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Currently, creating Youtube channel, Youtube Channel is no longer a strange term for any Internet user. Especially for those who regularly use YouTube, the billion-user video social network worldwide.

Creating a YouTube channel is relatively simple, you just need to use your Google account to be able to proceed with the steps to create a personal Youtube channel. Creating a YouTube channel will bring a lot of benefits, we can reach users faster, more or even make money on their own Youtube page. Here is a whole tutorial on how to create a Youtube channel, please follow the article.

1. Instructions on how to create a Youtube channel

First, you need to create a Google account to be able to use Google services including Youtube.

Step 1:

Visit the homepage of Youtube and press the button Log in (Sign in) to log in personal accounts.

Step 2:

Enter your Google account to login to your YouTube account.

After logging in, users click on Avatar then select Gear icon set for the account.

Switch to the new interface click on Create a new channel at the bottom of the interface as shown below.

Step 4:

The user will then be asked to create a brand account name. You Enter the name you want to give to the Youtube channel, and then press the button Create under.

Soon, we will receive a notification that we have added a channel to our Youtube account.

2. How to set up Yotube channel

After creating your own Youtube channel, you need to reset the channel to create a new look for the Youtube channel.

Step 1:

First of all we will Create avatar for Youtube video channel. We just need to click on Pen icon at avatar to download avatar for the channel.

We will then be taken to the setup interface for the Google account. Here you will proceed to upload photos on your computer to Google to set as an avatar for Youtube.

Step 2:

To add Cover image on Youtube channel, we also click Pen icon in the cover image and then select Edit channel art (Edit channel art).

Users will then be able to choose a cover image from the YouTube Library, which is available on the computer.

Note to the user, Youtube channel cover art must have a resolution of 2560 x 1440 pixels. The minimum width is 2048 x 1152 px and the maximum width is 2560 x 423 px. The size of the cover image file should not be more than 6 MB.

Step 3:

Next, users have more description for the channel by clicking Channel Description button under.

Enter the content you want to describe to your Youtube channel and press Finish button under.

Step 4:

To Add link to YouTube channel, first press cog gear icon at your channel turn on the Customize channel layout option (Customize the layout of your channel) and press Save (Save) below.

Step 5:

Next, we return to the Youtube channel and click on Pen icon at the cover image and then select Edit link (Edit links).

Step 6:

Switch to the new interface. At the section Custom link (Links) we will have a maximum of 5 links associated with Youtube. Click on the number of links to add to the YouTube channel and then click Add button under.

Write the name of the channel you want to link and then paste the link URL, press Completed below to save.

In case you use YouTube as a business or creator, adding contact information is also supported by YouTube. Also at the interface add affiliate link at section Detail (Details) click Email button (Send email) then enter your email address in the bar below. Also press Completed to save the email address.

3. Creator Studio YouTube

This is a tool for users to customize their channel as a manager.

Step 1:

Click here Avatar then click Creator Studio.

Step 2:

Switch to the Creator Studio interface. Here the user will see there are several items that are categorized into different content.

  • Dashboard: check notifications and alerts from Youtube. The dashboard will provide you with the latest stats and notifications for your review.

  • Video Manager (Video Manager): organize and check and manage all videos that users have uploaded to their Youtube channel. There will be 2 items including Video and Playlist (Playlist).

  • Live streaming (Livestream): live video streaming on Youtube channel. Readers can refer to how to play the video directly in the article.

  • Community: with this famous video social network, we will have tools for communicating right on the channel with some rights such as reviewing and replying to comments, reading private messages, watching videos You are copyrighted….

  • Channel: provides personalized YouTube channel personalization features.

  • Analytics: provides data reports so users can evaluate channel and video activity.

  • Create (Creat): Youtube brings audio store so that users can edit videos with sound effects without worrying about copyright infringement.

So you can create your own personal YouTube channel to introduce users to the fastest products. Creating a YouTube channel will be the first step if users want to make money on Youtube. After creating the channel, please reset the channel to make the YouTube channel more complete.

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