Research effective SEO keywords with Google Keyword Planner - Learn from basic to advanced SEO

Mentioned Keyword Research support tool then maybe people talk a lot about it Google Keyword Planner (formerly known as Google Keyword Tool). Although Keyword Planner is not currently the best keyword research tool, it is the most optimal choice for you to do SEO with little capital, because it is free and gives us pretty good keyword suggestions.

This article I will introduce you in detail about Google Keyword Planner tool, you will get acquainted and understand this tool, which will be more active in Keyword Research for you. In addition, I will pay more attention to you how to Keyword Research with Keyword Planner to get more quality keyword list.


A. Overview of the interface Google Keyword Planner

1. Sign up for a Google Adwords account:

To use Free this tool, you first need to have an account, the registration in accordance with the practice is very troublesome, in the article Keyword Research Guide full episode I introduced Mr. Le Nam's way to register. Quick Adwords account, so we can access to use the free Keyword Planner.

If you don't have an account, review it here (scroll down for a bit ^^): Sign up for a quick Google Keyword Planner account - by Le Nam

2. Familiarize yourself with the Keyword Planner interface.

Once you have an account, log in and select Tool -> Keyword Planner

You will see 3 search tools as shown

I will go through how to use each tool in detail in the three main groups above, and will talk in detail about the first tool.

3. How to use each feature in Google Keyword Planner

“Search for new keyword and ad group ideas”

Specifically, each small item is as follows:

The values ​​you will fill in these boxes are very important. The suggested keyword results that Keyword Planner will give depends quite a lot on what you fill in.

+ Your product or service : here you will enter one or more keywords you want to find ideas for. 1-3 words are best. Note do not just fill in the keywords Fat Head format, be flexible when filling out, these are keywords such as "t-shirts for men / women" not only "t-shirts". Similar to English keywords, it should be "blue t-shirt / men hoodies ..". A keyword that's too broad only makes you have to manipulate more times come on.

+ Your landing page : this feature is for Adwords advertisers, however, it can help you find potential keywords that even your competitors don't know. In the series of articles on advanced SEO knowledge I will talk in detail about this trick.

+ Your Product Category: This feature of Keyword Planner allows you to access Google data in a specific niche. In some cases when you have no idea the exact keyword to fill in the first box, selecting this niche will give you the results users often find in your product niche.


Next is the Target section, this feature allows you to specifically limit the target you target under 3 options: Country, Language and Search Engine (Google, Bing, Yahoo, ...)

Usually these 3 options are automatically defaulted to be English “English” and the country is US, using Google search engine. Please note these items when using GKP for Keyword Research.

Feature "Negative Keywords" help you exclude keywords that you do not want it to appear in the suggested results that GKP returns, this feature is associated with an item "Include" in the next part of the interface.


With customized search results filter, there will be 3 main features that you need to care about:

+ Keyword Filters: allows you to filter the keywords found by a specific criteria, here I do SEO, I'm interested in Search Volume (Monthly Search Volume). Suppose you only want to return results that are keywords with monthly search volume of not less than 1500.

The remaining 2 boxes, the Adwords advertisers they need to care about.

+ Keyword Options: this simply lets you tell GKP to limit the width of the result that GKP will return to you through the ON / OFF 4 suggestions available, I don't use this ever. You can try to see if it helps, then share yourself with: D.

+ Keyword to include: The old interface, this item is Include / Exclude (Include or Exclude), but currently because there are Negative Keywords section (exclude keywords that do not want to display results), so Exclude removed.

When to use Negative Keywords? For example, when you have SEO for keywords related to the key word "T-shirt men heart" then, you do not want to find the idea of ​​duplicating the old keywords anymore, put it in this box.

Get Search Volume Data and Trends

Next is the second tool that I initially introduced at the main interface of GKP.

This tool simply helps you quickly check the Search Volume of any keyword list, often used when you check the opponent keyword such as. Or when you already have a list of potential keywords in your hand, then just use the Upload File feature, upload the CSV file containing the keyword and it will return you the search results of the word list. lock that now.

Multiply keyword lists to get new keyword ideas

Finally, the tool allows you to choose the combination of keyword related lists you need to find. Often it produces very meaningless words, because it is simply a match between the first column and the next column according to the combination rule.

But if you do SEO for e-commerce websites then maybe you need, because it will give suggestions that customers often search for a specific product. How to do as shown below.

Finally, just click Get Search Volume again and you're done.

With 3 tool options in the GKP interface as above, any choice will give you a table of results like this:

I will explain in detail the operations that you can do with this interface.

On the left are the features that allow you to refine the results you have just searched, with the Options similar to the ones I showed above. It helps you to filter more carefully to get the desired results.

Next, you will see 2 options tabs “Ad group ideas” and “Keyword Ideas” . I find people often skip "Ad group ideas" and focus only on "Keyword Ideas", this habit can get you to ignore potential keyword suggestions to write very good content, attract high traffic that your competitors may not know. In the next part, I will demo a little bit about this issue.


By now, you should be familiar with how to use GKP to find keywords, but if you do not take advantage of them, sometimes you can ignore a few potential keywords that can be used to make great content for you. website.

After the introduction in Part A is very detailed about this tool, next I will guide how I often find keywords to write content with this tool.

I will choose the first tool in the GKP interface to be:

Next, you need to enter 1 or more keywords. Note that the keyword should not be just a "seed". For example, if you want to search for basketball, for example, it should be "basketball jerseys", "basketball shoes", "advanced basketball socks" ...

It should be a keyword that is not long, but not as short as the word seed you should be describe a bit about your product / service.

With this tutorial I will take for example my business website about collagen essence skincare products, I will continue to find keywords as follows:

Input "Your product or service" key word "Collagen mask" then press Get Idea

Now the results table will appear with a list of keywords on the "Ad group ideas" tab first. Unlike the habit of many others when using GKP, you want to find more potential keywords, maybe the opponent does not know and also in the Keyword Ideas tab. I do the following, choose any 1 Adwords ad keyword in the list:

Here I choose from Best Collagen, continue clicking on it, you get a list of keywords that form the adwords ad group “Best Collagen”:

These are all very potential keywords for you to build SEO content and focus SEO for it to push your product page to the top of Google.

You go on repeat This operation with the words "Ad group" has just visited to see if there is anything interesting and just select the keyword. Keywords that are suggested in this way often do not appear on the Keyword Ideas tab.

After this step is completed, press Tab “Keyword Ideas” Continue researching the suggested keywords here.

That's the way it is Keyword research with the free tool Google Keyword Planner that I usually do.

The process is very simple but to choose a good keyword to optimize the content and SEO it to the top to help convert traffic into potential customers, you need to pay attention to the following two criteria:

+ Search Volumes (monthly search volume): not too high, not too low. Range not less than 1000 or 1500 or more.

+ Commercial meaning of keywords (Commercial Intent) In order to evaluate the Customer Intention (Traffic Intent), it is better for you to choose keywords that bring high conversion rates. I have explained this issue carefully in this article, you should refer to it.

I will also write a lot about Keyword Research to help you master this difficult part, hope this tutorial and share is helpful to you. If you have any questions, please leave a comment below.

We hope to receive suggestions and share from you so you can perfect the article better.

Trang Dinh.


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