What is multimedia? The exact definition of multimedia

What is multimedia?

Multimedia Fine Arts (Multimedia), also known as multimedia, communication technology, and multimedia only differ in names and similar training programs. It is the application of information technology in the creation, design of multimedia and interactive products, applications in the fields of media, advertising, education and entertainment.

If you choose to study multimedia art, students will practice manipulating with specialized software such as: Adobe Premiere, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Audition, Adobe Dreamweaver, Adobe Flash & Actionscript, Javascript, Zbrush, 3D Maya, 3DsMax... to create multimedia art products.

The skills required when doing Multimedia

Working in this industry requires you with technological skills and aesthetic thinking to be able to combine the right colors and sounds. Always be creative, brainstorming, improving skills, thinking with visual principles in design, and applying all senses, being sensitive to the elements and ideas around him, making students This industry must mobilize and learn incessantly to make a mark for its products.

There are many qualities you need to become a professional multimedia artist, but the following six factors are crucial for whether you will succeed in studying abroad and pursuing a multi-discipline career. Means for your future career:

  • Talent in aesthetic and shaping thinking

  • High creativity and a broad knowledge

  • The ability to adapt to the changes and pressures of the job

  • Perseverance and professional working style

  • Access to new technologies, especially IT

  • Good foreign language skills (especially English)

Why should you choose Multimedia as the way to develop your career?

  • Attractive and diverse employment opportunities: As a widely applied discipline in public life, the scope of work of the Multimedia industry is very diverse with extremely attractive salary, this is one of the expectations of many students when enrolled to study Multimedia.

  • Multimedia - Top manpower thirst: Multimedia art is the application of technology in design to create diverse products, such as graphic design, web, game design, post-production. television programs, 2D and 3D animation production. The designers in the multimedia industry include many different specialties such as graphics, motion graphic, web, and interaction. Currently, it is easy to see the products of the industry in all areas of life, from promotional publications such as posters, banners, advertising films (TVC) to website interface, magazine publications. , games, movies, company logos. Due to diverse work, the multimedia industry attracts many young people who love creativity.

  • Modern work, keeping up with global trends: The progress of the internet has closed the technology and information gaps between Vietnam and other technological powers. Domestic designers quickly approach design trends in the world and have the right designs for the "pace" of the times. Flat design, paper folding fonts, vintage colors ... world design trends quickly appeared and put into application in Vietnam. Graphics software is also updated according to the general technology flow.

  • Flexible working time for young people who want to be free: The most important thing for a designer is the design product, not the office time, so you can play for a week, go come home late, work in a cafe ... as long as the design is delivered on time and quality assurance.

  • Creative work, not make you bored: In the creative industry, the Multimedia industry requires brainpower and intellectual investment. Each design request requires a different way of expressing, content, there is no repetition of a design for products. This means that you will always have the opportunity to explore and create new, eye-catching and meaningful images.

  • High salary, many opportunities for advancement: In Multimedia, competence is the deciding factor, not age. If you are active, progressive, creative, able to manage and work in teams, there are many opportunities for you to advance. Getting started can be a freelance designer or design assistant, but in the course of your work you can become a project leader and then an art director, creative director or more.

  • Unlimited geographical location: The nature of the design industry allows young people to exchange and work over the internet, so designers can fully take jobs from different provinces across the country, even receive work from abroad. As long as you have the ability to communicate in English, professional working style, punctuality, boldly try, foreign contracts will bring high profits and many interesting experiences.


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