WooCommerce Multi Currency v2.1.9.4 - Currency Switcher

WooCommerce Multi Currency

If you have a WooCommerce store, WooCommerce Multi Currency is a must have plugin for you. WooCommerce Multi Currency allow your customers to convert between currencies and help your store accept payments in multiple currencies. Exchange rates can be set manually or automatically.

Plugin WooCommerce Multi Currency can automatically receive customer geographic locations and display prices in the currency of the customer's country.

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Demo: https://codecanyon.net/search/20948446

  • Feature Highlights WooCommerce Multi Currency - Currency Switcher

WooCommerce Multi Currency - Geo detect

Flexible plugin with many options to display the frontend, update exchange rate options

  • Automatically update the exchange rate: Plugin automatically updates the exchange rate. You can set the time for automatic updates: every 30 minutes, 1 hour, 6 hours, 1 day, 2 days, 3 days, 1 week, 1 month.

  • Update email exchange rates successfully: The plugin will email notification whenever it updates the exchange rate.

  • Set exchange rates manually: The plugin also allows you to set exchange rates manually.

  • Exchange fee: Every time you change money from one currency to another, the bank or money transfer operator may apply a currency exchange fee. The difference between the exchange rate they decide to adopt and the actual exchange rate traded on the market is the currency exchange fee. WooCommerce Multi Currency allows you to add permanent exchange fee to exchange rates.

  • Price format: Configure how prices are displayed on the user interface. For example: $ 100; $ 100; $ 100.00; $ 100.00

  • Custom currency symbol: You can customize the currency symbol. For example: US dollars can be displayed as USD, USD, $ USD

  • Fixed price: WooCommerce Multi Currency allows you to set custom prices in different currencies within each product. Fixed prices will override prices calculated at the exchange rate.

  • Currency: The plugin allows you to hide currencies you don't want displayed in the frontend.

  • Select sever exchange rate: You can choose to update exchange rates from VillaTheme.com, Google Finance, Yahoo Finance. More server exchange rates will be added in the future.

  • Use SESSION: The plugin will use the session instead of the cookie to save the selected currency.

  • Converter currency price: A converter appears below the product price. Allow customers to convert prices between currencies.


WooCommerce Multi Currency - Multiple currencies checkout WooCommerce Multi Currency Can automatically detect customers' base currency based on their country or language.

Important: Please note that autodiscover features may not work properly with cached sites / servers. Please try the free version to check if it works well on your site.

  • Discover currency base on customer's country: The plugin will detect customers' countries based on their IP addresses, then select their currencies to display prices.

  • Currency by country: You can choose which currency will be shown to customers from which country.

  • Approximate price: With this feature, prices will be displayed in the default currency. But accordingly, there will be approximate prices displayed in the customer's base currency. Help customers know how expensive / cheap the product.

  • Automatically select currencies based on Polylang language: The plugin will choose the currency to display prices based on your website language. For example, there are 2 languages ​​on your website: English and Spanish, you can choose to display prices in GBP using the English website and in EUR in the Spanish website.

WooCommerce Multi Currency - WPML PolyLang

  • Automatic currency selection based on WPML language: Similar to Polylang, but the price will be selected based on the language of WPML.


WooCommerce Multi Currency - Control Payment Method WooCommerce Multi Currency allows you to select the payment currency. You can choose one or more payment currencies.

Important: Please note that in order to display the payment gateway on the payment page, the payment gateway must support your default currency.
For example: If you have South African Rand ZAR as the default currency, you cannot enable PayPal on your payment page. Because PayPal doesn't support ZAR, even if you have used Multi Currency to change ZAR to USD on the front.

  • Multi-currency payment allowed: Customers can buy in the selected currency. To use this feature, you need an enabled payment gateway on your website that supports customers who have chosen their currency.

  • The types of payment selected: The plugin allows you to choose the payment currency. For example, you can display prices in 4 different currencies on your store but only accept payments in 2 currencies.

  • Show payment methods based on currency: You can choose which payment gateway will appear on the payment page based on currency.

  • Pay for currency on the Shopping Cart page: Change the currency on the Shopping Cart page to check the currency.


The plugin provides you with a short code to display the currency exchange utility, the exchange rate on the front.

  • Currency selectors with different types of user interfaces.

  • Shortcode rates allow you to display exchange rates directly on the user interface.
    [woo_multi_currency_rates currencies=”GBP,EUR”] This shortcode will scatter exchange rates between GBP, EUR and your default currency on the front. You can convert to other currencies by changing the currency code GBP, EUR
    [woo_multi_currency_exchange price=”100″ currency=”EUR”] Example I have USD as the default currency, this shortcode will display the amount of EUR converted from 100 USD.


WooCommerce Multi Currency - Design The plugin can be displayed on the front as a widget or currency bar.

  • Design of currency bars: - Enter the title of your currency bar, by default Choose your currency. - Select the position of the currency bar left or right. - Type: there are 5 types for you to choose a currency code, currency symbol, flag, flag + currency code, flag + currency symbol. - Conditional tags: choose which page where the bar will appear using the WooCommerce tags.

  • Widget design: You can customize the widget title and the widget type to be selected.

  • Custom flag: Some countries use the same flag, this option helps you display the country's rights.

  • Custom CSS: Are all these options not enough? You can add your own CSS to design widgets and currency bars.

  • Collapse currency bar: Lets minimize the currency bar on the front. The currency will appear as a currency and be fully displayed when the customer hovers on it.


The plugin is developed in optimal settings. After successful installation, simply select the currency you need and click Save. All support requests will be answered within one business day.

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