How to create a website, own a website - from concept to execution

How to create website? This article Mona Media is for those who want to own their own website for business purposes or any other purpose that must use the website. You may or may not specialize in programming, but the following can help you have a way to choose and how to have the most appropriate website.

  • Step 1: Define goals when designing the website
  • Step 2: Register the domain name
  • Step 3: Buy Web hosting and VPS
  • Step 4: Choose the way - technology to create your website
  • Step 5: Plan after creating the website

Step 1: Define goals when creating a website?

Of course when you come here, you are very serious and invest time to learn how to have a website. You may think this is simple, and I know you have a goal - but trust me and I think you need little advice to understand what you really want.

No one does anything without a reason. And of course, creating a website is not for coloring, or because competitors have a website and you think you should have that, but have no real goal when creating a website.

What is the goal when creating your website

There will be many great goals included in your plan and wishes, often when customers come to us or another application to design a website, they often forget the following, and then are forgotten. waste their money and ideas:

Business goals

Objectives that you may need to consider before creating a website include:

  • Increase sales fast and achieve many goals in your work this year or for many years to come
  • How and how can it help you find more customers?
  • How can you increase the value of orders or the number of orders through your website?
  • ...

There will be a lot of goals coming to mind right now, and it's time to write them down in earnest - as clear and detailed as possible. By then you will feel that you should make a website to advertise or a website to introduce or a business website. From there you can choose the long-term development direction for your website.

Types of websites many people often use include:

  • Sales website: e-commerce, online sales, ...
  • Website introducing companies and businesses in various fields
  • News website, electronic newspaper
  • Education website: pages for schools, centers and online learning
  • Website in the form of forums, classifieds, sales
  • Website for service industries: tourism, restaurant, hotel
  • Website landing page - product introduction: only 1 or 1 page
  • Websites like personal blogs, sharing knowledge: in addition to meeting the passion - interests, this type of website can also accompany business, teaching and training with personal brands. Some typical websites such as,,, ...

Marketing goals

This is what many businesses focus on and of course their ambition does not stop at just owning a website for the purpose of introduction but also includes:

  • Want to get more customers to your website (possibly through Google Ads and SEO)
  • Reduce the bounce rate of customers to support SEO and increase the conversion rate (converted into customers)
  • Branding (Brand) long-term business for your SME with an exclusive website, own brand identity.
  • ...

Creating a website is a perfect support channel for Online Marketing as well as in the overall Marketing strategy, you absolutely can turn the Website into the perfect tool to reach and convince your customers. If you need assistance, please contact Mona immediately, the support team will contact you immediately for a free consultation.

Technology goal

Once you have identified the type of your website, you need to choose the technology - features suitable for that type of website. The technology here can be a platform to build a website or a system to serve the features according to your requirements.

  • You need to design an online learning website with Online learning functions and you need a technology to block Download from all the software available on the market so that your dedicated lessons will not be leaked.
  • Or you need to build a website system that orders Chinese goods with high security and has a web - app integration that helps you manage the entire system with just a website.

The basic technology goals that many customers come to Mona Media often target include:

  • High security website
  • Website easy to meet SEO (Currently, WordPress is the best support for SEO)
  • Easily convert platforms or develop from Website to Web app
  • Ability to administer the website simply
  • ...

Combining the goals you have you will have for yourself these Website creation ideas Uniquely about the interface and the features it has. However, turning the idea into reality when creating the web is not too difficult but if not knowledgeable, the cost to create a feature, or interface that you want sometimes up to unimaginable numbers. And you need real experts to simplify those features or use an alternative method to cut costs, a lot of effort to create an effective website.

So did you know How is a website really effective?? This topic Mona would like to share in another series, please read it!

Step 2: Find, choose and buy the domain name

What is domain name?

You can understand the simplest way a domain name is a website address (like a home address where others can find you on the internet). A domain name is required for visitors to access your website. The more impressive and memorable the domain name, the more effective it is; If it is possible for search engine optimization (SEO), it will rank high on the search results page and attract more visitors.

Register domain before creating website

How to own a domain name?

At the stage of many years ago, owning a website and a domain name was something extremely different and many felt a bit difficult. But now owning 1 domain name to Extremely simple website creation. As a small example, we offer free domain names to customers when using the web design service package at Mona.

First you need to slow down here and start thinking about ideas for your domain name before choosing to buy. The domain name is representing the brand, for your business image on the Internet, so based on the goals, ideas and think of a very expensive name (you can choose a domain name with your own brand. , or 1 product key for your users to access….).

Everything you need to choose a domain name and register a domain name is shared by Mona in the article guide to buying domain name.

Step 3: Buy Web hosting / VPS

What is hosting?

Website is run by new technical hardware called hosting server. This server maintains website operations, stores data and handles all access requests from users. The larger the website scale, the higher the server capacity can be met.

Choosing to buy Web Hosting you need to consider the geographical position of the main target audience. If it is a visitor from Vietnam, you should choose a domestic hosting provider like Mona Media here. And conversely, foreign hosting providers if you want to attract international visits.

The reason for this is that the shorter the geographical distance between the hosting server and the visitor, the faster the page loading speed will be and the better user experience.

Choose the right hosting type to create your website

The choice of Hosting type greatly affects the future use of the website and you need to have certain information about it to choose suitable for the purpose. If you feel ambiguous and need help, we are here to support you wholeheartedly with just a phone call to 1900 636 648 or leave the information below we will contact you immediately in a few minute.

1 / Shared Hosting:

This type of hosting is extremely suitable for small websites, with less specific visitors such as referral websites, personal blogs and low-access service websites. This is an optimal solution for small business individuals with the following advantages:

  • Support many different platforms and CMSs
  • Create subdomains easily, for free
  • Create Email inbox with free business domain
  • Ability to backup to restore data when needed
  • Can manage multiple websites on the same Hosting

2 / Cloud Housting:

Run on cloud computing system (Cloud Computing) create access speed many times faster than conventional Hosting. Suitable for large websites, publish a lot of information or want to receive large numbers of users at the same time. Outstanding advantages of this hosting type are:

  • All configuration and features are similar to Shared Hosting
  • The stability level is 3 times higher than normal Hosting
  • Extremely high level of security
  • Can be used to develop and host a large website system

3 / VPS Hosting

A combination of Shared Hosting and Dedicated Hosting. You can now share your server resources with others while keeping your server separate - and this section is for you without fear of being accessed by people in the server like Shared. Hosting.

This hosting is also suitable for small and medium units that want to use high speed hosting but save costs.

Advantages of VPS Hosting:

  • Cost less expensive than other types of hosting
  • Easily expand and grow the size of VPS as the number of users visiting the website increases

If you need to buy Hosting types and VPS, you can refer to the package Web Hosting service at Mona Media

Step 4: Choose the way - technology to create a desired website

1 / Create a website through the service

This is the choice of more than 90% of individuals and businesses want to own a website. Because creating a website yourself It is not simple for those who are not specialized in programming and need a website with structure, function and professionalism that only long-time programmers can do.

Currently on the market there are many units that make websites but not all of them are programmers or have their own team of developers. Because now to create a website with drag and drop and a little basic programming knowledge, you already have a website. However, in terms of technology and professionalism as well as the factors that ensure high efficiency website almost lacks a lot, including:

  • Mobile standards with Responsive technology,
  • SEO standards from HTML structure to SEO elements
  • UX standard capabilities to meet users' needs
  • Especially features smooth operation, effective to meet customers as well as administrative needs.
  • Comes with that is the interface design needs the support of many aesthetic eyes.

If you need to create a website with a clear purpose and aim for a high level of professionalism, we - can assist you with many separate website creation packages including: templates, on demand and programming specific features. You might be wondering who we are? We are Mona Media - a website design company with 10+ years of website programming experience - with over 1000+ client projects, 500+ different web app software applications and applications. Cooperation with many large enterprises in Japan, India, .... You can take a look at about Porfolio our project here.

In addition to the above effective website criteria, Mona Media also:

  • Domain support, Free Hosting for 1 year.
  • Counseling support is free of charge
  • Bonus Logo if you do not have.
  • Commit to support forever when you are our customer.
  • We have diverse platforms and programming languages ​​to meet your needs and needs (HTML, CSS, .Net, C #, PHP, JavaScript, etc.).

Create your own website with CMS CMS

Create website with CMS is the most popular method today. CMS (content management system) can support the website building process quickly and easily. With CMS, users do not have much knowledge about programming or the Internet can still create a complete website, as desired after a few taps.

Currently there are many different CMS like WordPress, Joomla... of which WordPress is the most popular CMS, has full Vietnamese support and has a very easy to understand and use process. Anyone who is not even tech-savvy and the Internet can still create a complete website, like a few steps.

This part of the article will show you how to create a website using WordPress CMS, but you can still do the same for other CMS.

Step 1: Choose a theme, a theme

After having your domain name and hosting server, you should start designing the interface for your website with WordPress CMS. Because it is very popular, the WordPres user community is very large, accompanied by a large and varied repository of themes and gadgets.

You can easily find a satisfactory theme from within the theme repository. Topics are grouped by many purposes such as sales website, referral website, landing page, etc. Depending on the purpose of your website, choose a topic that is both logical and eye-catching.

After selecting a theme, you can begin to refine the look of the site. You can choose a logo for your website, change the main colors, motion effects or menu design, etc.

Step 2: Choose a plugin for the website

After selecting the theme and tweaking to have a satisfactory website interface, you should start installing the plugin. Plugins are small tools installed on a website that bring a certain feature or effect.

Using the plugin will save you a considerable amount of time and effort to develop and program the desired features. There are features that sometimes take months to complete

There are simple plugins like creating article diagrams for viewers to easily navigate while reading, slideshow for images in the page, calendar widget to select dates, book tickets, create or replace the comment system with appropriate expressions. trends like heart drop, coffee, ...

But there are also plugins that have powerful functions such as providing a comprehensive security system (path security, SSL security, anti-brute force, system management plugin, social network management, etc.).

Choose the plugin that provides the most necessary features for your website, the features for the site to work smoothly and effectively.

Step 3: Provide content creation website

The final step in the process of creating a website is to create content for it. Without content, the website cannot be operational. The content of the website is expressed in many places: on the home page, product / service information page, introduction page (about us) ... and blog site.

A blog is a method of updating content to keep visitors connected as well as implement content marketing. There are a lot of businesses, brands that add and take care of the blog content of their website because it is an effective marketing and brand positioning strategy.

After updating the content, you have completed the site creation process and can be put right into operation for search engines to scan and record your site.

Website design with website creation tool

In addition to CMS, you can also choose to use convenient website creation tools. These tools can help you handle all the stages of creating a website, not just designing and creating content.

For example, Wix's website creation tool allows you to register a domain name and buy a hosting server right on their platform. You will not need to prepare a domain name / hosting before starting to create a website, as well as less procedures to connect domain names with hosting together and assign to the website.

Convenient website creation tools using AI (artificial intelligence) to support you from A to Z. You only need to register an account, select a service pack and follow the instructions to create a page. The web is beautiful, pleasing and trend-appropriate.

Self code site

In addition to CMS and AI website creation tools, another way of creating websites is by hand code. This option is not a popular choice because it requires knowledge of programming and website design.

However, this is the most traditional and manual way to create a website. You will be able to understand how a website is created and operated, can explore every corner, the ability of programming, web design, as well as be able to fix the errors to make the website work as it should. Those who are passionate about web design can create websites with these hand codes.

Step 5: How to develop the star when creating the website

Content development for websites

A website does not just stop at the introduction homepage, but there must be many other factors for you to reach and persuade your customers.

First thing before Create Layout for website, you need one Sitemaps (this is not sitemaps in SEO, this is Sitemaps on all the pages / pages you want to have on your website),

A small example that you can relate to a sitemasp before creating a website includes:

  • Home
  • Introduction page
  • Porfolio page - project
  • Contact page
  • Category pages (for product / service catalog pages)
  • Product page (for smaller product / service pages)
  • Category post pages (for news catalog pages, shared or related posts)
  • Post Single page (for detailed article pages)
  • Page quote or similar, where customers can send requests to you
  • And there are many other pages depending on different fields

Website development with Marketing Online

Building a website to introduce businesses is absolutely right, but if you just stop there, you have missed nearly 90% of the other things to declare on a website and waste your money. Depending on different fields, you can apply forms of Online Marketing for your website including (SEO, Google Ads and integration from Facebook Ads to Website, ...)

If you need to learn about SEO or SEO services you can refer to the article

About Goodgle Ads, there is a pretty good and detailed article you can refer to:

Website analytics support tool after creating a website

Several tools from Google help you analyze the effectiveness of campaigns and measure user behavior

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a leading tool in analyzing traffic, the number of users accessing the website as well as the factors affecting the behavior of customers on your website, really a lot of features that are now available. Not even the top marketers have analyzed it yet, but there are key factors that marketers of online marketing can monitor and improve.

This is a completely free software from Google "owner" and you can understand that Google supports comprehensive analysis of your website with just 1 bot.

You can find more details about this tool at the article What is Google Analytics and how to use it?

Google Search Console

Or there is an older name that many people call Google WebMaster Tool. This is a tool to support "website administration". And this topic is very long and intensive so you can watch it at Video Mona Media below

The last advice when creating a website

Nowadays, creating a website is easy thanks to the help of tools and the community. You will only take a few short steps to have a website with an eye-catching, timely and appropriate interface. Adding content may take longer, but it's not a big deal.

However, getting your website to not only be "functional" but also to "work properly," can exude your brand personality and positioning, and you may need an expert. It is a team of professional website designers who have expertise and experience in building and developing a top brand website.

You can contact Mona Media to create a website at the information:

Address: 319 C16 Ly Thuong Kiet, Ward 15, District 11, Ho Chi Minh City (Thuan Viet Residence)

Hotline: 1900 636 648

Email: or

Skype: demonhunterp


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