9 FREE Online Marketing courses [Digital MKT & Kỹ Năng Lãnh Đạo]

9 free online marketing courses

Katerina Havrlant is the director of Grow with Google in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, offering free online training courses to support people in their work, career, or business.

Below, she will share online courses to help you develop your leadership and digital marketing skills. SEONGON Sincerely send you this article.

With the worldwide spread of coronaviruses and the trend of working from home, it can be seen that our time arrangements have changed in many ways. While we adapt to new ways of working, Online education can play a part in helping us learn new skills and work more effectively.

We have synthesized 9 free online courses The following are ways to help you develop your digital and leadership skills - from programming, understanding consumer behavior, or improving your digital lifestyle.

1. Increase collaboration (collaboration) and productivity

With this short online training course, you will learn how enhance collaboration and performance with collaboration tools that use the cloud, and how to prioritize and split tasks can help you work more effectively.

2. Understand customers' needs and online activities

With some basic web analytics skills, businesses can measure how well their online marketing campaigns are performing and produce better results. Course "Understand customers' online needs and activities”Teach marketers how to understand their audience and how to turn data into valuable insights.

3. Discover marketing in the digital world

This is an online course conducted by the University of Illinois Business School (USA) through the online learning website Coursera. It analyzes how digital tools are changing the marketing world and their implications for the way products are designed and marketed.

4. Focus on a healthy digital lifestyle (digital well-being)

As we spend more and more time online, how do you ensure technology will improve your quality of life instead of distracting you? In this course, you will learn about the various tools that help develop and maintain healthy technology habits.

5. Discover the basics of machine learning

Whether it's suggesting movies or helping cities reduce pollution, machine learning can be a useful tool. In this series of videos, you can understand about these Basic machine learning knowledge, and how to apply it to the challenges businesses face.

6. Inspire leadership through emotional intelligence

Emotional intelligence (EI), meditation, and mindfulness (compassion) help balance pressure and build good relationships between the leader and his group. Through this course, you will discover What makes a good leader and how to inspire and foster development and learning.

7. Discover the fundamentals of digital marketing

Whether you are looking to learn about the potential of mobile devices, improve Search campaigns, or turn data into insight effectively, the course “Digital marketing platform”Conducted by the Interactive Advertising Bureau Europe and The Open University with practical application examples and practical examples that will inspire you to turn knowledge into action.

8. Convey ideas through storytelling and design

Your ideas will have a much stronger impact if you know how to communicate them effectively. In the lesson about Storytelling and design With this 1 hour long of OpenClassrooms, you will learn how to make optimal use of storyboards, mind maps, images, and storytelling to attract the attention of the audience.

9. Learn how to code

Grasshopper is a programming application for beginners. With only 5 minutes a day, you can complete lessons, exams, etc. Help build your programming skills. You will hone your skills through difficult learning steps, and eventually finish the course with basic programming skills to prepare for the next step as a programmer.

Learn more free online courses to help improve your digital marketing and leadership skills at Google Digital Garage and Skillshop.

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