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How much money is needed to design a complete website? What will customers be asked to use design services? After owning the website, do you need to pay any additional monthly expenses or not?…. It is one of hundreds of questions anyone wants to design a website. And to answer these questions, Mona would like to share the following article about price list website design for everyone to consult before deciding to find design units.

1 - The deciding factors to website design price

Website design prices determined by a lot of factors. Do not be surprised when there are sites with low prices, but there are web sites with very high prices. Where is the reason?

Layout of the site

The interface of the website is a deciding factor for how long a user stays with the site. The more eye-catching, attractive and smart interface will keep visitors staying longer. Therefore, businesses often do not hesitate to invest while choosing a style when designing the interface. A good website must have clear layout, outstanding brand image and must cover the content.

There are usually 2 ways to design a web interface:

  • The first is the design according to the available templates: As mentioned above, this method is used more commonly and simply, with cost savings. Although the design follows a pre-programmed pattern, the sample warehouse is also diverse enough for businesses to freely choose.
  • The second way is to design using a proprietary interface: This method has a higher cost but in return, businesses can develop their ideas, build a professional website, completely new and exclusive interface.

Domain name and hosting are in the website design price

Domain name and hosting are secondary could not have when the Create a web page. Domain and hosting costs are paid monthly or yearly, or it can be permanent if you pay more. In essence, this cost is understood as the cost for you to rent a space for the business web of the Internet.

However, the cost for each domain name or hosting is not the same. That is, the web domain name must not be duplicated, not the same, so the price also varies.

Many people believe that the more unique the domain name, the simpler and easier to remember the business, the higher the price. In contrast, the more difficult the domain name to remember, the more generic it will be. But if it is not a very special domain name (such as a big brand, a large field ...), its price will almost depend on the domain name. The .vn domain extension will cost more than .com ...

See more: Guide to buying a domain name to own a website

Typically, this cost is also quite reasonable, fluctuating in a few hundred thousand a month. The price will be higher if you choose a domain name with a personal extension such as .media, .blog, .org .... instead of a wide domain name like .com, .vn that we are familiar with. If you need to find out more Mona Media has articles guide to choose domain name extension.

Cost for hosting server

The server is considered to be the total memory, which is a storage, operating part of the website. The bigger the website, the more content and modern features the more memory it needs. At this time you will have to use a server with a higher configuration to be able to process data with fast speed.

For a company introduction web, instant web only a server with a simple configuration is sufficient. But for e-commerce web, or online learning web, online design web .... then need a highly configurable server.

The cost of hosting server depends entirely on its configuration. The higher the configuration, the more expensive it will be. Typically, the cost of hosting accounts for 20% - 30% of the website design price, excluding maintenance and repair costs. Therefore, businesses should consider choosing appropriate hosting, avoid choosing high-configuration hosting while the web does not use up the function, it will be very wasteful.

The basic features of the website

The basic features of a website are also called modules. Depending on the requirements of the business, the unit will design more / remove modules so that the website is unified. The indispensable modules in the web such as homepage module, introduction module, contact module, blog ...

Although the templates already have the modules, designing and creating content also takes a lot of time and effort. However, the arrangement, adding / removing modules will not determine the website design price. These modules will usually be included with the website design costs. Unless you require new modern features, there will be different prices.

Content, content - input

Of course, the content, the content is an important deciding factor website design price. The more content and images, the more confusing the layout will be. The design unit's job is not merely to compile and post the content on the web, but also to arrange and divide the layout so that it is logical, logical and intelligent.

For example, if your website only operates a set-up service of a cafe, the content is quite simple, only accounting for about 20% of the website design price. On the contrary, if the website has not only one but many services, such as adding services to sell mixing materials, training and mixing services for cafes, the content will be posted in large quantities. Therefore, it will cost more.

The advanced features greatly influence the price of web design

Many customers when looking at the website design price list said that those prices included the design of the features that customers requested. However, this is not true. In addition to the basic features of a website that is all-inclusive, if you want more advanced features, suitable for businesses, customers will incur additional costs. This fee depends on the amount and sophistication of the features.

Suppose, if the business wants users to have direct access to the hotline when clicking contact or storage / notification cart features ... then they will pay their own costs. Or with e-commerce websites, businesses want to open more payment gateways, instead of having to link with MOMO, VN Pay, Zalo Pay, businesses can open ports directly linked to the bank ... Dozens of modern and smart features at very reasonable prices, it's your decision whether or not to invest.

2 - Before designing the web, you need to find out what the website design costs?

Do website design in any field have the same price, because they are new websites? This question may seem redundant, but it is a question that Mona often receives, especially for businesses when they first started developing websties.

In fact, for each field, each hybrid design package has a different price. Of course, the nature of these sites is not different, but the features are completely different. Such as: business website, features are not focused much in the form, eye-catching interface design, .... On the other hand, if you are a website, supermarket or booking website, it requires maximum security, the ability to link with all banks and must be programmed and designed. for both ease of use for users and help administrators control the goods.

Currently on the market there are many different website packages such as business website introduction, sales website, supermarket website, service website, news, electronics, ...

Each business is not limited to just one website, but they can use 5 or 7 different websites at the same time to meet many different business purposes. For example, creating a website for the main services of the company, creating a website to get more customers, etc.

3 - Price list website design in Mona Media package

Usually, in any web design unit, divide the design package into different packages, so that it serves the maximum purpose of the user. Capital always gives customers high-end products, Mona Media provides customers with website design packages suitable for each business purpose for large enterprises and small businesses (SMEs).

Basic package: Website design prices available templates

Website design with available templates is one of the popular website design packages because of the quick response when creating a website, and a demo for customers to test the website made by the company. At Mona Media there Website template warehouse (more than 1000+ models) in fields that can be customized to your liking and run for 5 days.

Sample packages at Mona Media are priced from website design 7.000.000đ

  • Website completely SEO standards, mobile standards
  • Own website quickly from 5 days
  • Customize according to customers' wishes, with a logo
  • Diverse types of websites: news, sales, referrals, landing pages, ...
  • Diversify business fields: tourism, spa, real estate, restaurants - hotels, education, ...
  • Multi-language integration
  • Content management system easy
  • Basic input support (good data entry package if the number of articles, products is too much)
  • Support to install Livechat on website, integrate Messenger, Zalo, Tawkto, ...
  • Install Google Analytics code, Google Search Console, Google Tag Manager, Facebook Pixel, etc. to manage websites
  • Support domain name, hosting
  • Support for SSL registration

With this package, will include a lot of features and design details. Please refer to 1 in the most detailed way at Website design quotation form.

Professional package: Exclusive website design prices

Different from the website design according to the template available, the exclusive website design allows the company to make its requirements about the website with the design unit. With advantages such as exclusivity, standard SEO from the code stage, integrating many special features, suitable for businesses who want to build a professional web.

Mona Media's customized package has a website design price from VND 15,000,000, you will own:

  • A completely proprietary website (everything on the website is based on your ideas and the creative ability of longtime Designer at Mona Media)
  • The website interface is built from a separate HTML Code, completely structured SEO standards for top Google
  • Website uses modern Responsive technology, compatible with all mobile devices, computers, Tablet, ... especially compatible with all browsers that users access.
  • Website design consultancy, feature orientation suitable to the purpose of customers (optimizing cost and working time for customers to quickly own the website)
  • Programming own features, management features for all fields
  • Integrated multi-language, bilingual
  • Content management system is easy, manual and methodical
  • Basic input support (good data entry package if the number of articles, products is too much)
  • Support to install Livechat on website, integrate Messenger, Zalo, Tawkto, ...
  • Install Google Analytics code, Google Search Console, Google Tag Manager, Facebook Pixel, etc. to manage websites
  • Domain name support, high speed VPS Hosting
  • Support for SSL registration

However, the specific quotation depends on the features, functions and other requirements of the customer. See now chi chi know Website design quotes on request by Mona Media.

Intensive package: Price webiste design with extended features

This is the most advanced design package. Website design with extended features that allow businesses - ready to integrate Web App, App Mobile application can ensure competitiveness, maximum security, integrate many online payment tools, dedicated to key websites. Website administration is designed to be powerful, flexible, easy to use, and minimize the difficulties for users at any level.

All features and requirements of customers can meet here.

Intensive package with unlimited website design price, however will be from VND 15,000,000

Here, no unit can offer a detailed price, everything depends entirely on the utilities that businesses want. In other words, customers will only pay for the features you require.

Price list web design

Charges7.000.000đVND 15,000,000VND 40,000,000Contact
Support - MaintenanceWhole lifeWhole lifeWhole lifeWhole life
Consistent withWebsite introducing medium and small businessesBusiness introduction website, business of all modelsHigh traffic websites need to achieve high speed of data optimization.Websites with special technology, social networks, image / video processing
Common sales websiteRequires unique and exclusive interface.Webservice, webApi, web interact with 3rd partiesInnovative startups
Beautiful template interface

Modern technology, smooth loading, fast loading speed, effective in business.

News websites, communities with optimal loading speed

Financial websites, coins

Fast deployment time, easy to use

Website integrated business management tools

IncludedStandard SEO, super fast page loading speedStandard SEO, super fast page loading speedExpert access and analysis requirementsExpert access and analysis requirements

Perfect mobile version

Perfect mobile version

Consult, submit solution to solve the requestConsult, submit solution to solve the request

Consulting on post-construction website development solutions

Consulting on post-construction website development solutions

Why choose Mona as a website design unit?

Mona Media is a reputable, professional website design company 10+ years old

There are many other articles saying that the reputation of the design unit will determine the price of website design. However, this is not true of how Mona works. Reputation is something to affirm the quality and protect customers' trust rather than a measure to assess fees.

Taking prestige as the guideline of operation, Mona has delivered perfect products to 1000+ customers during the past 10+ years of operation. This is thanks to the efforts of the whole staff, skilled experts, and especially the application of new technologies in design such as using CSS3 / HTML5, language. diverse programming such as .NET, Java, ...

Quality - support is the first priority at Mona Media

The quality of the website designed by Mona is not only confirmed during delivery and warranty, but they are also committed to a lifetime quality. Support repair, maintenance, upgrade whenever customers request. In particular, businesses will be cut HTML file, hand over absolute ownership, commitment to website security after product delivery.

The most important of the website are SEO standards, Responsive standards, cross-platform operation and compatibility with all devices. This is indispensable in websites designed by Mona. The evidence is that the customers using the web designed by Mona until now do not need to upgrade, still operate stably and do SEO very well.

Multidisciplinary expertise, difficult project and constantly upgrading themselves

Do not assume that website design just needs to understand code, IT is enough. Website design and construction must also be knowledgeable about the field that the website is aimed at. For example, a website specializing in selling skin care products, spa, etc., before embarking on the design, the staff takes a lot of time to explore that market, find out the strengths and weaknesses of the page. rival web. From there, you can design a website for your business professionally enough to compete with competitors in the long run. Each of our experts is constantly upgrading and being trained in UX UI, optimized for users, and has a part related to Marketing, conversion rates on different types of websites.

Over the course of 12 years of operation, we have accumulated expertise, analytical skills and cross-platform expertise. This helps businesses be assured when choosing website design.

About warranty and after-sales policy

Warranty policy and after-sales policies are the rights of customers. This is the factor that customers should consider first when using any service / product.

Typically, in some design units only offer 6-12 months for repairing websites. However, with the confidence to assert quality, Mona can guarantee a lifetime warranty, or until the need to upgrade the server….

Above is the information related to price list website design. In addition to the above features, Mona also supports advertising strategy consulting, GG ads advertising campaign or beyond is the top SEO services, web-app programming, management software, .... or all web related requests - Mona can do it. It will be very economical when you do not need to search for units whenever needed.


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