What is a subdomain? All you need to know about Subdomain

For website administrators, the concept of Subdmain has become familiar. However, this concept is not popular that many people, including new administrators or business people, want to learn about the website. So, what is a Subdomain? When to use them and for what purpose? The following article of Mona Media will help you understand the whole Sub-domain to apply accordingly.

What is a subdomain?

Subdomains or experts also known as subdomains (subdomains). This is a part extracted from the Domain. Subdomain works separately as a normal website and has the same primary domain. And it is completely separate like another website (so in terms of SEO, it does not enjoy any backlinks from the main domain)

To make it easy to understand, for example, a website with the main domain name (Domain) is: abc.com. When you want to create a new website to review the company's products, you can register a subdomain in the form: review.abc.com. They are not modules, if the module will have an access domain name: abc.com/review.

Specific examples from Mona Media with the main domain name are: mona.media, then we want to expand into the business of selling domain names, selling hosting should create 1 more subdomain as follows: domain.mona.media.

By using the Subdomain name, you create a completely separate website, operating independently without the cost of registering a new domain name or having the hassle of handling domain name redirection. If you do not have a domain name, you can refer How to register a domain name here.

Therefore, instead of having to create an additional module under the control of the main website, you can use subdomains to freely create new websites, while still retaining the main domain. These subdomains are often used to create certain websites such as e-commerce, blogs, review channels, etc.

What is a subdomain?

Purpose of using the subdomain

The birth of subdomains is an extremely useful key for the needs of businesses in general and administrators in particular. Without subdomains, we will encounter many difficulties when performing the following purposes:

Create your own website for a specific audience

As stated, the main purpose of the subdomain appears is to Create a new website but still use the primary domain. You will not have to spend any extra cost to register a new domain name, while the website created from the subdomain can act as the main website.

Subdomains are especially useful when your business wants to create a well-informed place to serve a specific set of customers, with the right language and content. For example, your company wants to create some separate websites that sell baby products, a separate website that sells pregnant women because they have too many products on a website, so customers can read them all. This is very simple with subdomains. Of course, the images and languages ​​of the website are also detailed to customers.

Split a blog or e-commerce site away from the main website

Using subdomains to divide modules inherent in the main website into independent websites is not uncommon. For a multi-industry enterprise, splitting them is conducive to scale development.

For example, your company trades many items such as shoes, watches, bags, perfumes, wallets .... You want to develop a blog channel for each product group but it is difficult to divide them in just one module. Therefore, you can separate them to another website using subdomains. Sometimes, managing multiple independent websites is much easier than maintaining a versatile website.

Create websites specifically for the mobile interface

Using subdomains exclusively for mobile interfaces is not new but now is no longer in common use. Because, today's websites are designed with Responsive standards, mobile standards. Therefore, creating website design subdomains for mobile devices is often used for non-standard mobile websites. When a user accesses the website, the site determines the size of the device and provides a layout that matches that size.

For example, a user accessing a website using a PC will return the address abc.com, but the phone accessing the same address will lead to the subdomain with the domain name x.abc.com.

Cost savings

Subdomain is a free tool. You can create many new websites as subdomains without having to register their domain names. This form is very economical to bring high efficiency. Moreover, you can directly use the design of the website managed by subdomains similar to the design of the main website without worrying that they are duplicated due to consistency. This helps you to save an amount to spend on the website designer.

When should you use Subdomain

Obviously, when subdomains are free and endless, you can use them freely whenever you want. However, they are only effective when you use them for the right purpose. You should use subdomains when:

Enterprise launches a new product / service

The business has just launched a new product line for customers who are not the same as customers of the main website. And all you need to do is use subdomains to create a new website for new customers. This site is designed, independent content.

Subdomain also supports the company in the ability to create a new campaign / content. After creating the page, you can advertise this campaign to see if it really works. If it works, you can definitely build this website. If not, you just need to delete this subdomain without any loss.

Create subdomains to sell new products

This is a tool to help you test the test content quickly and cost effectively.

Manage, support the maximum website

Although the team of large administrators of your company can manage a multi-industry website well. However, this will overlap the work and make it difficult to have a full process.

Therefore, businesses choose to separate each product group into separate subdomains and assign administrators. Meanwhile, the management becomes easier and more organized. Moreover, for e-commerce sites, the security is more thorough than blogs or review pages. Only when separating them is the security maximized.

Support advertising, branding

Creating a product launch webstie with the help of subdomains has helped businesses reach customers more quickly and has launched effective advertising campaigns. In particular, can both take advantage of traffic from the main domain can make SEO more accurate. Only when the right strategies and appropriate campaigns can help businesses build brands quickly, promote sustainability.

4. How many subdomains can one main domain create?

As a rule, a main domain can create countless subdomains, not limited in number. Therefore, many people took advantage of this tool to make money. The way to make money is also very simple. You spend some money to buy back a primary domain name (Domain) are very "genuine", then create related subdomains and resell them to those in need.

However, the reality when setting up a website under the management of subdomains depends on the following factors:

  • Configure where the main website registers the server
  • Configure the DNS server of the domain that is hosting and bandwidth that the hosting provider contains the current DNS.
  • SEO compatibility.

Having said that, it is SEO compatibility that is important for administrators to limit the number of subdomains. As more subdomains, the SEO compatibility decreases. This greatly affects the main website.

Domain and Subdomain are not much different. However, many people are confused and think that "www" is part of the domain. But in fact, the main domain name only has the form abc.com, and actually the domain name "www.abc.com" is a subdomain. It's just because it's so familiar to us that many people mistakenly think so. You can completely replace "www" with another subdomain like: "wiki.abc.com" or "buy.abc.com" ……

Thus, now you can distinguish which is a Domain, this is a subdomain based on the web address you visit.

5. A few notes about subdomains

Subdomains are very useful. However, besides the subdomains, there are a few disadvantages. When using subdomains, you should note the following:

5.1 Closely manage subdomains to avoid tampering

The first disadvantage of creating so many different subdomains is that you sell or transfer the website to others.

If only one of the subdomains is at risk of being denounced, then the remaining subdomains are immediately in the danger zone. Even if there is a suspected phishing attack, your main Domain is also likely to be permanently expelled. Unless you provide adequate evidence that you are not profiting, these procedures are often very cumbersome.

A few notes about Subdomain

5.2 Subdomain requires administrator to build more

Obviously having more websites, the construction and administration work is more. Besides the benefit of quick independent management, it seems that administrators have to do double the normal work. If you only use subdomains as a support site, then building will be easier.

5.3 Difficult to create a consistent brand image

Typically, for the subdomain website to be completely identical to the main website, the business will always use that design. It will be difficult for you to maintain a consistent brand experience on an entirely new website. Unless you rely on the help of professional website design units.

5.4 Subdomain affects SEO

In the past, between the primary domain and the subdomain was handled completely separate by search sites like Google. Google considers these to be two independent websites. Therefore, SEO administrators take advantage of this natural advantage to support them at the same time to increase their rankings.

However, with Google's intelligent algorithm constantly changing, now, Domain and subdomain are classified into nearly the same form. This directly affects the domain. Therefore, the more subdomains will affect the website rankings. This can be seen when you search for a keyword, based on the results shown you will see that the main domain is displayed more.

Overall, subdomains are a great tool. They are free and offer many useful uses. However, you should not use too many subdomains for your website. They are only maximally effective when used for certain purposes listed above. Hopefully the article has brought you but useful information.


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