PowerPack Elements v1.4.15 - Best Elementor Addons

PowerPack for Elementor - Add a creative widget set to Elementor to help you improve your workflow. Take Elementor to the next level with the 70+ Elementor Widgets and a whole new range of design possibilities. Create beautiful websites faster than ever.

Light weight and fast loading: PowerPack for Elementor built with performance at the heart of development. So you can make the best of it without affecting the load time.

White Label Branding Support: This feature allows you to change plugin brand and help you maintain your personal brand while building customer website.

Demo: https://powerpackelements.com/

  • Salient features PowerPack Elements - Take Elementor to The Next Level

  • Perfect for individuals and businesses: Bring your creativity and design to life with the suite Elementor widget diverse. Addon PowerPack Elementor is built for designers and developers. It simplifies your workflow by providing advanced options to best exploit Elementor.

  • More than 70 useful utilities for Elementor: Choose from a variety of addons and widgets that meet your design requirements. Each PowerPack widget built with a special focus on user experience, creativity and flexibility.

  • Addon PowerPack Elementor gives you a set WooCommerce Elementor widget dedicated. So you can create beautiful, user-friendly eCommerce websites faster than ever.

  • Cross domain copy feature for Elementor with PowerPack’s Magic Wand tool

  • Header Footer Builder

  • Advanced Display Conditions

  • White Label PowerPack

PowerPack for Elementor v1.4.15 Changelog
* New: Header Footer builder
* Added: Posts - Custom Height option for images
* Added: Posts - ppe_posts_filters and ppe_posts_terms filter hooks
* Added: Offcanvas Content, Offcanvas Cart - Floating Toggle option
* Fixed: Advanced Tabs - Title typography was not working for responsive layout
* Added: Image Gallery, Album - Caption support for Elementor lightbox
* Added: Icon List - Background color and hover color options for text
* Fixed: Google Maps - Custom marker position issue
* Enhancement: Woo Products - Updated slider JS to work inside tabs and toggle widgets
* Fixed: Image Hotspots, Flipbox, Google Maps - Dynamic link tags were not working
* Enhancement: Video, Video Gallery - Made whole image clickable
* Added: Video Gallery - Video description option
* Added: Woo Checkout - Border radius option for input fields
* Added: Woo Checkout - Returning customer box style options
* Fixed: Timeline - Focus date styles were not working
* Fixed: Timeline - Custom marker styles were not working for horizontal layout
* Fixed: Advanced Menu - Issue with thickness option
* Added: Formidable Forms - Radio & checkbox label color and typography options
* Enhancement: Formidable Forms - Linked Radio & checkbox primary label with Label style options
* Added: Fluent Forms - Radio & checkbox label color, typography and box shadow options
* Added: Fluent Forms - Background and text color options for focus state of input & textarea
* Added: Advanced Tabs, Advanced Accordion - Title HTML Tag option
* Fixed: Breadcrumbs - Style issues with Yoast plugin
* Fixed: Woo Mini Cart - Cart button alignment issue with dropdown position
* Added: Woo Products - Option to change Quick View button text
* Added: Woo Products - Border option for Add to Cart button
* Added: ACF and post terms support for display conditions

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