SearchWP v3.1.13 - Instantly Improve Your Site Search

SearchWP Plugin

SearchWP is a WordPress search plugin from developers SearchWP makes it easy to find content on your site. It supports detailed search for ecommerce products, PDF and Doc files, custom content, shortcodes, categorization and optimization of title and post searches.


Salient features SearchWP - Instantly Improve Your Site Search

searchwp plugin

  • Indexing of PDF and Office documents. Indexing the content of PDF, Office, text documents in WordPress library.

  • Automatic integration without coding. By default, SearchWP uses the original search form and the WordPress result template.

  • Support for many search engines. Create your own search engine, each with its own features that meet your needs.

  • Keyword analysis Show your best results using keyword morphology analysis instead of exact match.

  • Search among all the elements. Search works in product descriptions, user content, shortdods and other factors.

  • Exclude some products from search results.Easily exclude products from search results for given properties.

  • Statistics of search queries. Track search queries to understand exactly what your users are looking for (or not searching).

  • Simple set of algorithms. Easily prioritize your search results with the intuitive SearchWP interface.

  • Integration with WooCommerce. Increase revenue by allowing users to perform comprehensive searches, including data in product descriptions.

  • Integration with bbPress. Improve the usefulness of your forums by introducing a powerful search engine.

  • Integrate with WP Job Manager. Allow visitors to search metadata, otherwise WordPress will ignore this information.

  • Integrate with Easy Digital Download. Make sure users find your product quickly and effectively.

  • Support for advanced custom fields. Stop ignoring information contained in user data when performing searches on websites.

  • List of Addons SearchWP - Instantly Improve Your Site Search

SearchWP bbPress Integration v1.3.0 (update)
SearchWP Boolean Query v1.4.0 (update)
SearchWP Co-Authors Plus Integration v1.2.0 (update)
SearchWP Diagnostics v1.5.0 (update)
SearchWP DirectoryPress Integration v1.6
SearchWP EDD Integration v1.0
SearchWP Enable Media Replace v1.1.0 (update)
SearchWP Exclude UI v1.1
SearchWP Fuzzy Matches v1.4.4
SearchWP Give Integration v1.1 (update)
SearchWP HeroThemes Integration v1.0.0
SearchWP LIKE Terms v2.4.6
SearchWP Live Ajax Search v1.4.6.1 (update)
SearchWP Manage Ignored v1.0.0
SearchWP Metrics v1.2.0 (update)
SearchWP Polylang Integration v1.2
SearchWP PrivateContent Integration v1.2.2
SearchWP Redirects v1.1.1
SearchWP Related v1.1.1
SearchWP Shortcodes v1.5.4
SearchWP Dutch Stemmer v1.2.4
SearchWP German Stemmer v1.0.2
SearchWP Greek Stemmer v1.0.2
SearchWP Swedish Stemmer v2.0.2
SearchWP Term Highlight v2.1.14
SearchWP Term Archive Priority v1.1.6
SearchWP Term Synonyms v2.4.14
SearchWP WooCommerce Integration v1.3.1 (update)
SearchWP WP Document Revisions Integration v1.0.1
SearchWP WP Job Manager Integration v1.5.14
SearchWP WPML Integration v1.6.1 (update)
SearchWP Xpdf Integration v1.1.5
SearchWP Custom Results Order v1.4.0

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