SUMO Reward Points v25.0 - WooCommerce Reward System

SUMO Reward Points

SUMO Reward Points is a perfect WooCommerce reward system.

Reward your customers with reward points when you buy products, write reviews, sign up, recommend, social ads (Facebook, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and on your website, etc.

The earned points can be redeemed from future purchases. SUMO Reward Points Provides winning points at the product level, catalog level, and global level. SUMO Rewards points support simple registration, variable and variable registration products.

SUMO Reward Support for fixed points to buy products or rewards as a percentage of the product's price. Coupons must be included in WooCommerce for SUMO Reward Points Plugin so that it works correctly. Also on the settings page, you can set the maximum redemption amount in the basket. Bonus points SUMO support WPML.


  • SUMO Reward Points Feature - WooCommerce Reward System

SUMO Reward Points feature

  • Complete the reward system

  • Is built in Top of WooCommerce

  • Score with time limit

  • Nomination feature for charity

  • Made for your customers Loyalty using the SUMO Rewards

  • Bonus points when buy products, sign up, write reviews, recommend, coupon codes, blog posts, etc.

  • Bonus points can be booked at product level, catalog level, and global level

  • Bonus points for Social ads like Facebook like, share Facebook, tweet Twitter and share Google+

  • Social (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Share for these Referral link

  • Updated SUMO Reward Points option at Product Level / Category Level for Product / Catalog available

  • Members can send points to other members

  • Membership level feature

  • Strict price

  • Payment gateway reward points

  • Option to redeem points on Payment page

  • Excludes products / categories from redemption points

  • Includes Products / Categories which can only be redeemed into the Shopping Cart

  • Introduce feature Friend to promote Referrals

  • Gift Certificate There are bonus points

  • Create gift vouchers in bulk

  • Bonus points for Payment gateways

  • Rate conversion points can be booked

  • Minimum score to change for the first time

  • Minimum balance to redeem points

  • Minimum number of shopping carts in exchange for gifts

  • Maximum points for redeeming gifts On cart can be placed

  • Maximum discount for Rewards Points

  • Hide coupon template application in cart page

  • Shortcodes are supported

  • Import / Export person user and reward points in CSV file

  • Restricted / Board Users from Earning and Redeeming Points by User Roles / individual members

  • Referral reward should be applied when Member x Old Days

  • Username or User Id do introductory course

  • SMS notification equal Twilio or Nexmo

  • API support for Developers

  • Customization options expanded

  • WPML, WPML String Translation and WooCommerce Multilingual Compatibility - Please note that you need all 3 of these plugins to send multilingual messages

  • Compatible with WooCommerce Booking Plugin

  • Compatible with Dynamic Pricing Plugin

  • and more

SUMO Reward Points v25.0 Nulled - WooCommerce Reward System

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