Superfly v5.0.16 - Responsive WordPress Menu Plugin

Superfly Plugin

Superfly Is one WordPress menu plugin Responsive, create efficient push / slide / static navigation along any screen, icon toolbar or full screen menu of your choice.

Superfly Plugin Can be used as standalone or combined navigation your main menu. Superfly makes navigation easier and more user friendly both on desktop and mobile.

The concept of slides in vertical menus that have proven itself on mobile phones now shines on desktop too! Superfly plugin can be used as always visible

The Mouseover interface eliminates the need for additional clicks and the user display menu with easy navigation and beautiful appearance. Clicking options are still available though, animations and smooth performance

Can be used as navigation for a website (when menu items have an href attribute href="#contact"). Superfly Provides smooth scrolling.

Superfly Plugin Superfly is the standard WordPress menu system. So you create the standard WP menu (or use it now) in WP admin on the Appearance / Menu page and then you select this menu on the options page of Superfly plugin as the source.

Superfly Menu injection is indicated in its sidebar. Alternatively, you have the option of specifying an alternate menu with a CSS selector if you want to use some of the existing menus on the page as the source for Superfly. Plugin does not replace existing theme menus. In this case, you should disable the default menu in menu location settings or hide it with simple CSS (ask for advice with this directly to your URL).


  • Salient features WordPress Menu Plugin - Superfly Responsive Menu

Superfly Responsive Menu Plugin

  • Different menu modes. Sliding in menus, static menus, compact icon navigation bar, tilting panel, full screen mode.

  • Compliance with GDPR. The plugin does not store any data of your website visitors.

  • 100% responsive. Superfly Plugin Perfect fit with different screen sizes.

  • Show controls. Show / hide on mobile, show / hide on desktop, show on specific pages, visible to logged in user, etc.

  • Content area. Use the rich text editor to add and style custom content or shortcodes.

  • Activation settings. Optionally hide the default menu button (label) and switch menus from any component such as buttons, links, images, etc.

  • Many sources menu. Attached with Superfly As many WordPress menus as you need.

  • Google Fonts + install. Choose font family, size, alignment, line height, color and more!

  • Rich element. Decorate your menu with widgets, shortcodes or any custom html.

  • Styling menu.Design your menu items by adding images, chapters, delimiters, symbols, second row text, etc. Change your font settings, colors, backgrounds, logos and more!

  • Support multi-level menu (up to 4 levels). Adaptable for both desktop and mobile devices.

  • Part menu. Group your menu items into logical sections and title styles.

  • Smooth roll. Few but great features especially for one page websites. Move smoothly to your anchor elements.

  • Label fixed to content. The button can be scrolled with its content and floats disabled.

  • Library icons. Use the pre-installed icon sets or upload your own menu items and menu buttons.

  • Choice of behavior. Like to push content or not, open on hover or click, etc.

  • Advanced mobile support. Only use Superfly Plugin on all devices or mobile phones. You can even add a navigation bar with your logo to a smartphone. Swipes are also supported.

  • Rich menu button settings. x, y positioning, base colors and icons, text labels, sizes, custom icons and more!

  • Nice animations. Optimized a lot and created with pure CSS3.

  • Cozy admin panel. Clean design, easy-to-understand structure and tons of handy options in use.

  • Social bar. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+, Pinterest, Dribbble, YouTube, Vimeo, SoundCloud, Skype, RSS, e-mail.

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