposes. To sell more effectively, follow lots of customers to get engagement. Do not forget to put hagtag under each article to increase accessibility to customers.


Google gives preference to search results which are website or Youtube. Therefore, YouTube is not used for direct sales like Facebook or Instagram but is a tool to promote the brand effectively. According to Hubspot, content containing videos is likely to yield 157% more natural search results than plain text. This is demonstrated when you search for a keyword on Google, Youtube videos with the same keyword will be displayed first.

Utilizing YouTube helps you have the ability to convince customers, attract visitors to the website by giving a link in the description, ... Moreover, when inserting video into the website will help the website have a chance to " top ”and top sustainable.

Using YouTube is as simple as the way you use Facebook. You can sign up for a YouTube account by email available. Videos need to be edited with eye-catching sound effects before being shared publicly. Besides, video content is also a very interesting factor - they must be really attractive. Content can be tips, share issues related to the product honestly and deeply.

5. A few notes for beginners to sell online

Choose the right business area, the right customers

Choosing the right business will help you to orient yourself later. For example, if you intend to open a restaurant, a cafe, a fashion store, right from the time of selling online, you should choose related items to gain more experience.

Selling online on electronic platforms is always changing and depends a lot on the Internet, requiring you to keep up with trends. Therefore, most people do not consider selling online as a lifelong business. Therefore, choosing the right business field will help you change your career better later.

Find the most optimal source

This is a vital factor when you decide to sell online. Only when you find a long-term stable source of goods that is commensurate with the price, can you make a profit as well as a sustainable business. Moreover, good sources also give you a competitive advantage over competitors. You can refer to the sources of goods from Guangzhou, from the design unit or directly from the large processing workshops ....

Understand your products - grasp your competitors' weaknesses

"Know you know me - hundred battles and a hundred wins". Competition always has an advantage that can make you strong. Therefore, try to create a strong point for your product. In particular, you should not ignore the weaknesses of competitors to easily compete for health.

Improve product shooting skills

Online sales - customers can view the product only through images. Therefore, the clearer the image, highlighting the product will convince the buyer. You should minimize the use of photos of others, copyrighted images to avoid losing the confidence of buyers. In addition, to have excellent photos you need the support of editing applications, photography accessories, ...

Above is the entire online sales guide. Wanting long-term business requires you to put quality first. Don't make a sales spike because there's no one guide that makes you 100% successful. Hopefully the article will bring you a lot of useful information.


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