Starting a business with an amount of less than 100 million

In the present life, how to be able to do business effectively and make a profit quickly with only a small amount of capital is not easy. A lot of people have questioned what business with 100 million to work. With the initial capital of 100 million, what will you do business? See the following suggestions immediately if you are still wondering and do not know what to do with 100 million.

Starting a business with less than 100 million

Online fashion business

This is one of the best answers to the question: Starting a business with 100 million capital?. According to current studies, young people not only use social networks, websites to chat or look up information, but many people are inclined to make their purchases. And that is the business opportunity for you.

Online business will help you cut down on rent, staff rent, ... And you can minimize the amount of investment, reduce the risk. On the other hand, starting a business with 100 million when selling clothes online, you can import the best and best quality. You can register an online store on an e-commerce channel like tiki, lazada, shopee, sendo... etc ..

Trading portable goods from abroad

If not known What business with 100 million, you can choose a portable business. If you have family members or acquaintances in many countries, it is definitely an advantage for you to get rich with 100 million. Popular products today are: cosmetics, clothes, brand shoes, perfumes, handbags, even mobile phones, accessories ...

Currently, more and more customers are interested in imported products. So this is the answer to what business with your 100 million capital. First, you should promote your product business portable. Then schedule to finalize orders, consolidate orders and place orders so as not to stock up and reduce capital. Then when you have maintained a period of acquaintance and have earned a reputation level, then proceed to import large quantities of goods to be cheap and quickly recover capital.

Open a Nail Salon - Why not?

Your beauty needs are always a great idea for you to be in business. So what business with 100 million capital from this idea? The answer is nail, manicures. With just a very small amount of capital spent on nail equipment such as nail polish bottles, manicure machines, ... along with the ability to draw nails, you can quickly earn money. The cost of each manicure is not really expensive while the price of the manicure is quite high, so it is possible that the profit you get is the remuneration and effort you do for your customers.

Small grocery business

This is a great method that you can apply. Taking advantage of the available customers in the apartments, you can open a shop selling packaged products, spices or even confectionery to earn a profit.

You need to be observant to realize that, for areas with lots of groceries, it's best not to choose a business because it will be difficult to attract customers once they are familiar with a place. other. Choose densely populated areas but don't really have many large grocery stores and invest in them. Certainly the effect that you will gain in just a short time will clearly see.

Business phone accessories

With the current technological development, the phone is a popular and indispensable item for anyone. Therefore, the products of the case, earphones, charging cables are quite popular items on the market. However, due to their nature, they are often very broken and need to be replaced. That is the idea to be able to do business with a capital of 100 million to earn profits quickly and effectively.

In addition, not only high demand but also the source of these products is extremely cheap and easy to find. Moreover, for a long time, there will be no worry about damage or damage. It is obvious that for all these reasons, selling accessories is a fertile land for you to apply to start a business with a capital of 100 million.

Why don't you try the fast food and junk food business?

If you do not know what to do with the capital of 100 million, then consider the idea of ​​trading fast food, snacks. More and more people are choosing fast food as an indispensable food in life. In addition, opening a nice small shop with simple but trendy fast food products is really a good idea that you can use.

Please refer to and select the delicious and trendy dishes to attract young customers. In addition, you also need to ensure food hygiene and safety to retain customers.

With the above sharing, what are you waiting for without quickly finding yourself a business field to realize your dream of getting rich.


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