What is SaaS? Everything about SaaS and the types of products

What is SaaS? If you've ever heard of SaaS and want to learn more about this type of software (SAAS flatform), the useful information in the following article of Mona Media will help you better understand the characteristics and pros and cons of SaaS.

What is SaaS?

SaaS is an abbreviation for Software as a Service, meaning software as a service. This is a model based on licensing and distributing software application services. Accordingly, suppliers will not directly sell the usual software types (the types of programs that are downloaded and installed on each computer) but they will program the software and keep them running on the web platform. . If customers want to use these features, simply visit the site and pay a fee depending on the service package they choose.

Currently, SaaS is applied in many different fields including office software, chat software, statistical calculation software, customer management software, human resource management software, online games. gland, ...

SaaS development trend

Before learning about SaaS, you may find this concept a bit strange. However, in fact, SaaS is quite popular and surely you are at least using one of those types of software such as Google Drive, Dropbox, Adobe Creative Cloud, etc.

According to many reports on the service software market, the growth rate of SaaS in recent years has been very high, about 16.4% per year. Thus, it can be seen that SaaS holds many potentials and opportunities for development, becoming one of the leading trends of the technology village today.

What is SAAS and the trend of development for this type of software?

Basic characteristics of SaaS

- Configuration and customization

The configuration of SaaS applications is not much different from the normal application configuration. So, you absolutely can proceed to adjust the elements related to the interface, features to suit the needs of each company and business. Customization of the application depends on the design level.

- Open integration protocol

SaaS applications are programmed on the web, so they cannot directly access the internal data system. Therefore, SaaS provides open integration protocols and application programming interfaces to provide maximum support for users.

Put simply, this feature helps SaaS can easily integrate with other types of software or data in a much simpler and more convenient way than having to use separate types of software, applications. Use different as before.

- Information sharing function

The most outstanding feature of SaaS is the ability to share information.

In normal software applications, you will spend a lot of time transferring data back and forth. This will be especially difficult when you need to send information and data to many people or when you need to collaborate to edit together.

However, with SaaS, you can share all types of data and enable collaboration, and conduct simultaneous editing from different sources via a link. This is something that only service-type software with centralized web-based storage like SaaS can do.

Characteristics of software SAAS

Advantages of SaaS

- Cost savings when used

Using SaaS can help businesses save significantly on costs, time and manpower and increase operational efficiency.

When not using SaaS, businesses can pay huge sums of money for designing, buying software as well as installing and building databases. Besides, every year you have to pay an additional amount for routine maintenance. Meanwhile, the cost for SaaS is lower and can meet most needs.

In the process of learning about service-type software, you can completely sign up for free trial packages to test your ability to apply the software's functions to get things done. If you feel that you are not suitable, you can switch to other software or try upgrading to expand features.

Basically, SaaS is also more convenient and simple for most users. Thus, when conducting the transfer of storage, data and working methods to SaaS will save a lot of time and manpower for the training and guidance process.

In addition, with the use of common software, you may have major operational difficulties if this software malfunctions or becomes obsolete. The cost of repairing, upgrading or buying another software will be very expensive.

- Comfortable

SaaS is developed on the internet platform, so only need a networked device, wherever you are, anytime, you can access data and conduct various tasks.

Businesses when using the software just need to create more accounts and provide all employees. As such, employees can choose to work in more flexible spaces. In particular, in the event of an unexpected task that they are not present at the company, employees can still access general data, search for necessary documents and perform assigned tasks.

- Own top features

The features of SaaS are not inferior to any software and sometimes outstanding, more useful. Providers regularly carry out maintenance, repairs and updates to optimize existing features, adding more advanced tools and features. This ensures that users will always have access to the best features.

- High integration ability

As mentioned earlier, the open integration protocol is one of the basic features of all SaaS software and this is also considered a huge plus for SaaS. Nearly every SaaS software being developed today is optimized for API - an open application interface that enables synchronization, integration, and data exchange between applications of many different vendors, from different equipment. As a result, users have more opportunities to access and apply more modern technologies and features to their work.

- Maximum support for the storage and use of information

All information and data can be stored in a unified source in SaaS in many different formats and unlimited capacity. This feature can overcome the limitations of conventional software with data stored in many sources, the capacity of storage devices is limited.

Access to and sharing of data sources is also made more convenient and simple, through a few basic steps. With SaaS, data information is shared faster and more accurately, which will help to carry out the work smoothly and efficiently.

Advantages and disadvantages of SAAS software

Limitations of SaaS

- Depends on the Internet connection

Also because it is set up on a web-based basis, the usage of SaaS depends a lot on Internet connection. You must have a network device to access the data warehouse. If you go to an area where there is no network, board a plane or have a communication problem, your activities and work will be seriously affected.

Even in a situation where the network is not disconnected but the connection is less stable or the speed is slow, the use also faces many obstacles.

- Information security

SaaS servers are located at vendors and not at enterprises as they are when using conventional system software. This creates a risk of data security because all data is stored on cloud computing - A position that does not bring a sense of security to many companies and businesses.

However, current security issues are constantly being addressed and improved. The provider is also committed to stricter privacy for all your data. Therefore, if approached with reputable suppliers, the deployment of SaaS is not too worrying.

The most popular SaaS software today

The most popular and popular SaaS today probably includes Google applications including Gmail for sending and receiving email; Calendar for viewing schedules, organizing schedules; Drive for document storage; Docs, Sheets, Slides for creating and editing documents: ...

Some other famous SAAS service management software include Misa, Mailchimp, Salesforce, Amazon Web Services, Dropbox, IBM, Microsoft, Oracle Slack, ServiceNow, ...

Although Mona Media is not a pioneer in SAAS software field, we are dedicated to products and services that really solve many outstanding problems faced by many businesses and individuals. , organization. And from 2012 to the present, with serious research - testing - optimization - improvement through many versions of many software. Mona Media now offers many SAAS software products useful to individuals and organizations including:

And there are many other products suitable for each industry and business problem so customers can apply immediately to their business with specific service packages. Especially, Mona Media is developing and expanding the software according to customer requirements to develop its own system for business. If you need SAAS software, please contact Mona Media immediately at the hotline 1900 636 648 or fill out the form below and a member of staff will contact you immediately!


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