What is the Internet? The benefits of the Internet

The Internet has brought about a great change for the economy, science and technology in the world. Today, the Internet is an indispensable system in economic, educational and political activities. Although quite familiar but very few people know What is the internet? The benefits of the Internet in life. Let's find out through this article.

What is the Internet?

Most people around the world know and use the Internet every day but not many people know what it is? In fact, people do not need to know because it is a concept too specialized and only those who need to know to study or simply want to increase their knowledge to learn.

The Internet is a global information system that helps computer networks connect to each other by way of transmitting packets according to a standardized protocol.

The computer networks communicate, connected to each other through one IP protocol standardized. More specifically, for each device, each computer will have an identifier, 1 address that is an IP address.

Thanks to the internet, devices can:

  • Communicate with each other via email, text messages via social networks, OTT ...

  • Data transfer back and forth together.

  • Store data on the server

  • Connect a huge treasure of knowledge on servers

The benefits of the Internet in life

At the present time without social Internet we will go back to the Stone Age because it has so many benefits and all current activities use it. Whether you are entertaining, working or studying, you need the Internet, especially in both personal and business businesses. Companies not only in Vietnam but all over the world want to do business, business need Internet to communicate, transfer data ... .. The current entertainment sector also operates in the form of online, online on social networking sites.

And there are many other benefits depending on our purpose.

Benefits of the Internet for businesses in business

International integration will lead to opportunities and challenges when domestic companies can cooperate with foreign companies, multinational companies, and have the opportunity to reach out to the world. These will reflect the importance of the Internet in the production and business activities of businesses. The Internet will help the business and discussion process be simpler and faster. Currently most companies turn to Internet business and use it as an effective marketing tool.

With the Internet businesses will:

  • Increase business relationships

  • Support online business not only in Vietnam but worldwide

  • Exchange jobs and send documents, contracts online

  • Support searching for necessary records and documents

  • Help promote the broad corporate image at a low cost.

Benefits of the Internet for students

In today's globalized society, students and students are greatly influenced by the Internet. From the use of the Internet to entertainment and entertainment activities, to the search and collection of documents in the learning process, all purposes are met promptly, quickly and extremely conveniently from technology devices with Internet connection.

With the Internet you will easily:

  • Search learning materials for most countries

  • Exchange documents and lessons with each other anywhere

  • Exam preparation, study on the web

  • Exchange and study with friends in different countries.

  • Store, download data, software for learning.

  • Keeping you entertained after a tiring day.

  • Support for making more at home for those who want to earn extra income.

Other benefits depending on usage

  • Information, knowledge and learning:

As mentioned earlier, the Internet contains an endless source of knowledge and information that lets you learn about almost any topic or question you may have. Use one search as Google, you can ask almost any question and find one webpage There is an answer to that question. There are also millions of videos on sites like YouTube Help explain different topics and even online courses can be taken to help teach you on a variety of topics.

  • Connect, communicate and share:

Today, with the Internet, you can send email to anyone in the world and usually send it in less than a minute. Other forms of communication, such as conversation and VOIP, also allows you to communicate instantly with anyone in the world. Forum Online is also where people with similar interests can connect with each other and talk about what they like or ask other experts in the field.

  • Address, map and contact information:

With the help of technology GPS , The Internet can help map and guide you to almost anywhere in the world. You can quickly route to your location or find businesses in your area that can provide a service you need. Today's search engines are also smart enough to know your location and help provide the most relevant searches for your area.

  • Bank, invoice and shopping:

The Internet allows you to access your bank account to view your balances, make transactions and send money. In addition, many services allow you to view and pay your electronic bills.

Shopping online is another great advantage of the Internet, allowing anyone with access to the Internet to find the products they care about and buy them without going to the store. The Internet gives people easy access to compare prices between companies and even see what others think of the product through online reviews to help make better purchasing decisions.

The Internet gives people access to an endless source of entertainment, with access to watch videos, watch movies, listen to music and even play online games.

  • Collaborate, work from home and access to global workforce:

The internet is the perfect place to work with others from around the world. There are dozens of online services that allow you to work with others and with instant communication, it can even help produce new products and services faster.

Internet connectivity gives many people the ability to work at home or have virtual offices. Today, many businesses allow employees to work from home with computers and an Internet connection. Working from home can save everyone's money and save them time by skipping everyday travel.

If you're a business in need of employees, many online services can give you access to people looking for a job around the world. Being able to hire someone from another country gives you access to a much wider pool of good people and can also let you hire someone for a much cheaper price.

Besides the benefits, on the other hand, the Internet also has a significant impact on our daily life. Many components use the Internet to defraud, profiteering, defying the state or trading banned products. Especially for young people, students, students are susceptible to internet addiction, being dragged into doing bad things, degrading morals, not worrying about studying and affecting life. Parents need to take care of their children at an early age to help them gain self-control, balance in using internet services and participate in outdoor activities. Use internet tools effectively, serve you at work, study and entertainment and do not get too addicted, the virtual world affects your daily life.


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