WooCommerce Notification v1.4.2 | Boost Your Sales - Live Feed Sales - Recent Sales Popup - Upsells

WooCommerce Notification

WooCommerce Notification Show recent orders on is prominently displayed on your website. Create the feeling of a busy store online and show potential customers that others are buying your product.

  • Increase conversion rates by highlighting other customers who have purchased the product.

  • Display orders in real time to confirm buyers and create social effects!

  • Create a sense of urgency for visitors and showcase new products!

Demo: https://codecanyon.net/search/16586926

  • Salient features WooCommerce Notification | Boost Your Sales

WooCommerce Notification - Boost Your Sales


The plugin retrieves information from recent orders of WooCommerce to display.

  • Select an order to display: You can choose to display Complete, Processed, Paused, Canceled, Refunded, Pending payment, or the Order has failed.

  • Time to order: Choose a time and display orders from that time until now.

  • Exclude products: Avoid products you do not want to appear on the notice.

  • Out of stock products: Options allow you to choose whether to display all products in the notification warehouse or not.

WooCommerce Notification - Boost Your Sales


Do you want to increase sales of specific products? Would you like to introduce some new products to customers? The plugin can help you with the fake ordering feature.

  • Create orders for selected products: Select a product number and enter the required information. The plugin will create dummy orders for selected products.

  • Create orders for selected categories: If your store has too many products to choose manually. This function will help you select the product to create a counterfeit order of the product.

  • Create orders with the latest products: Create fake orders for latest products. Help you introduce new products to customers.

  • Automatically detect address: Automatically detect customer addresses via IP (city, country) and create fake orders near them.

  • Random purchase time: The plugin chooses a random purchase time between a time threshold of your choice.

  • Virtual customer name and address: Enter a name and address of customers as you like. The plugin will mix it with selected products / Selected categories / Latest products and a random purchase time to create fake orders.

WooCommerce Notification - Boost Your Sales


You can add and configure as many messages as you want. Each message will be displayed on a different popup.

  • Shortcodes: Use shortcodes to configure your message. The system will remove this information from your order or automatically generate.
    {first_name} - Customer's name
    {city} - Customer city
    {state} - Customer status
    {country} - Customer's country
    {product} - Product title
    {product_with_link} - Product title with link to unique product page {time_ago} - Time after purchase
    {custom} - Use custom shortcode

  • Status for US addresses: With shortcodes for states, you can now display exact addresses in the United States.
    Example: Someone in Chicago, Illinois, United States just bought a Woo Ninja.

WooCommerce Notification - Boost Your Sales


The WooCommer Notification plugin provides lots of options to help you configure popup as you like.

  • Choose a popup wallpaper: There are 3 wallpapers to choose now, it will be added very often.

  • Configure color of text, product name and background.

  • Border-radius: Configure the border radius of the popup.

  • Available 4 pop-up positions, 2 product image positions.

  • On / Off Close icon.

  • Appear and disappear effect.

  • Sound effect when popup window appears.

  • Add your own custom CSS.

  • Choose product image size, 3 options to choose from.

  • Clickable product images: Clickable product images are now clickable. It will redirect to the single product page.

  • Display parent product images: if a product variant does not have a product image, the plugin will display the parent product image instead.

  • Display current products or products in the same category: the plugin will display products that customers are viewing or products in the same category.

  • Assign pages: Enable / Disable plugins on Home / Checkout pages / Cart pages in settings. Other pages may be specified with conditional tags.

  • Display notifications from specific pages: You can use the conditional tags of Online Options to display notifications on a specific page depending on the conditions on which the page is suitable. Just specify the ID or title of the page you want to display notifications. For example: is_page (50) or is_page (array (50, 75)) with which ID page is 50 and 75.

  • Set the time to display notifications, show delay times, repeat times.

WooCommerce Notification - Boost Your Sales


  • Works on mobile devices: The plugin works perfectly on mobile devices and responsive devices.

  • Save the log: Logging helps the system to store information when visitors click on notifications. The webmaster can then have a statistic of clicks and fluctuate sales analysis. The reporting system allows for clicks by day or by product name.

  • See users interact with your notifications in real time: With a typical retention log, the admin page will learn more about customer attitudes and behaviors towards the product displayed in the notification.

  • Automatic update: with the purchase code from Envato, you can set the plugin to auto update.

  • SPEED: Using Ajax technology notices will load after loading the website. Plugin will not affect the loading speed of your website.

  • Easy to use: The plugin is designed with friendly interface. It only takes a few minutes to set up with optimal default settings

WooCommerce Notification | Boost Your Sales - Live Feed Sales - Recent Sales Popup - Upsells v1.4.2 Changelog
- Fixed: Error on Edge, Safari
- Fixed: "Hide out of stock" option not working on cart/checkout page
- Fixed: Conflict with WooCommerce Product Bundles
- Fixed: Conflict with WooCommerce Product Add-on required fields
- Fixed: Support class request
- Updated: Discount bar can now be used without Upsells
- Added: Option to always display discount bar when customers have not reached the minimum amount

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