What is SEO standard website? Structure of a standard SEO website

What is SEO standard website?

SEO web standards are websites that have been optimized onpage SEO standards of search engines, especially of google The largest search network in the world. Website SEO standards must ensure two factors are beneficial to the user and search engine friendly, achieving these two things your website will be highly appreciated by search engines, helping your website speed up. more top with keywords.

Structure of a standard SEO website

Designing a standard SEO website is one of the important things that contributes greatly to the ranking of websites on Google, Coccoc ... in the process of doing SEO. A website considered SEO standards must ensure the following factors:

Use W3C standard when designing websites

W3C in website design is a system of website evaluation criteria based on standards related to HTML, XHTML, SMIL, MathML, CSS... The application of W3C standards gives you the benefits after designing a website.

Your website will be more friendly to the Search Engine especially Google. Besides, your website is well supported on many web browsers. In addition, you need to make sure your website is compatible with all mobile devices. In particular, an equally important part is that the access speed of the page must be fast in less than 5 seconds.

Use Heading tags

Heading tags (from H1 - H6) are used for main or subheadings to emphasize the content that you need to pay attention to readers and search engines.

Create an XML sitemap

Sitemap (sitemap) contains links to content pages in the website. It allows users and customers, search engines to understand the structure of the site so that it can easily search and access the content they need.

Use word format

You should format the text for the header and footer links instead of images. Google and other search engines read and understand text better than reading images.

Limit use of Frame and Flash within the website

You should not or limit the use of frames and flashes inside your website because Flash makes the loading speed of your page slow. Besides, Google cannot read and understand the content inside Flash.

Use Breadcrumb

Breadcrumb is a set of hierarchical links that help users know which page they are on and from there, they can search and find information within the website. If a website has a complex structure and does not have Breadcrumb, users will easily fall into the situation where they do not know where they are located inside the website.

For example: https://cmay.vn/database-la-gi-tam-quan-trong-cua-database-trong-website/ Looking at this link, readers can easily visualize what they are viewing the database article. Importance of database in websites, located on cmay.vn

Allows changing title tags and descriptions for each article and category

This is one of the common mistakes with websites today. Failure to configure the title and description when writing articles or creating categories will prevent search engines from understanding the topic and content of that article or category. For websites using wordpress source code, this problem can be overcome by installing the All In One Seo plugin.

Also you need to keep in mind the following basic notes to help your website work better:

  • Create an automatic feed (RSS Feed) to search for natural backlinks when other websites get news automatically from your website.

  • Limit the use of table tags in html, especially nested tables.

  • Domain Keyword: Choose the domain name containing keywords that need Seo and be highly relevant to the website content.

  • Use friendly url structure for links and separate each word with "-" or underline "_".

  • Regularly update the content for the website, should maintain at least 1 week from 2-3 articles regularly. Content should contain images to increase the attractiveness for the reader. Setting attributes like title and alt in images will help SEO appreciate your website content and related keywords for images.

Content driven SEO

The content of the website is one of the leading factors in helping your website achieve SEO standards. To do this, you need to ensure the following requirements:

  • Title, URL, keywords, description have related content to each other.

  • The title contains the main keyword, as close to the beginning as possible.

  • Use main keywords in the tags H1, H2.

  • Adding Title and Alt to images in posts will be more appreciated.

  • It is possible to add external links to other websites when making satellite sites, which will increase the richness of the content of the website.

  • Share posts on social networking sites regularly to get more interaction from users.

  • It is recommended to use bold, italic and underlined formatting for the main keywords in the article.

  • The content of the article has the appearance of the main keyword 3-4 times.

  • It is possible to insert some extra keywords but not too many times.

  • Provide readers with quality information, accurate and clear, easy to understand.


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