How to sort names by abc in Excel simple & easy to understand

In study or work, sometimes you need to sort by abc name in Excel to solve the problem. This job is not difficult, but if you are new to it self-study Excel, then you might get stuck. Or for those who have not used it for a long time, they will more or less forget these basic operations. So, is it difficult to arrange by name abc in Excel? Are there any functions that support this sort?

Practical work Sort alphabetically in Excel not difficult. And you don't need to use any function. Because on Excel, this software has a very good tool to help you solve this problem. That is the Sort tool. And below, Do Bao Nam Blog will share with you fully on how to use this tool through photos and videos.

Video tutorial on how to sort by ABC name in Excel

On all versions of Excel, this software supports the Sort tool. Therefore, whether you use Excel 2010, 2013, 2016, 2019 or higher, the arrangement will be completely similar. And in the video below, Do Bao Nam Blog is working on Excel 2019. You can refer to the full content of this content in the video below:

Basic Excel videos shared on Do Bao Nam Blog!

How to sort by the name ABC in Excel through examples

In the example below, the Do Bao Nam Blog has prepared a table. This table includes many columns that have already been entered. And the requirement now is to sort the column names in alphabetical order. The data of other columns will automatically change according to the name column.

As required, you can use the sort tool in Excel. It is the Short tool. And the data to organize here is the name column. However, when sorting, you need to make sure the data in other columns is automatically changed according to the sorted name.

And to do this, you just need to follow 02 simple steps. In it, the first step you select the content to organize. Second step, use Excel's Short tool. Just so that you are done. Details of the steps you see in the image below:

Steps to sort by abc name in Excel through pictures

Step 1: Select the content to be arranged alphabetically

You need to highlight the entire data table containing the content to be sorted. If this table has many columns, highlight all other columns. Then, the other columns will be automatically sorted by name.

Step 2: Use the Short tool in Excel

After completing the first step, simply click Data on the menu. Then choose Sort. Then, a Sort window appears, you need to select the data to sort. Inside:

Steps to sort by abc name in Excel through pictures
After you have selected the data to be arranged in step 1, then in step 2 you set up as shown. Then click OK to sort.

  • Sort by: You select the column to sort. Example column name.
  • Sort On: You choose the arrangement. Usually we choose Cell Values.
  • Order: Sorted in any order. For example, if you arrange alphabetically, then you choose A to Z, or Z to A according to you. In case Sort by you choose column number, then Order you can choose Smallest to Largest. Or you can choose Largest to Smallest.

After you have fully set the data to sort, you need to click on OK. Meanwhile, all your data will be sorted according to the information you have installed.

And so in the content of this article, Do Bao Nam Blog has shared quite details about How to sort names by abc in Excel. This is a common practice in learning. And if you need further assistance, please comment to support me! Thank you!

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