Excel general exercises with solutions - problem calculating the goods imported

In this summary Excel 05 exercise, Do Bao Nam Blog will share with you an import payment exercise. This is a fairly common type of exercise when learn Excel. Besides practicing basic operations in Excel, basic calculations, etc., in this exercise, you will practice more about the nested IF function in Excel.

Also in this exercise, there is a very good question about currency format. This is how to format thousands separators in Excel. And you need to format the unit as VND. This is a very good question in this exercise. Please refer to the content of the exercise, video solution, and download practice file below.

Contents of the Excel worksheet summing up the entry fee

As usual, the first content you will practice about basic operations in Excel. These operations include: entering data, drawing tables, formatting tables. In addition, you continue practicing how to wrap text in a cell in Excel so you can master this operation.

Besides these basic operations, you also continue to practice with basic calculations in Excel. These are calculations like addition, multiplication, division, percent ... In addition, in this exercise you will practice more about nested IF functions. This is a basic Excel function that is very common in practice.

In addition, in this basic Excel exercise 05, you will be practicing about how to format thousands separators in Excel. You can also format the currency in units of VND ... Besides, this exercise also helps you practice more about how to organize data in Excel. Please download the practice file at the end of the article.

Contents of the basic Excel exercise No. 005 (with solutions)
Contents of the basic Excel exercise No. 005 (with solutions)

Video for solving basic Excel exercises for calculating import goods

In this video, Do Bao Nam Blog shares quite detailed the solution of the exercise. Basic operations like importing data, Draw a table in Excel and format the data in the form you practice yourself. And Do Bao Nam Blog will go into other requirements from verses 02 to 09. Please watch the video below for the basic exercises No. 05 below:

Video solution shared on Do Bao Nam Blog!

Download the basic Excel exercises to calculate and calculate the import goods

If you're looking to download a basic Excel workbook with a solution, this is the content for you. In this exercise file, Do Bao Nam Blog has the solution available according to the video illustrated above. And when you practice, you can create a new Excel file. Then practice according to the requirements of 1-9 of the exercise.

The highlight of this comprehensive Excel exercise is that you practice a lot of operations. Especially how to use nested IF function, how to format currency. In it, you can format thousands separators in Excel. At the same time, you can format the currency as VND as you usually write.

To download the basic Excel workbook with this solution, just click the download link below. The exercise was posted on Google Drive by Do Bao Nam Blog and shared publicly. You just need to click on the download icon to download the exercise. If you have questions that you need support, please comment below the video for answers. Thank you!

Download the Excel file to your computer

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